Zero Unemployment and the War for Talent: #TChat Preview

Originally Published by Matt Charney on MonsterThinking

There’s nothing better than the feeling of an accepted offer for a recruiter (or for a candidate), one that overwhelmingly and resoundingly answers that question: “Would you consider an opportunity if it was clearly better than the job you have today?”

Every job offer employers make is a promise – and the motivations for saying ‘yes,’ conversely, are driven by the desire to have one’s promise fulfilled. That’s why those of us charged with talent acquisition and retention are required to make a compact, explicit or implicit, with candidates that, within our control and knowledge, the job is a promise that can be kept.

Our personal and employment brands depend on it. And so, too, does Monster’s. To quote an ad we recently ran in the Wall Street Journal, for us, “every day is labor day.” Finding a new job or a new candidate requires a life decision that’s built on trust – and forming that relationship over the weeks and months required for the hiring process to play out is really what recruiting is about, after all.

Over the past few months, we’ve built a similar relationship with the #TChat community – and we’re proud to be a part of a conversation where job seekers, social media makers, industry leaders and talent influencers intersect.

It’s created a conversation in an often superfluous noise of tweets, and transformed a hashtag into a community dedicated to the big picture questions – and short term, actionable solutions – which affect both those currently working and those looking for work.

Which is pretty much all of us. And whether you’re a job seeker, or employer, you’re a Monster customer. And we’re listening.

So we hope you can join co-hosts @meghanmbiro @talentculture @kevinwgrossman and guest moderator Jessica Miller-Merrill (@blogging4jobs), whose post inspired this week’s #TChat topic:

 Zero Unemployment & The War for Talent

#TChat Questions & Recommended Reading (09.07.11)

Here are questions we’ll be discussing, along with some related posts that, while not required, will help prepare, and inform, your participation in the #TChat conversation. Make your voice heard tonight, Wednesday, September 7 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT.

We hope you can join us we discuss the current and future employment picture and what organizations and talent can do to help get America back to work for the generations of today – and tomorrow.

Q1. Is zero unemployment possible? If so, what would be the major repercussions?

Read: War for Talent & Zero Unemployment by Jessica Miller-Merrill

Q2. Is job search broken? If so, what can be done to fix it?

Read: 7 Personal Tune Ups for Tough Times by Mike Brown

Q3. Do recruiters and employers make the hiring process too complex? If so, how?

Read: Does Your Hiring Process Sentence Applicants to Hard Labor? by Jon Picoult

Q4. Looking at the job market today, do you see a jobs crisis or a war for talent?

Read: The Truth About Employment by John Sumser

Q5. What’s your advice on job creation (in 140 characters or less?)

Read: We Need More Clock-Punchers by Charlie Judy

Q6. What will the (job outlook) look like for Generation Z? Better or bleak? Why?

Read: Career Activism: The Non-Generational Talent of Workers by Peter Weddle

Let us know what you think!