Hobbits, Jedis, Fealty and the World of Work: #TChat Recap

Who passes up an opportunity to use the word fealty outside the context of medieval fantasies or galaxies far, far away? Frodo is engaged in his work; so is Luke Skywalker. And, inspired by their leaders, they become leaders themselves.

Strong leaders beget strong leaders—and loyalty and engagement and trust. Think Yoda. Think Obi-Wan Kenobi. Think Gandalf. It’s the way of the hobbit, of the Jedi, of the wizard, of the force, of Middle Earth—and of the world of work.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Who believes that one? To believe the line is to believe the white lie, and the organization whose former employees give this response when asked why they left, ought to know it’s its own fault sometimes, its former employees’ fault other times, and most of the time both sides’ fault. The wisdom comes in knowing which is which and whether or not the leadership is strong or lacking. Is it or is it? No matter how many sides are responsible, however, finding fault achieves little to ensure loyalty among and between those still there and those who will be there later.

Strong leaders know that positive, willing loyalty shouldn’t and can’t be forced, will come with the right cultural fit—and isn’t easy: Think about Yoda and Obi-Wan training a recalcitrant Luke, or Galdalf endeavoring to persuade a reluctant Bilbo or fearful Frodo. Showing the way and providing inspiration to be a part of something larger than one’s self, to join a movement, a team of many, each with vision that feeds off the leadership’s, drives engagement among staff for sure and lifts the employer and consumer brand, absolutely.

We’re in an Open Relationship

Who likes one of those, really? In their heart of hearts, in love and in work, most pine for a committed relationship, an exclusive one in which each party can count on a baseline of loyalty to the one cause and long-term commitment to the work at hand and nothing elsewhere. But an open one is what the relationship between employer and employee has become in the face of a persistent, legitimate yearning for fidelity in the world of work, between leaders and their teams. That is reflected in an undercurrent of frustration in the world of work today – something that yesterday’s #TChat tweets echoed.

We want to believe that the work we put so much work into is more than just as easily the job of someone else interchangeable with us, and that the people we do it for appreciate that. And when our work appears to fall short of all that, and we leave on our own volition or someone else’s, a little part of us inside tables the notion of loyalty and of a committed relationship—reluctantly, with a small pang of sorrow, deep down.

The Leadership Is Strong in That One

Gandalf would never commit to an open relationship, and neither would Obi Wan or Yoda. Yet none of these fictional leaders or strong real ones would deny that jobs for life are no more. Strong leadership provides inspiration to engage and inspires loyalty even in today’s fluid world of work, and no strong leader today would deny the mentee who elects to leave the right to do so.

Retention is what strong leaders inspire, but fealty is not what they require; they just attract it by leading from within, and we admire them. And, so, when one among the flock leaves and says, “It’s not you; it’s me,” Gandalf, Obi-Wan, Yoda and strong leaders in the world of work who know themselves to be strong leaders know their former employees’ or mentees’ words to be true, not white lies.

Kung Fu and Zen are these leaders’ modus operandi. Loyalty, commitment, trust, fidelity and fealty in work come down to cultural fits, and when the fit isn’t quite right in the workplace, but the leadership is strong, there’s a world of work out there for a different drummer’s marcher to find inspiration and the loyalty, commitment, trust, fidelity and fealty that follow.

Thank you for joining us yesterday. Did you miss the preview? Here it is. Your tweets made us think. Check out the slide show below, to see what we mean. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Image Credit: Star Wars – The Exhibition, by Andres Rueda


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#TChat INSIGHTS: Loyalty and Engagement in the World of Work

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#TChat Preview: Loyalty and Engagement in the World of Work | Career Management and Workplace Culture Blog | TalentCulture.comAn article in Knowledge @ Wharton on the issue of declining employee loyalty struck a chord with me. Our recent #TChat about brand humani…
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Here we go…Q1: Is loyalty an attribute or outcome of the workplace culture and leadership? #tchatJoe Sanchez
A1: Can loyalty be faked? I think not. Challenge to see through the smokescren sometime. #TChatTom Bolt
A1) loyalty can be an outcome & attribute of culture; as well as its absence a sign of discontent #TChatKelly Blokdijk, SPHR
A1: Loyalty ~ Step out for your people & they will step up for you. #TChatSean Charles
Is that a mushroom cloud I see from your tweet? MRT @socialmediasean A1: Loyalty ~ Step out for your ppl & they will step up for you. #TChatBrent Skinner
How MANY of us ya think? %? @Ray_anne @ilovegarick Yes I think many of us fulfillment over a paycheck. A reason for living. #tchat a1 #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A1: Could be either, or both. I could see some having to work on gaining loyalty as an outcome, and can see some having it inherent #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A1: Will go out on limb & take easy way out: attribute & outcome cannot be separated in this case. #TChatBrent Skinner
A1: Right type of relationships is key. Sometimes the closer they are to you, the less loyal they are #TChatSean Charles
A1 Employees tend to be more loyal in a secure environment. Build a strong culture and you will have a strong following. #tchatBeverly Davis
A1: Loyalty is an attribute of leadership that cultivates a culture that lives by delivering on their promises&alignment of values #tchatJen Olney
A1 The more leaders show loyalty the more they will see it in their employees. Fair pay, good working conditions and advancment opps. #tchatBeverly Davis
A1: Tough Question…people interacting will produce outcome. Leadership will determine how that happens.#TChatTom Bolt
A1 Loyalty is earned ~ If your team feels they are making a difference ( & R appreciated) they will be loyal to you. #tchatCASUDI
A1: Without good leadership and positive company culture, there will not be long term employee loyalty. #tchatBright.com
A1: Loyalty can be a principle of an individual. We then choose to apply it to a specific workplace or not. #TChatJon M
A1: Loyalty has to do w/ the employee, himself. Every company I have worked for, I assumed would be my last. I am that devoted. #tchatRayanne
@Ray_anne Yes, I think many of us are looking for fulfillment over a paycheck. A reason for living. #tchat a1Garick Chan
Let’s delve deeper here please–Interesting! @sanchezjb @rmcgahen: A1: Outcome. You cant buy loyalty. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A1: Outcome. You have to maintain the culture that breeds it or it will disappear. #tchatRob McGahen
A1 IMHO more attribute-if #workplace not loyalty conducive won’t get outcome, but also personal trait #tchat #leadershipGood Business
AGREED Earn it! @TalentCulture @InsperityJobs A1. Loyalty is a two-way street. It cannot be expected, it must be earned. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A1: Loyalty is a byproduct of a well-run company that 1) turns a profit 2) develops leaders and 3) does right by all emps #tchatStephen Van Vreede
A1: A culture that is easy (and fun) to grasp will lead to innovative and devoted employees. Think: FB or Google #tchatRayanne
A1 Outcome. People start jobs w/ best of intention, stoked & want to be loyal to new family; sadly, culture can suffocate loyalty #TChatClaire Crossley
A1. Loyalty is the strength of your personal connection & commitment to the vision. #tchatJustin Mass
A1. Definitely an outcome. If the comp culture is open, then employees are engaged, leading to loyalty. #tchatAnita
A1: Both. The culture of an organisation is made up of the characteristics of its employees. Loyal employees create a loyal culture #tChatViewsOnYou
A1: Many employees need to feel needed. Actually, we all need this. It is a great impetus to great performance. #tchatRayanne
A1: Outcome. You can’t buy loyalty. #tchatRob McGahen
A1: both- its personality, spirit, and evironment #TChatCatie Maillard
A1. Loyalty is a two-way street. It cannot be expected, it must be earned. #TChatInsperity Careers
A1: Leaders who cultivate loyalty quickly are able to motivate getting “real” work done quickly #tchatRayanne
A1: Both The synergistic affects of leadership and company culture contribute to talent attraction, engagement, loyalty and retention #TchatAlaina Rivas
A1: It most certainly can be attributed to culture and leadership, REAL company engagement begins there… #tchatRayanne
Q2: How does loyalty, or lack thereof, affect productivity and retention? #tchatJoe Sanchez
A2. Accountability also goes up with higher engagement and talent “attachment” #TChatJen PhillipsKirkwood
A2) individual productivity driven by work-ethic; retention is factor of greenest grass; loyalty may/not apply #TChatKelly Blokdijk, SPHR
A2: May not be a causal relationship b/t #loyalty & #productivity, but b/t loyalty & #retention? Oh, YEAH! #TChatBrent Skinner
A2: Build your team around skill set and future goals. An employee is more loyal & productive where they feel useful. #tchatBeverly Davis
A2: People can be much more productive if they feel like the company believes in them (Inspires Loyalty) #TChatSMS Social HR
And the longer talent is retained by leaders!? @gingerconsult: A2: The stronger the loyalty, the stronger the commitment #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A2 although cliche ‘happy people are productive people’ … Happy people stick around.. loyalty directly impacts morale @MeghanMBiro #tchatGarret Meikle
A2 A lack of loyalty leads to, “Do I *really* have to get outta bed this morning?” It’s happened to me & others I’ve worked with #TChatClaire Crossley
Truth via @gingerconsult A2: Loyalty is earned not given, cannot be requested. It affects productivity without it there is no trust #tchatNancy Bartie
A2: Loyalty alone doesn’t affect productivity & retention…loyalty w/trust does. Even the most loyal will jump ship if it’s sinking #TchatBarb Buckner
a2. Longevity does not necessarily = loyalty #tchatDave Ryan, SPHR
A2. Loyalty affects attitude and behavior. If there’s no loyalty then there’s negativity and high attrition. #TChatAnita
A2: Loyalty = company growth. Lack of loyalty = company failure. Loyal empoyees go the extra mile with innovation. #tchatBeverly Davis
A2: The stronger the loyalty, the stronger the commitment #tchatJen Olney
A2: If you are not loyal to y
our employees, don’t expect them to be loyal to you. #tchatRob McGahen
A2: Higher Loyalty = Higher Retention/Productivity. Mutual commitment. #TChatJon M
MT @ChareeKlimek A2: A domino effect.Attitude effects behavior.If disengaged & ready to bolt, productivity goes n2 a downward spiral #tchatJoe Sanchez
A2: Productivity is directly affected by loyalty; people work longer and harder for something they stand behind. #tchatBright.com
A2: Direct correlation…both ways. Productivity and retention merely outcomes of byproduct. Something else is at the core #tchatStephen Van Vreede
THIS! Yes >> @CASUDI: A2 Lack of Loyalty = decreased productivity & contribution & collaboration & innovation ( trending downward) #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A2: Loyalty can & will affect employee morale over the longterm. Happy employees are productive & stay! #TchatBrandie McCallum
A2. An ee could be highly productive yet not be loyal. Not sure there is alway a casue/effect #TchatDave Ryan, SPHR
A2: Loyalty more directly impacts retention. Forces impacting Loyalty probably more directly impact productivity. (my opinion) #tchatGeorge LaRocque
A2: If people don’t feel loyalty to them, they will go elsewhere. #tchatRob McGahen
A2 Lack of Loyalty = decreased productivity & contribution & collaboration & innovation ( trending downward) #tchatCASUDI
A2. Emp. who are not loyal don’t care about results. It’s only about the paycheck. That will definitely affect productivity. #TChatInsperity Careers
A2: it’s a domino effect. Attitude effects behavior. If disengaged & ready to bolt, productivity heads into a downward spiral #tchatCharee Klimek
A2: Loyalty is earned not given, and cannot be requested. It affects productivity because without it there is no trust #tchatJen Olney
A2: Loyalty to self is imperative to achieve work-life balance. It really is possible – not a figment of a loyal worker’s imagination #tchatRayanne
A2 Loyalty helps support motivation. Motivation drives ppl to want excellence. Excellence effects C/S delivery and teamsmenship.#TchatCyndy Trivella
A2: It wasn’t until I truly committed to my “self”, my own growth, that I was able to achieve even more #tchatRayanne
A2: Many employees are a poor cultural fit, resulting in high staff turnover. Loyal employees thrive where there is a loyal culture #tchatViewsOnYou
A2: Loyalty to self is important in making sure personal goals are met. Should those goals align w/co goals – all the better #tchatRayanne
A2: Loyalty & commitment are integral to a workplace that not only thrives, but grows. #tchatRayanne
A2: If an employee is not loyal, he will consistently be looking for new work/new job – rather than committing #tchatRayanne
A2: Immensely! No employees = No Productivity, No Productivity = No $$. The bottom line will feel the impact! #TchatAlaina Rivas
Q3: How does commitment, or lack thereof, affect brand (employment/consumer)? Some answers have addressed this. #tchatJoe Sanchez
A3: If you can’t get your own employees’ commitment how do you expect to get the consumer’s. #tchatBright.com
Best leaders r those who ‘see it coming’ b4 disloyalty “@casudi: A3 When your employees show disloyalty = time to regroup + rethink #tchat”Claire Crossley
A3: A brand must stay committed to #social. It’s not about a campaign but about building relationships w/ customers #TChatNimble
#TChat A3: To be strong, employer & consumer #brands need commitment from employees. Great brands inspire it.#CareerGravity
A3: Your parts (employees) are a direct reflection of the whole machine (company). No one buys a machine with bad parts. #tchatBright.com
A3. Isn’t this why so many people look to Disney? People are willing to pay to learn how they do it. #tchatMichael Walters
#TChat A3: A lack of #employee commitment will result in negative bleed into (def) employee & prob consumer #brandBrent Skinner
A3) commitment / lack of can affect brand image if reputation is being known for that #TChatKelly Blokdijk, SPHR
a3. I m being a contrarian tonight – 1 Can make the case that none of these items relate to one and other #tchatDave Ryan, SPHR
A3: Every emp…leader, manager, toilet bowl cleaner…must be committed to cause or is a liability to be converted or replaced #tchatStephen Van Vreede
A3: I can’t imagine “loving” my work, were I not willing to commit to it or to my company. Totally. #tchatRayanne
MT @ClaireSMBB A3 When an org has stellar culture, you know it, from the leadership down, loyalty & engagement is evident #tchatTalentCulture
A3: Lack of commitment yields high turnover, higher costs and a negative churn of customers. #tchatRob McGahen
A3: If can’t get commitment within your 4 walls, how will you get it externally? Brand impact! #TChatJon M
A3 When your employees show disloyalty = time to regroup + rethink #tchatCASUDI
A3: if the public sees consistent lack of commitment within a company the brand can beome questionable. #tchatBeverly Davis
A3 When an org has stellar culture, you know it, from the leadership to the front-line workers, loyalty & engagement is evident #TChatClaire Crossley
A3 As a consumer when you interact w a disloyal employee = U lose loyalty + become uncommitted to the brand (lost customer) #tchatCASUDI
A3 lack of commitment leads to ees less willing to go the extra mile and therefore less profitability and productivity #tchatCatie Maillard
Great point! Thank you — How so? @MRGottschalk: A3 I think that ee commitment is a brand. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A3: Every interaction consumer has with a business affects the value of the brand. Lacking commitment results in poor interactions #tchatMahfuz Chowdhury
A3. No comittment says: “Aww, well, might as well hang w/ this till something better comes along.” #tchatDylan LW Vanderbraak
A3: The effects of an unengaged workforce could be astronomically bad. Emp engagement speaks volumes of leadership. #tchat #HR #BrandRayanne
A3: Customers notice that first. Pay attention to what they are saying! #tchatRob McGahen
A3 I think that ee commitment is a brand. #tchatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3: Lack of commitment results in high turnover or very low production & growth. #tchatBeverly Davis
A3: Low commitment lowers the brand value. If can’t get commitment within your 4 walls, how will you get it externally? #TChatJon M
A3: Think Apple. Great consumer brand, not so great employment brand. BUT the consumer brand is SO great, it gets clouded. #tchatRayanne
A3 Pride can drive commitment. Without commitment, defending and supporting the brand is difficult. #TchatCyndy Trivella
A3: I don’t think you can talk about brand without talking about the difference between employment and consumer. #tchatRayanne
A3: Hire turnover rumors spread like wildfires – Employment Brand Nightmare #TchatAlaina Rivas
Okay…Continuing to move forward…Q4: What’s the difference, if any, between loyalty and commitment? #tchatJoe Sanchez
YUP Very nice indeed @mattcharney: Nice. @Ray_anne: A4: Commitment gets you through the day, loyalty gets you through a crisis. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A4: An individual can be committed to doing something based on internal drive and a feeling their work makes a difference. #TChatJanis Stacy
A4: I think loyalty requires the employee and corp engage in a bi-directional respectful relationship which honors both. #TChatJanis Stacy
A4: Inherently, commitment comes from the will or volition. loyalty is more emotional but can stem from your choice to commit #tchatStephen Van Vreede
A4: Isn’t commitmen
t an individual drive for getting the job done right and Loyalty a relationship with the corp? #TChatJanis Stacy
A4. Commitment is our promise, and loyalty is an inner quality that results in consistent, honorable follow through. #TChatMichael Walters
A4: Desire, belief & a personal commitment to succeed = anything is possible. Loyalty is fluid. #TChatSean Charles
A4: Commitment is constantly chasing the carrot. Loyalty is catching it & enjoying it even after it’s been dragged through mud. #tchatRayanne
A4: Commitment gets you through the day, loyalty gets you through a crisis. #tchatRayanne
A4: I’m loyal to a person/firm/product. I’m committed to a project. #tchatRob McGahen
A4 Going back to belief – we’re loyal to people, committed to ideas. (Believe in both) Best orgs use all 3 together. @jocelynaucoin #tchatJodie Garrison
A4. Po-tay-toe. Po-tah-toe. #tchatJustin Mass
Catching the last part of #Tchat A4 Commitment is a belief in something, loyalty is support for something you need the 1st for the 2ndAJ Borowsky
A4: I think you can be committed to a company, but is loyalty questioned if one looks at other emp. opp’s? #tchatRayanne
A4: Loyalty is more emotional than commitment. You can be committed to a project but not loyal to a company. #tchatBright.com
#TChat A4: The difference is commitment to self vs. commitment to others. U can be committed despite reasons not 2 be.Brent Skinner
A4: There shouldn’t be a difference, should there? #tchatRayanne
A4 Loyalty serves as base where commitment sits. Commitment is weak without loyalty. #TchatCyndy Trivella
A4. Yes. #tchatJustin Mass
A4. Commitment means to make a promise or 2 agree 2 do something while loyalty has the idea of being faithful 2 a person/org/cause. #tchatMichael Walters
A4: Commitment is focused and engaged, loyalty is based on being respected and trust as the connector #tchatJen Olney
How so? Wise words! And thanks for sharing w/us @glarocque @ideabloke: A4: I see commitment being a by-product of loyalty. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A4 I think you can be committed to the job/project, but not necessarily committed (or loyal) to the organization #TChatCatie Maillard
A4: Like relationships: loyalty is about not cheating on the brand, commitment is about doing what it takes to get the desired result #tchatMahfuz Chowdhury
HOW So? @ThinDifference: A4: Being loyal means commitment. Can be committed without being loyal though. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A4. Loyalty is based on past experience. Commitment is based upon coming experiences/goal. Yesterday vs. Tmw. #tchatDylan LW Vanderbraak
Oh no!! @YouTernMark: Hahaha! @DaveTheHRCzar: a4. $2.00 an hour #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A4 In workplace, think loyalty more towards company/team/etc, commitment more towards task/project #tchatGood Business
A4: Being loyal means commitment. Can be committed without being loyal though. #TChatJon M
@sanchezjb A4: #tchat The two are very different…you can be loyal for years but technically “committed” for less.FuturePeople
A4: Loyalty, to me, was always something earned. Commitment is an obligation – sometimes whether or not you really want to #TchatBarb Buckner
A4. Loyal > Commitment > Respect – 3 things leaders and employees should focus on to empower teams #TChatInsperity Careers
A4: Diff is you can be committed but not have ur heart in it. Your work ethic is to provide 110% but you’re not content. #tchatEmilie Mecklenborg
A4: Loyalty = long term, no matter what happens connection. Commitment = Short term, get this project done kind of thinking. #tchatJennifer Armitstead
A4: Loyalty has deeper roots than commitment – Loyalty = devotion whereas Commitment is more of an obligation. #TchatAlaina Rivas
A4: I see commitment being a by-product of loyalty. #TchatRandy Thio
A4. Commitment is our promise, and loyalty is an inner quality that results in consistent, honorable follow through. #tchatMichael Walters
a4. $2.00 an hour #tchatDave Ryan, SPHR
Q5: What factors, e.g. technology, enhance or hinder loyalty and/or commitment in the workplace? #tchatJoe Sanchez
A5: Giving employees the right tech tools can help commitment but I don’t think these impact loyalty. #TChatJanis Stacy
A5: With the right #leadership, any tech that makes communication on a virtual team easier engenders loyalty. #TChatBrent Skinner
A5: Social tech allows us to identify & respond to employee issues faster then ever #Helpful #TChatSMS Social HR
A5: I think valuing, understanding, and including employees builds loyalty but motivating commitment varies by the individual. #TChatJanis Stacy
A5: Social tech allows us to identify & respond to employee issues faster then ever #Helpful #TChatSean Charles
A5: I don’t think technology is the biggest influence either way. Personal recognition in a company enhances commitment and loyalty. #tchatBright.com
A5 Look at Zappos and how they encourage ees to use social media to engage. Helping engagement, but applicable to their environment #tchatJennifer Armitstead
A5: Factor that enhances loyalty is having leadership that is committed 2B engaged to act upon their vision,not just give lip service #tchatJen Olney
A5: Management that provides what you need to get your job done helps! #tchatRob McGahen
#TChat A5: #mobile & #telecommuting tech goes a long way in fostering loyalty/commitment when IRL is not a possibility.TalentManagementTech
@TalentCulture lol oops! meant A5! #tchatAnita
A5. Celebrate your employees, it can really boost morale which can lead to commitment then loyalty. #TChatInsperity Careers
+1 MIL — Agree here! @cmahfuz: A5: Factors that enhance loyalty and commitment? Simple: Leaders who can listen and inspire action #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A5: Stealth monitoring technology: keystroke statistics, screen captures, presence indicators, etc. #tchatSteve Sisko
A5: Factors that enhance loyalty and commitment? Simple: Leaders who can listen and inspire action #tchatMahfuz Chowdhury
A5: Social media can create a community of contributors. Contributing more – w/gratitude from org – can lead to greater loyalty. #TChatJon M
A5: Stealth monitoring technology (actual or perceived) would seem to hinder loyalty? #tchatSteve Sisko
A5: Technology and how the generations embrace have a huge affect! Those that use them complain about mgmt when they’re shot down. #TchatBarb Buckner
Which ones?! @DawnRasmussen @rmcgahen: A5: It gets hindered when you dont have the tools needed to do the job! #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A5 transparency and communication of expectations, also acting on input and letting ees know they matter! #TChatCatie Maillard
A5. Numbers hinder #communication. The bigger the distance, the bigger the distance. Hindered communication hinders all else. #tchatDylan LW Vanderbraak
A5: LACK of tech, like old,stodgy equipment or no upgrades also places a wedge between employees & Leadership/Mgmt #tchatRayanne
A5 Technology is a tool loyalty and commitment are personal. Tech only aids what’s already there #TChatAJ Borowsky
A5: Good equipment, proper tools, stable network connections, fast technical/business support is a positive factor 4 virtual. #tchatSteve Sisko
A5: It gets hindered when you don’t have the tools needed to do the job! #tchatRob McGahen
MT @Ray_anne A5: Social media..is a HUGE hindrance. Not only is it a distraction, but it also fogs focus. < Elaborate pls? #tchatJoe Sanchez
A5: A variety of formal & informal opportunities for interaction during & after work (IRL & virtual) should enhance loyalty. #tchatSteve Sisko
A5: It’s har
d to be loyal or committed if one feels underpaid or underappreciated. #tchatRayanne
A5: Sites like Glassdoor & LinkedIn not only present opp’s to look for new job, but also cements disgruntled feelings about salary. #tchatRayanne
A5: Sight/video technology supporting non-verbal communication could enhance or hinder virtual team loyalty. #tchatSteve Sisko
A5: Social media, I HATE to say it, is a HUGE hindrance. Not only is it a distraction, but it also fogs focus. #tchatRayanne
A5: I think a virtual, geographically mixed team has greater challenges than a co-located team. #tchatSteve Sisko
Hopping into #TChat for a couple mins… A5: Employee recognition on mobile gadgets goes a long way! #HRTechChatTalentManagementTech
A5: Communication and group sharing tools are great and lead to trust and relationship building amongst team members and leadership. #TchatAlaina Rivas
#TChat Recap: Hobbits, Jedis, Fealty and the World of Work | Career Management and Workplace Culture Blog | TalentCulture.comWho passes up an opportunity to use the word fealty outside the context of medieval fantasies or galaxies far, far away? Frodo is engaged…