Gazing Back, Driving the Future of Work: #TChat Preview

It’s crystal ball time. The Menorah is packed away, and the Christmas tree is waiting to be decorated. Cordials are being infused, cookies baked and parties attended. It’s that time of year again when we all look to the coming year and wonder what will happen in the world of work and life. But here’s something we don’t do nearly as much: look back at predictions about the year we’ve lived through to ask: “Hey, wait a minute: Was my prediction accurate? Did it actually happen? Why or why not?” That’s right: Were the pundits and analysts right? What really happened in the world of work in 2012 vs. what the experts said would? Let’s figure that out.

Oh, yeah, we’ll look at 2013, too; making predictions is fun, after all, and we’ll be able to look back on our own in December 2013. …which will be here sooner than we think (sigh…).

Many of the things we’ve discussed on #TChat, both in 2011 and 2012, have come to pass. Increasingly, companies reflect recruiting trends by using talent management systems. Social media is embedded in the workplace, from the free-for-all that is Twitter to the buttoned-up Yammer. Employees use two to three screens at work — laptop, cell and tablet. Social media has put a ton of pressure on companies to pay attention to culture, manage brand and recruit brand advocates. So this week, on #TChat Twitter and #TChat Radio, we’ll count balls and strikes to see how we did in 2012.

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Here are this week’s questions

Q1: What were the top HR and Leadership trends of 2012 and why?

Q2: How did the challenging economy and contentious presidential election affect the world of work in 2012?

Q3: How did business and leadership affect world of work trends of 2012?

Q4: How did technology and social media affect world of work trends of 2012?

Q5: Look into your own crystal ball: What’s coming in 2013 for the world of work and why?

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Pull out your Ouija board, Tarot deck or crystal ball and join us, first on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 7:30pm ET (6:30pm CT, 5:30pm MT, 4:30pm PT, or wherever you are) for #TChat Radio. Our guest Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers), a prolific author, speaker, writer and teacher joins us to discuss talent-related trends and issues – past, present and future..

Then, on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 7 pm ET / 4pm PT, don’t misst #TChat Twitter, when Angela Maiers will again join us, this time as guest moderator alongside your fearless leaders, yours truly (@MeghanMBiro) and Kevin W. Grossman (@KevinWGrossman), as well as the ever-expanding clan of #TChat participants. Bring your 2012 scorecard and your 2013 playbook, and let’s chat about what’s coming up next year in the world of work.

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