The Talent Community Leader’s Sweet Spot: #TChat Preview

Last week, the World of Work community looked at talent in online communities, and boy, did we hit an HR, Leadership and Social Business nerve. In the #TChat preview, I conflated talent, online communities and social communities.

It turns out people have very strong feelings about the differences between social communities, talent communities and the meta-themed online communities. This is why I love #TChat: I learn from our talented, social, online community every time we get together.

Of course the words talent and social describe different aspects of the core concept of online communities, which can be built around brand, talent, social interaction, or all of the above. The key for me — for all the #TChat-ters — is how communities are managed to benefit participants. We may all have slightly different definitions — e.g., how does a talent community differ from a social community — but we all agree community is a good thing, especially with a committed leader who’s absolutely clear on what he or she is doing as leader of the community.

So this week we’ll go back to communities and dig a little deeper. Does technology help or hinder community development?  How do community managers lead? When should they lead, and when should they stand aside and let the community blaze the trail? What is this new, emerging category of leader’s sweet spot? Here are this week’s questions:

Q1: What does a talent community mean to you & how is it different from a social community? #TChat

Q2: Within talent communities, how does leadership differ from and resemble leadership elsewhere?

Q3: How can a leader give a talent community direction & help it thrive? How does technology help & hinder?

Q4: How can multiple leaders manage their inter-dynamics & lead together within a talent community?

Q5: When is it best to follow or walk alongside? What is the talent community leader’s sweet spot?

Whether your preference is for brand, talent or social community, we hope you’ll join in on Wednesday, Oct. 31, at 7-8pm ET (6-7pm CT, 5-6pm MT, 4-5pm PT, or wherever you are), the Halloween edition of #TChat — a totally spooky re-animation of the community manager–community theme. Have your candy bowl and your thoughts at the ready.

Bringing his smarts to the conversation will be this week’s moderator and #TChat co-founder, Kevin W. Grossman (@KevinWGrossman), whose work as director of product marketing at Brave New Talent intersects with Wednesday’s topic in ways that promise for a teeming discussion. Yours truly (@MeghanMBiro) and the rest of the #TChat gang will be there — and you are part of the gang, too. Tweet with us!

Image Credit: Pixabay