Happy 2-Year Chat Anniversary: #TChat Preview

I. Am. So. Excited.

We all are! It’s #TChat World of Work’s two year anniversary celebration week, and it’s such a big deal for me (@MeghanMBiro), Kevin W. Grossman (@KevinWGrossman), and all the contributors, participants and chatters, that we’re tempted to extend the celebration to two weeks

Seriously, think about it. For nearly every week, beginning on Nov. 16, 2010, TalentCulture has hosted a #TChat. Our weekly Twitter chat topics have spanned the wide world of work — from recruiting to onboarding to outsourcing to social learning to leadership to technology to you name it, we’ve covered it. We’ve drawn millions of eyeballs and thousands of chatters and hundreds of thousands of Tweets. We’ve learned a ton. This is a great community, and we’re humbled. This is a community that continually, and without fail, guides us to the next big thing. There’s always something important and new to discuss when it comes to our daily professional lives.

On our second anniversary, we’re pleased to announce that we’re casting the spotlight on a bit of our past to bring something new and challenging to you, our loyal and ever-growing community of chatters and experts. We wanted to grow the community ORGANICALLY before deciding where to grow next. This took a lot of patience but I’m glad we did. Well, it’s time. We will be launching a new blog platform soon and extending into other more familiar networks (as well as Twitter of course). Please stay tuned for the updates. We are more dedicated than ever to stay on mission. Thanks for supporting us.

Two Days – Two Ways to Celebrate!

#TChat Radio logo

Click to hear the recorded #TChat Radio show

We experimented with an Internet radio show in the past, and we’re bringing it back: #TChat Radio is in an exciting 30-minute format via BlogTalkRadio beginning Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 7:30pm ET (6:30pm CT, 5:30pm MT, 4:30pm PT, or wherever you are). Kevin and I, co-creators and hosts, will meet with long-time #TChatters to talk about why they participate and how #TChat has transformed them personally and professionally. Our inaugural  radio guests is an all-star trio of #TChat contributors who make this community a big deal (and fun, too!).

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Then, on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at at 7-8pm ET, we’ll continue the theme by asking the loyal and wise #TChat community the following questions, all about transformative online learning communities:

Q1: Why are online learning communities so valuable for professionals today?
Q2: When and why did you start participating in #TChat?
Q3: How has #TChat transformed you personally and professionally?
Q4: What is the most memorable #TChat you’ve been a part of and why?
Q5: What tools and social platforms do you use for #TChat and other communities and why?

Voices of the #TChat Community

Why are we revisiting radio? And why are we so excited about our anniversary? Well, it’s all about you, faithful #TChatters. Your energy pushes us to new things and to trying out old things anew. Following are just a few of your thoughts about why #TChat is important to you in your professional and personal lives. (Feel free to share your #TChat experiences in the comment area below!)

Tim McDonald had this to say:

#TChat has connected me with some amazing business minds and allowed me to continue to learn. In the #TChat community it’s not just a sense of being, it’s a sense of belonging.

Yes, community rocks!

Keith Punches said this:

For me #TChat has been about pushing boundaries; knowledge, comfort and / or creativity. As my world spins faster with both a new contract and forming a new company #tchat is my socialmedia anchor. You ground me and bolster my faith in the highest and best uses of Social Media. You ROCK!

We’re blushing!

Alicia Arenas shared:

#TChat means community, education and inspiration!

Angela Maiers inspired us with:

#TChat has been a simultaneous dose of inspiration and reality. A real time, idea and action network of people DOING the work. It has been an honor and privilege to be so welcomed and respected. I am smarter and wiser because of you!

And you two help others feel the same way!

Judy Martin said:

(#TChat is) Community and I have to say some great friends who are like-minded dynamic souls. The group is available, willing to engage. As we elevate others, we elevate ourselves.

We all have something to offer to others.

Marla Callton Gottschalk had these kind words:

Personally, #TChat was an opportunity to explore ideas and trends related to workplace issues. The difference? This chat was welcoming, not closed. Loved that.

Always open, never closed — and one more, ‘cause we’re so excited.

And from the talented Salima Nathoo:

For me, #TChat is a journey of redefining the new frontier in leadership, culture and workplace innovation. It compels us to think audaciously and engage quickly. It’s a space for testing/validating new ideas, cultivating meaningful connection and co-creating the 3.0 world of work.

Work 3.0? We’re verklempt. We set out two years ago to make a difference, and we’re thrilled that you’ve been there and in the game with us. It’s made all the difference. So be there, twice, this week for #TChat: once, for #TChat Radio on Tuesday (on BlogTalkRadio) at 7:30pm ET (6:30pm CT, 5:30pm MT, 4:30pm PT), and again, for #TChat itself, Wednesday at 7-8pm ET (6-7pm CT, 5-6pm MT, 4-5pm PT). It’s a double-dose of world-of-work wonders. We couldn’t do it without you. And we couldn’t be happier to be two.

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