Loyalty and Engagement in the World of Work: #TChat Preview

An article in Knowledge @ Wharton on the issue of declining employee loyalty struck a chord with me. Our recent #TChat about brand humanization, employee engagement, and multigenerational workplaces also surfaced this as a consistent theme from our community: Leaders and HR practitioners are worried about employee loyalty and the costs, both organizational and financial, of less-loyal employees.

In multi-generational workplaces, declining loyalty seems more apparent than ever. Younger workers are less attached to brands and more attached to causes and missions. Today, workplaces must offer not only relevant work, fair compensation, and clear goals: There also must be a shared sense of mission and a commitment to employee well-being. Managing this balancing act with several generations of workers under one brand or organization is a huge challenge for leaders who are hiring and retaining their talent.

So this week’s #TChat World of Work will center on a discussion of employee loyalty and engagement.  We’ll look at how notions of employee loyalty differ from generation to generation in an attempt to dig out thoughts and guidance for keeping employees engaged, loyal, and rewarded. I’m also very interested in what is happening on the global front with generations merging in the workplace.

This week’s questions are:

Q1: Is loyalty an attribute or outcome of the workplace culture and leadership?

Q2: How does loyalty, or lack thereof, affect productivity and retention?

Q3: How does commitment, or lack thereof, affect brand (employment/consumer)?

Q4: What’s the difference, if any, between loyalty and commitment?

Q5: What factors, e.g. technology, enhance or hinder loyalty and/or commitment in the workplace?

This week, our moderator will be Joe Sanchez (@sanchezjb). Backing Joe will be Kevin W. Grossman (@KevinWGrossman) and me (@MeghanMBiro), plus our supporting cast of Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean), Salima Nathoo (@SocialSalima) and Brent Skinner (@BrentSkinner), who are all pumped to field your tweets.

The #TChat community is growing more engaged by the day, by the way, and we’re actively recruiting guest moderators and your ideas on #TChat topics. We’re looking for your shine on our topics, and we promise to help you shine even more, too. So, if you’re shining brightly out there, don’t be surprised if you hear from us. And, for this week, think about what inspires loyalty and what drives engagement in your workplace and bring your wisdom to the discussion Wednesday, June 6, at 7-8pm ET (6-7 pm CT, 4-5 pm PT, or wherever you are). Join us and our expanding group of #TChat participants Wednesday night and fly your loyal flag. We appreciate your wisdom.

image credit: Meet Tucker, by TurtleMom4Bacon