Internal Mobility Inside Look At Talent: #TChat Preview

Originally posted by Matt Charney on MonsterThinking Blog

Perhaps nowhere is the divide between HR theory and people practice more evident than when it comes to the issues surrounding internal mobility.  In theory, employers and talent organizations almost always have a “promote from within” philosophy that formally or informally favors internal candidates.

In practice, however, internal mobility is frequently hindered by cumbersome processes, company politics and issues like salary compression which unilaterally matter more to HR than the business for which they’re recruiting.

Too often, recruiting is on a just-in-time basis, measured against the ticking clock of days-to-fill (or some similarly nebulous metric).  This ‘need it now’ mentality places a premium, particularly in middle management and leadership roles, on highly specialized skills and experience that are easier to acquire on the open market rather than plan, and promote, from within.

The byproduct of this, of course, is that top talent’s professional growth, and viability, often stagnates as soon as the job does – because just-in-time is not a long term career strategy, and if the next step for top talent can’t be within, it’s your organization that’s going to be without.

Tonight’s #TChat will examine internal mobility and its impact on talent organizations, business leaders and employees.  We hope you can join the conversation at 8 PM ET and let us know whether you think internal mobility is worth promoting or if it’s an issue that’s worth passing up.

#TChat Preview & Recommended Reading: 08.02.11

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Q4: How does social media fit into the internal talent planning picture, if at all?

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Q5: Is internal mobility the responsibility of the employer or the employee?  Or both?

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Q6: Can internal mobility hurt a company or career?  How?

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