The Professional Future of Facebook: #TChat Preview

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The short history of social media is littered with tools and technologies that were, for a brief moment, the “next big thing” for business, the proverbial ‘killer app’ that would justify, and expand, the investment of brands and organizations in the social web.

From MySpace to SecondLife and a thousand other already obsolete platforms in between, only Facebook, so far, has proved a legitimate contender for the title, as ensconced in popular culture as it is in public consciousness.

After all, Facebook has effectively joined the US Military, SportsCenter and the White House in the pantheon of venerable, timeless institutions, at least if Aaron Sorkin’s filmography is any indicator.  And while right now Google+ may hold the mantle of “the next big thing,” but so too, at one point, did Google’s Buzz and Wave (remember them?), and unless you’re in Brazil, you’re probably not on Orkut, either.

While Twitter tweaks its business model (which has, frankly, a long way to go as promoted tweets are about as organic to consumers as Google’s sponsored results), Facebook is, for now, the undisputed king of all social media, quickly becoming a category defining brand in the same vein as Kleenex, Xerox or Coke.

Whether its reign can continue over the long term, of course, remains a critical question, and one that, like all businesses, lies completely in the hands of its customers and the rapidly shifting sands of consumer taste.  But so far, it’s survived, and thrived, through evolutionary progress that would leave Darwin befuddled, its loyal community expanding from a cadre of elite colleges to, well, just about everyone this side of the Great Firewall of China.

With its global reach and highly engaged user base, Facebook isn’t the only entity with a stake in its long term success; its implications – and possibilities, extend to all brands, personal and professional (of course, on Facebook, those aren’t mutually exclusive unless, of course, you’ve heard of this pretty kick butt app called BeKnown…)

Facebook at Work: #TChat Questions and Recommended Reading (08.17.11)

We hope you can join us Wednesday night at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT for this week’s #TChat: “Facebook at Work: The Professional Future of Your Personal Network.” Invite your friends and get ready for wall-to-wall conversation about what Facebook means for the evolving world of work – and life.

It’s sure to be a lively discussion with some great ideas and insights (and maybe, just maybe, we might find out what exactly the purpose of “poking” someone is…).

Here are the questions we’ll be covering, along with some recommended reading to help prepare, and inform, your involvement in this week’s #TChat.

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Q1: What are some interesting or innovative ways businesses are using Facebook effectively?

Read: 20 of the Most Innovative Facebook Campaigns Ever by Niall Harbison and Lauren Fisher

Q2: Do you engage with brands or companies on Facebook?  Why or why not?

Read: Online Networking for Beginners by Charles Purdy

Q3: Where does Facebook fit into job search and recruiting/hiring?  Is it an effective tool for recruiting?

Read: Recruiters Turn to Facebook to Find Candidates by Joe Light

Q4: What are some important reminders for organizations when creating a Facebook presence?

Read: Don’t Rely on Facebook for Your Social Media Marketing by John Jantsch

Q5: Many think Facebook will replace e-mail.  What other business applications might it augment or replace?

Read: Company Branding and Employee Social Networks: A Social Media Win-Win by Emily Bennington

Q6: What does the future of Facebook look like in 5 years?  10?  How will it impact businesses and careers?

Read: The Future of Facebook is GooglePlus by Josepf Haslam

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