#TChat Recap: Brand Ingredients: Are You Fascinating?

Brand Ingredients: Are You Fascinating?

I’ll admit it. I’m a little jaded about the topic of branding. Does it still matter?

For successful branding, how you see the world used to be enough. Today, a thriving “Brand You” requires knowing how the world sees you: a fascinating new perspective.

Knowing what makes your brand fascinating helps us stand out and show others our unique value proposition. I see this topic from two unique POVS – personal and employer brand. Cowbell, anyone?

This week, our community was joined by Sally Hogshead, creator of The Fascination Advantage™, and expert on personality assessments & branding. Sally helped our community understand what makes branding a fascinating skill for winning talent management strategies.

We must shift our focus from talent skills and experience, to their unique values:

Discovering what someone does best is how you’ll find their passion. So why not take a similar approach with job ads?

Instead of writing a boring job description, why not answer one of the most important questions a candidate has to ask? After all…

If you know your brand is fascinating, you must communicate it to others. Tell people about your mission and goals. Show candidates inspiration is on the menu and it’s there if they want to have it. Don’t forget…

We’re all working to achieve personal and professional goals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bridge the two together and create a fascinating workplace.

Maybe branding matters after all. 

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