Monetize the Culture: #WorkTrends Recap

Monetize the Culture: #WorkTrends Recap

We’ve talked a lot about creating the perfect corporate culture by looking at examples of cultures that are far from perfect. Some companies still struggle to create that ideal culture while others have it figured out.

Having a great corporate culture is NOT an accident…or at least does not have to be. It can be made to be joyful, fun, and wildly successful. It’s no secret, appreciated employees give a much better effort every single day. As in “double digits” better!

This week on #WorkTrends guest host Patrick Antrim, author, speaker and leadership expert and his guest Dennis Ford, founder of Quantum Leap Productions discussed the benefits to be gained from having a perfect culture that can be monetized.

Here are a few key points that Dennis shared:

  • Culture doesn’t start from the bottom
  • A great culture is respectful, joyful, and safe
  • Cultural fit is more important than a skill set that matches
  • A great corporate culture is not an accident

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photo credit: Paulisson Miura CCSP – Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brasil. via photopin (license)