Leaders With & Without Character: #TChat Preview

EDITOR’S NOTE: Want to read the RECAP of this week’s events? See #TChat Recap: Leadership, Visible From the Inside Out

It’s a party! At least it’s a virtual party for TalentCulture World of Work. I’m very excited to announce the arrival of a new book from The Lead Change Group, “The Character-Based Leader,” with a chapter from yours truly (@MeghanMBiro) and more than 20 other authors.

The book looks at characteristics of leadership, running the gamut from the ability to communicate, to humility and trust, with lots of stops in between. It’s a huge accomplishment and a group effort, and it inspired us here at TalentCulture to look at the notion of character for this week’s #TChat.

Book Image: The Character Based Leader - TalentCulture weekly topic leadershipWhat makes a leader? Is leadership an innate quality or a learned skill? Plenty of  business schools argue for the latter. You could argue both positions, really, and you could also say that what makes a leader is a combination of both those ingredients, with different combinations apparent in different leaders. For many of us, however, the ability to lead is innate, in a person’s bones.

We all know people who lead because they crave power. Others were in the right place at the right time with the right skill set, and they’re now leaders. It’s a long shot that either group contains many character-based leaders, those people of integrity, humility, emotional intelligence and energy who make leadership look easy. Yet leadership isn’t easy; it takes character, will, energy and commitment, and anyone who’s done time in corporate America recognizes the importance of character in leaders and colleagues.

So here are our questions for this week’s #TChat Twitter conversation:

Q1: Some draw power from their position. Are they effective? Have expectations around positional leaders changed? #TChat

Q2: Does the character of an org’s leaders & staff matter to the bottom line? #TChat

Q3: What might character look like in the actions of positional leaders vs. other leaders vs. other employees? #TChat

Q4. How can leaders nurture & reward character in staff & other leaders & thus have a positive impact? #TChat

Q5: How does good character underpin an org’s brand & affect frontline leaders & staff in treating customers? #TChat

How did fall get here so fast? Please join us on Wednesday, Oct. 3, from 7-8pm ET (6-7pm CT, 4-5pm PT, or wherever you are) to discuss what makes a character-based leader and how to help those who aren’t as gifted in the area of character to learn the attributes of a good leader.

We hope to see you there. Joining me will be one of my co-authors, Susan Mazza (@SusanMazza), a speaker and coach, as well as founder of Random Acts of Leadership. We’re excited to have  Susan co-leading this week’s discussion on Twitter. As usual, Kevin W. Grossman (@KevinWGrossman) will be there, too, along with the rest of the #TChat gang — and you.

Image Credit: Pixabay