#TChat Recap: Social Leadership & Its Incredible Power

Social Leadership & Its Incredible Power

#TChat is ready to tackle the toughest challenges in the World of Work in 2015. This week our community dove into the world of social leadership and its incredible power.

We are living in a new era of business: The Social Age. Today’s effective leaders have tossed the dusty rulebooks and integrated social across their organizations. Social leaders create powerful networks that give them a significant competitive edge.

This week’s guests: Ted Coiné, Chief Relationship Officer of Meddle.It, and Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern, joined our community to share their insights on the power of OPEN in a world gone social.

So what does social mean in this new era? Our good friend Mark said it all:

We must keep being human top of mind. How we can add the most value to our organizations with trust, listening, and accountability?

Many still fear becoming a social business despite the advantages to their organizations:

Social leadership nurtures robust networks and connections. Collaboration begins with being authentic. Anyone can be social, but not everyone can be authentic. Authenticity and organizational transparency fuel innovation:

Leadership is about driving results. Great leaders inspire others and build the creative highway for their people to ride on. Social leadership connects people with relentless giving:

Business outcomes need to be achieved. But in a world gone social, the path to success has changed. Social media has transformed the way we communicate, connect, and conduct business.

Social leaders face unique challenges in this century. They must do their best to manage constant change and employee engagement levels. Social leadership creates the powerful networks to succeed in a world gone social.

Here’s What #TChat-ters Said About Social Leadership!


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