Crowdsource the Love of Lists with Listly

I’m excited about a new social application that my friend, Nick Kellet, is championing. Nick, who recently joined as co-founder, is fired up and taking names. An entrepreneur who reminds me always to create value through the organically formed TalentCulture community to date and far beyond, Nick is tuned in to the value of brand awareness. He is all about dreaming BIG. And he’s on a mission: to humanize brands. I’m on the same mission.

Despite brands’ desperate forays into social media and creating social community, human context and values are withering everywhere. That’s because most of these attempts have been clumsy and have not seemed all that authentic, and it turns out that you need more than traditional media to build a brand. Yes, many company brands (AKA Workplace Culture) have missed the need to inject a little humanity into their outward-facing communications and be receptive to feedback. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why Nick and I are partnering.

Through the use of, we hope to create as many instances and document as many case studies as we can, in order to demonstrate and illustrate how social communities and bloggers can crowd-source ideas and extend their reach online. At first, the concept took me awhile to really catch on. Nick and I have shared several Skype conversations about the Whys, the HOWS. The funny part, I was simply not using in a way that made sense.

I had so many questions and he stayed patient with me in the learning curve. We shared a lot of laughter along the way and in classic social media form – we got to know each other better along the way. Sometimes people come along in life and career at that certain time when you feel like there is a meaningful synergy that just seems right. Like I always say – It’s all about behaviors. Well, at first, my own behaviors were not exactly backing up my enthusiastic call for tool adoption. It’s high time for me to drink some of my kool aid. I’m getting there. User adoption is clearly a process and everyone learns at their own pace.

How Listly Works

Try starting a list on Twitter. Where does your list go? Into the void, mostly. I’ve moderated various weeks of the “#TChat, the World of Work” Twitter Community for the last year; we’ve worked to crowd-source ideas. I love this concept. Some people need lists to act on ideas. Rather than squander the effort it takes to create a list, we’ve recently started sharing our lists via’s social channel, and we’ve witnessed the excitement building. works so well that its own Alexa ranking jumped 200 points in less than six weeks. Personal branding aficionados and social communitarians, wouldn’t you like to have a shot at building your brand, community or blog that fast?

Let’s start with some basic signposts. For instance, followers of the weekly #TChat discussion have noticed that our previews recently have featured lists. For many weeks now, we’ve posted our lists via, which enables us to track reactions, views, how many have curated our questions, and where they’ve been embedded. Nick’s blog provides an accessible breakdown of the process. You can also read this check out Listly. Several future posts, here on the TalentCulture blog, will also walk readers through an explanation of the features and benefits of If you’re a content creator, community manager, a blogger, a brand ambassador or a social entrepreneur, you’ll see the value straight away. I’m having fun experimenting with it. Give it a try and please let me know what you think. Happy community building!