Bring on the Global Fireworks: #TChat Recap

The world may be tired, but it’s time to get fired. Up that is.

And we did this week, but just when we’re riding high on inspiration, collaboration and revelation, then comes the post-SHRM dip. The point when after the mega-HR conference, the one put on by the largest HR association on the planet, the Society for Human Resource Management, when all you want to do is relax, stay out of the summer heat for the next two months, and not think or do or be.

But if we at least think a little bit more, for those who went to SHRM we know that over 80 countries were represented by HR, recruiting and business folk alike. Leaders attended from companies of every size, many of which have a global footprint these days, with individuals and teams here and over there, and over there. There were amazing keynotes, all talking about the reviving role America and the rest of the world should play in the global economy, dozens and dozens of quality sessions covering shared issues from recruiting to compliance to leadership to business development, and an open network of HR industry thought leaders answering the attendee melting pot of questions.

So when I think of the world of work, and I think about the #TChat global collective who not only participates in our weekly Twitter chat, but everyday in our Twitter stream, and on our TalentCulture website, and soon-to-be-revived #TChat Radio, I think we still have the opportunity to get the world finally reinvented and revved.

Did you miss the #TChat preview? Well, here it is just in case.

July and August could be the start of something spectacular. Bring on the global fireworks.

image credit: Fireworks, by bayasaa

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#TChat INSIGHTS: Bring On the Global Fireworks

Storified by TalentCulture · Thu, Jun 28 2012 21:42:58

Yay Go KWG @KevinWGrossman Less than 1 hr now! #TChat! Read preview? #HR #SHRM12 I be moderating!MeghanMBiro
Here we go! Q1: *Is* it a small world after all when it comes to human capital management? #TChatKevin W. Grossman
A1: Networking is key to obtaining the best talent. Most people who are good at what they do don’t advertise. #tchatBeverly Davis
Just jumping in quickly :-) A1: The world is as small or large as leaders desire/make it #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A1: Small world vs large world, particularly with regards to HCM, remember: the size may depend on the lens you’re using #TChatJoel Peterson
A1: Technology has definitely made our world smaller. Global talent is sometimes more accessible than local. #tchatBeverly Davis
A1: Just today Google made a big deal that a new product of theirs was made in the US. Should hiring local be first priority? #global #tchatSean Charles
A1 When U remove the blinders, definitely a global view ~ the larger (global) playing field has been defined #tchatCASUDI
A1: Yes. Someone knows someone who can help! It’s part of networking! #tchatRob McGahen
A1: I sit across the aisle from a guy from Scotland, so yes, it’s a small world. #tchatCollin Kromke
A1: It is a small world, global is now your backyard as much as it across the world. You go where there is talent that fits ur needs #tchatJen Olney
A1 Though #tech has made it seem smaller. Biz still needs to be sensitive to cultural differences and ways of working. #diversity #tChatJanine Truitt
A1: #tchat just b/c ur company is not operating globally (yet) doesnt mean you dont have globalization of your workforce/ie talent poolJen PhillipsKirkwood
@KevinWGrossman A1: yes in the sense that ppl are ppl -need to always consider individual vs all group decisions. No b/c of culture #tchatRuchi Jalla
@joelyoh A1: Agree…size, global reach not major impact…issues typically same. Gr8 leaders make teams elite globally or locally #TchatStephen Van Vreede
A1: I think that for many of us, yes. Social Media has made sure of that! #tchat P.S. I have a penchant for the obvious.Mark Salke
Hi #TChat-ters! A1) Yes small world – with tech, can reach candidates / employees globally & from other perspective, it’s still who you knowPam Ross
JenPhillipsK A1: we all share the same talent pool globally as well #tchatTalentCulture
A1: Looks can deceive: The world may be getting smaller thanks to tech but it’s also increasingly complex 4 many of the same reasons. #TChatJoel Peterson
A1: we all share the same talent pool globally as well #tchatJen PhillipsKirkwood
A1: yes! global workforces aren’t just for multinationals anymore. Many Co’s that believe in ROWE are going international for talent. #TChatJen Watkiss
A1. It’s definitely a small world. We all have the same goal in mind, to help our businesses succeed. #TChatInsperity Careers
A1: Yes. Not everyone can do it and do it well! #tchatRob McGahen
A1: Yes. You never know when you will cross paths again. Don’t burn bridges! #tchatRob McGahen
A1: Well, not when you’re lost in the belly of the #SHRM12 World Congress Center in Atlanta, but then again… #TChatKevin W. Grossman
A1: Language, location, culture may vary but at the end of the day, we all face the same work day, in one way or the other. #TChatJoel Peterson
A1: In some ways, yes, it is small. I had lunch w/an HR Mgr from Brazil at #SHRM12. Her HCM issues were pretty much the same as mine. #TChatJoel Peterson
Q2: Aren’t we global already? (yes) How are leaders adapting to what’s new in the global management of talent? #TChatKevin W. Grossman
Q2: We created our @Wayin pulse survey tool on all platforms & real time because the need to manage talent NOW not old data #TChatJack C. Patterson
Q2: being online! companies are scrambling to be the where the people. in a virtual world :) #tchatPlatinum Resource
A2: Another challenge we face is when a leader says “Go Global” and means “They need to be just like us.” That’s not truly global. #TchatJoel Peterson
A2. I think workers are adapting to a global environment but leadership isn’t there yet for many companies. The technology is lacking #tchatAnita
A2: I have never met a good leader that didn’t think they were learning with/from, and part of, the workforce they were leading #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A2 Employers have a very egocentric attitude that is aversed to adapting to anything that takes them out of their comfort zone #tChatJanine Truitt
A2) So what if we’re global? Local is the new Global. Time to change again. #tchatsamfiorella
A2: leaders adapting better to global talent mgmt vs diverse talent mgmt – they expect differences. Awareness=1/2 the battle #tchatRuchi Jalla
A2) + outsourcing isn’t cure-all that some hope it can be w/ global talent optimization. If not artfully applied, issues can increase #tchatExpertus
A2: Management is learning that getting the job done is more important that watching who’s doing it. Metrics has become a great tool. #tchatBeverly Davis
A2: what’s sad is the worker is adapting, yet the leaders aren’t. they are definitely the turtle in this race #tchatPlatinum Resource
A2 Matrixed teams where you do biz gives you leverage in understanding the laws, values and cultural differences that impact your biz #tChatJanine Truitt
A2 Who has a great example of leaders adapting to global workforce? And what’s the key to their success? #TChatPam Ross
A2: Outsourcing alone does not make a company global. A truly global company is actively engaged w/its workforce wherever it is. #TChatJoel Peterson
A2 the leaps in technological improvements dwarf the new achievements in the global management of talent #TChat #oldschoolGarret Meikle
A2. Tons of training is definitely involved. Leaders need to learn how to speak/approach members of different cultures. #TChatInsperity Careers
A2: Creating a workplace in which remoteness and mobility are embraced is the challenge for biz leaders. Many roles can be supported. #tchatMark Salke
A2: If you can’t manage AND lead yourself out of a paper bag, forget about it. #TChatKevin W. Grossman
A2: Global isn’t new. Neither is managing a distributed workforce. With generational shifts in leaders and workforce it evolves #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A2: treat each person like a potential brand ambassador. If they don’t have a good exp = neg brand press #tchatPlatinum Resource
A2 I don’t think leaders on the whole are doing anything. Certainly having matrixed teams abroad to manage the day 2 day is smart. #tChatJanine Truitt
A2: Management are responding with outsourcing and virtual employees. #tchatBeverly Davis
A2 Adapting to global by understanding the culture “mix” and being “flex” #tchatCASUDI
A2: Most companies “play” at being global but aren’t really..sourcing from China and call center in India ≠ global #TchatStephen Van Vreede
A2: The smart leader knows that she/he can’t know everything there is to know so hires smart – which makes a large world small(er). #TChatJoel Peterson
A2: The best leaders remain personal and connected, not isolated and phony . #tchatRob McGahen
A2: lead
ers are focusing far more on results than time-in-chair because of realities of managing remote teams (hooray!) #TChatJen Watkiss
A2 The leaders who are adapting to global teams R very excited about the expanded (ing) opportunities #tchatCASUDI
A2 It’s a crap shoot. Many leaders not adapting. Organizations suffering. Will be burning platform soon. Too late? #tchatPam Ross
A2: Depends on how entrenched they are in the ivory tower. #tchatRob McGahen
Q3: Is an honest-to-goodness globalization of the workforce really possible? If so, how? (honest to goodnessly) #TChatKevin W. Grossman
Q3: Honest to goodnessly, it’s inevitable. Our world is shrinking. Our connections are getting closer. Does come w/ new challenges. #tchatPlatinum Resource
A3 Yes, with a well designed balance of IRL, clear understanding/appreciation of cultural differences and use of technology #TChat”Garret Meikle
A3: If by honest-to-goodness you mean all become one…probably not and we shouldn’t want that anyway! If so, we’d lose innovation. #TChatJoel Peterson
A3: Management that builds diverse teams move more easily into globalization. Cultural & language barriers are more easily crossed. #tchatBeverly Davis
A3 Some employers have difficulty making a case for #diversity & #inclusion here. Bleak future for globalization with that mindset. #tChatJanine Truitt
A3: Size of org – Use of Technology – These create opportunities for success, but don’t seem to predict it, imo. #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A3: Business is global. Workforce, too. Getting it right varies. Honest to Goodness. #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A3: Culture and language barriers can remain a hinderance well into the future. #tchatRob McGahen
+1 & socbiz amplifies cultural styles. MINDFULNESS matters MT @samfiorella A3) Workforce globalization isnt geographical Its cultural #tchatExpertus
A3: global mobility needs to be strategic and tied to leadership development – helps w/ cross-fertilization and globalization #tchatRuchi Jalla
A3) Need education, appreciation of cultural differences, tech, listening, strong leaders, collab… honest to goodness it’s a lot! #tchatPam Ross
What? You mean IRL still matters? :-) @rmcgahen A3: Well, I can’t get my haircut here in Missouri by someone in Japan… #tchatSheree Van Vreede
A3: Geographically speaking major time zone differences are still a big barrier #teamability #tchatSean Charles
A3: Well, I can’t get my haircut here in Missouri by someone in Japan… #tchatRob McGahen
A3 Start-Up & smallCO ~YES= honest to goodness global team ~bigCO some appear to do so (understanding culture diff) #tchatCASUDI
A3: I think I can honestly say it’s possibly good? Seriously, of course it is: we just have to think outside paradigm #TchatHeather Kinzie
A3 – NOTE: Globalization of the workforce isn’t geographical…..It’s cultural. #tchatsamfiorella
A3: Trillions of dollars in revenue and profit says it is. Even if many of us don’t see it and get “bonus bucks” instead. #TChatKevin W. Grossman
A3: True global workforce not possible, too much paradigm shift. Closest is all emps as independent contractors #TchatStephen Van Vreede
Q4: Who is leading the global workforce into the future and how? #TChatKevin W. Grossman
@KevinWGrossman A4: Those of us in this room! Take a look at around, hug that person next to you! #tchatBrandon Contreras
A4: The #tchat nation is!Rob McGahen
A4: Executives lead but if they can’t message reasons and rally support from the top to the bottom it won’t work #tchatBrianne Thomas
A4: Those who are embracing cultural diversity and seeing the big picture, not those who see globalization as a exploitation..#tchatJen Olney
A4: Those that deliver change do. Those that refuse to change fade into oblivion. #tchatRob McGahen
A4 China and India. I work in Sci. I see scientists from those countries come learn our #tech & happily fly back home with our ideas. #tChatJanine Truitt
A4: Leadership isn’t one dimensional. Hard to point to one function. Varies by industry and even company. #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A4 The idea of the “American Dream” is changing. Instead of people coming & staying they are coming getting what they need & leaving. #tChatJanine Truitt
Q4: We are! Be the change we want to see in the world #tchatPlatinum Resource
Q5: How is #hrtech accelerating globalization or holding it back? Is it doing one or the other or both? How so? #TChatKevin W. Grossman
A5: Don’t depend on #hrtech- leverage it. Innovation in #hr, as any function, only partly about tech. Almost impossible without it #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A5: HR tech is still driven by people, in some ways you cannot discount experience, there is value in past performance for new paths #tchatJen Olney
Q5: Both. We’re accelerating technically, but strategically we’re not. New tech is useful, but only when you know how to use it well. #tchatPlatinum Resource
A5: The globalization train is only getting faster. Jump on or get run over! #tchatRob McGahen
A5 We rely too much on #tech and #hrtech to solve “human” problems. #HRTech is a means to an end that makes comm. easy. #thatisall #tChatJanine Truitt
A5: The *right* #hrtech is an incredible accelerator. When #hr innovates and then applies innovaative tech #hrwins #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A5: Whoever leverages #HRTech the best wins. Resistance is futile. #tchatSean Charles
A5: super accelerated! #HRTech more avail,visible and integrated requirements a must to support all in country iniatives globally #tchatJen PhillipsKirkwood
A5: #HRtech is overly relied upon to solve problems. It cannot drive the processes, it can only enable them #tchatRuchi Jalla
A5: Those in the ‘old school’ are only holding themselves back . #tchatRob McGahen
A5: #HRtech accelerates the global via collaborative connectedness and organic fluidity. And they give away cool things at #SHRM12. #TChatKevin W. Grossman
A5: It goes at the pace the people set. Those who are quick to change advance the fastest! #tchatRob McGahen
A5: #hrtech is 100% accelerating globalization through mobile, social & video apps. #tchatSean Charles
Love it! @SocialMediaSean: Me by the water in #yyj! Showing off my Yacht. #iWish Pumped for #tchat today :)