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Congratulations to the Winners of TalentCulture’s 2020 HR Tech Awards

The dust has settled. We’ve counted the votes. And the final rankings are set… The winners of TalentCulture’s 2020 HR Tech Awards are here!

To be sure, the competition this year was stiff. However, when all is said and done, the companies in our winner’s circle are the best of the best. We recognize each for designing and implementing the most innovative and useful digital HR tools, platforms, and services for 2020.

What Are the TalentCulture HR Tech Awards?

Here at TalentCulture, we’re all about highlighting the tools and channels that help HR and Talent professionals, as well as HR and business leaders, meet the needs of their workplace. A significant part of that effort is our annual HR Tech Awards. These awards showcase the best of the best in the world of HR technology. When a company makes the winner’s list, you can be confident they are a cut above the competition!

The Winner’s Circle

From a crowded field, 18 winners of TalentCulture’s 2020 HR Tech Awards emerged victoriously.

Accolades go to AirMason, bob, Critical, Indeed, InfoMart, and Joveo. 2020 HR Tech award winners also include MeQuilibrium, Nectar, NAS Recruitment Innovation, and Paychex. ProHabits, Reflektive, Reward Gateway, Smart Search, and Sova Assessment also earned awards last year – as did Talview, Verified First, and ViaTech. Each was notable for outstanding achievements across various crucial HR systems, each just as innovative as the last!

On behalf of the entire TalentCulture community, congratulations!

Some Words from Our Winners

Our prestigious winners were kind enough to send their thoughts. Let’s hear from two of them now:

“While we build our products solely focused on improving the Candidate Experience, it is always nice to receive industry acknowledgment and recognition. Winning the 2020

TalentCulture HR Tech Award was a public recognition of how our ACTIVATE Recruitment Marketing Platform was performing in the marketplace. Being named a winner is a great boost to our employees and client partners alike.”

– Matt Adam, Executive Vice President & Chief Talent Strategist · ‎NAS Recruitment Innovation

We appreciate the kind words, Matt!

Thank you, TalentCulture, for recognizing meQulibrium as one of the most innovative HR technology solutions for 2020. This award validates the important work we are doing for employers to improve workforce wellbeing and engagement — especially in these extreme times.

–  Pam Boiros, Chief Marketing Officer, meQuilibrium

Thank you, Pam!

A Rigorous Selection Process

Those companies chosen as TalentCulture HR Tech Awards winners earned their place among previous and future winners.

First, all of our contenders conduct demonstrations of their software platform for our esteemed panel of judges. We then personally vet each of the tech brands in our competition, putting each product through its paces to evaluate its effectiveness as an HR tool. Only then, after a thorough test-drive of their solution, do we select those companies that stand out as the most innovative, productive, and user-friendly.

Soon after we notify our award winners, we publish the results of our investigations and highlight how and why these products have earned their HR Tech Award.

Analysis You – and Your Customers – Can Trust

Our rigorous analysis of each product entered into the annual competition ensures you’ll get a full, objective view of its capabilities. With each award, we provide the rationale behind our decision to award the company with this prestigious honor.

This thorough analysis means anyone looking for a new HR service platform or program can rely on an HR Tech Award winner being best in class. Your perfect vendor is sure to be found among our winners! And our vetting process makes it easy to choose which one of these HR solutions with confidence. You know we’ve already put that solution through the wringer, and it came out the other side as a true winner.

The Benefits of Being a Winner of an HR Tech Award

Being ranked among the best of the best for 2020 is a serious boon. The TalentCulture HR Tech Awards are a notable feather in your cap, as we provide all winners with a full year of heightened recognition and brand awareness. That’s because we stand behind each of our annual winners. And we’re proud to showcase what makes each of them a perfect fit for so many real-world HR situations.

Being chosen as an HR Tech Award winner also creates significant buzz for your company. Being a winner helps gain new customers, build credibility, boost morale, and attract the new talent your company needs to grow even further. Previous HR Tech award winners have also found it a great way to increase visibility for a new company or reinforce a more established organization’s reputation.

Nothing breeds success like success. And as an HR Tech Award winner, you’re an instant success!

Want to Be a 2021 Winner?

Think your HR-focused product or service is a potential 2021 HR Tech Award Winner? Let’s find out!

It’s never too late to get started. But, since there are plenty of HR solution providers ready to throw their hat in the ring for the 2021 HR Tech Awards, now is the time to begin the qualification process. Get started now!

Human Resources is a continually evolving landscape. 2020, of course, brought its own set of challenges. Now more than ever, HR professionals need the best tools and resources available to meet those challenges. And we’re proud to count our 19 2020 HR Tech Award winners among them!

We can’t wait to see what companies come up with for the coming year – and then share our findings with the world!