Welcome to the TalentCulture 2020 HR Tech Awards page.

There isn’t much to see here now, but in May 2020, this page will be populated with lots of logos from our 2020 HR Tech Award Winners.

If you believe you have a great HR technology and want to participate in our awards program, keep reading to find out how to qualify your brand as a winner of the TalentCulture 2020 HR Tech Awards and learn about the benefits you’ll receive.

Your organization will enjoy brand visibility and exposure to a large audience of over 100,000 unique, monthly website visitors, 100,000+ TalentCulture Community members, and lots of social exposure to help you gain deeper client engagement and attract new business to your organization. This program will be a great way to showcase your company, unique solutions, and innovative technology to our large audiences that include many HR decision-makers.

Here’s what the awards program offers:

  • Appearance on our acclaimed podcast and Twitter chat #WorkTrends
  • A designed awards badge you can proudly display on your website and a printable Certificate of Honor
  • A client-provided blog post (editorial guidelines will be provided) to include the benefits of your technology (with a link back to your website) to appear and be featured on the TalentCulture blog
  • Logo placement on the “TalentCulture 2020 HR Tech Awards” tab on the TalentCulture website for one year
  • A press release announcing all the winners
  • A month of social amplification on all TalentCulture social channels

This is not a “Top Ten” type of recognition and awards program. We are looking for companies that excel at what they do and have the product to back it. Product satisfaction, innovativeness, differentiation, and customer service are factors, along with our interpretation of the product demo, will serve as the determining factors. And if and when available, we will be evaluating your organization’s ratings and reviews.

Here’s the process to qualify:

You must complete a demonstration of your product by April 24, 2020 with a TalentCulture representative to qualify.

To receive more information about the tech awards and to schedule a demo of your product, click here to complete your request and a TalentCulture representative will contact you shortly.

Contact us today at info@talentculture.com to schedule your product demo!


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