Some of My Best Friends are in HR, Back Off: #TChat Recap

It’s as if HR became a simultaneous cliche and pariah that’s at least earned a seat at the kiddie table. Like geeks that keep stuff glued together and in working order so the company doesn’t get sued or lose too many good employees or has to lose employees the right way because of a downsizing.

But hey, those are my friends you’re talking about, those fine people in human resources and talent management, so back off.

About 150 of them will be gathered in Atlanta for HRevolution — the progressive people management event for human resources professionals, recruiters, and business leaders to come together and talk about the problems facing businesses today.

“This is where thought leadership and action meet. The format for HRevolution encourages interaction and every participant has the opportunity share ideas and opinions in an open manner.”

I can’t wait to go!

But if someone says “seat at the table” one more time, I’m gonna blow. I’ve talked with many HR practitioners of late who are part of their company’s executive business strategy, but unfortunately the dissing “buzz” of disservice continues. The good news is that smart CEOs who want growth have strong talent management, which means they have smart people management who understand the business, what drives growth and how to keep the workforce in order to get there.

Hey, maintaining and retaining the workforce in a complex global business world ain’t easy, but it’s being done. We’re also still on the front end of mainstream with technology, but exciting consumer-focused collaborative software abounds for HR/recruiting — and is getting better. This includes all things social, mobile, collaborative, cloud computing and analytics all baked into HR technology for the way we work today and the way we maintain the workforce. The drive to better manage across all lines of business is critical. Vacuum management silos will atrophy the business unless they’re collaborative and interconnected.

Human resources and workforce management is maturing and businesses along with it. Remember, front end of mainstream, but the next 5-10 years I believe will be amazing.

As Matt Charney so eloquently wrote in the #TChat pre-cap:

“While HR professionals are rarely understood, the truth of the matter is, they’re also not fully appreciated for doing the mission critical work they do.  It’s not an easy job, but it’s an important one, and one that touches the lives of every employee, every day. That goes for you, too.”

And you, and you, and you…

A seat at the table is poop (Thank you, Kimberly Roden). Now, get back to work. See some of you at #HRevolution this weekend.

Here were last night’s #TChat questions:

  • Q1: Employees: What does HR need to do differently to be an effective people manager and business partner?
  • Q2: HR Pros: What can employees do differently to be a better business partner and collaborator with HR?
  • Q3: Is HR finally seen as a strategic executive partner in business today?  Why or why not?
  • Q4: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing HR today?  How can it be overcome?
  • Q5: How is technology today improving the HR and talent acquisition functions?
  • Q6: Is education and intellect enough to be a great people manager? What about emotional intelligence?
  • Q7: What’s your biggest HR pet peeve? What about your biggest HR thrill?

Thank you again everyone for joining us!

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