The Candidate Experience Doesn't Mean Rainbows & Unicorns: #TChat Recap: #TChat Recap

“It seems to me, while it’s true that every dog will have his day — when all the bones are buried there is barely time to go outside and play…” —Neil Peart

At least we all agree that 50 clicks to apply for a job online is frustrating, even egregious. Mercy, 10 clicks is like 49 years in dog years these days — millions of automated job application processes painfully processed each year. It’s “customer service” crystal clear that the more hoops you make prospects and customers jump through, the less likely they’re going to jump. Same with job candidates and current employees — it’s also “customer service” crystal clear that job candidates on any level just want to be acknowledged that they applied, whether they make it through the screening process or not.

But what they don’t need are flowers, rainbows, unicorns and tons of smiley faces when it comes to their job application experience. In fact, recent research highlighted in a Freakonomics report I came across revealed that “customers don’t really care about all those in-your-face niceties that some retailers seem to think are important.” This is from the Customer Contact Council, a division of the Corporate Executive Board, which conducted a study of more than 75,000 people who had interacted over the phone with contact-center representatives or through self-service channels such as the web, voice prompts, chat and e-mail.

Granted, that was specific to retail, but I’d argue that customers just want you to give it to them straight — acknowledgement and closure.

I wrote some of the following last week, but it bears repeating here. …

She took the microphone, paused, then asked, “So how do I get noticed when I apply to a company online and my resume goes into an applicant tracking system with dozens of others competing for the same position with similar qualifications and keywords?”
She feigned a smile, held the mic at half-mast and then handed it back to me. Not just dozens of applicants, I thought, hundreds if not thousands. Not matter how she served herself up, no matter the keywords used and embedded throughout her resume and online profile, she’ll still most likely get lost in the proverbial black hole.
This particular candidate experience has been written about more than most, and unfortunately hasn’t changed much over time. My recent experience volunteering to speak at Hirewire, a local organization to help job seekers in Santa Cruz County with career development and job search advice, verified this sentiment from the woman above as well as over 20 others who attended the monthly event. Multiply that across similar gatherings in municipalities all over the U.S.
According to a recent HR Executive article titled Not Ready for Recruiting, we’re still not improving. In fact, in the 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey from Allied Van Lines highlighted in the article, found two-thirds of 500 HR professionals polled saying they have “extensive” or “moderate” plans for hiring this year, and 80 percent of larger companies – with more than 10,000 employees – plan for “extensive” or “moderate” recruiting. And yet, 52 percent of those respondents consider their recruiting programs to be only “somewhat successful.”
Ho-hum, diddly dumb.

Mark Stelzner put it very well last night, during #TChat, when he wrote, “The candidates are underwhelmed and the recruiters are overwhelmed.” But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Give candidates acknowledgement and closure — the same, and especially with, internal candidates who already work for you.

Screw the smiles, rainbows and unicorns. Give it to us straight, baby.

Did you miss the preview? Click here. And thank you, Sarah White, for moderating #TChat! We all look forward to this year’s Candidate Experience Awards, to see who’s getting it right. In the meantime, the World of Work community’s tweets last night got a lot right. Check out the following slide show, a cross-section of wisdom. We’ll see you next week.

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#TChat INSIGHTS: 2012 Job Candidate Experience First Contact

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Here’s what I was doing that made me late to #tchat
Q1: We’ve talked a lot about employee loyalty and commitment recently — but how and where does that all start? #tchatSarah White
A1: Leadership (should) set the tone, vision, and communicate the values and behaviors which shows commitment & encourages loyalty #tchatJoshua Barger
A1: During the courtship before marriage: everything that happens from first contact thru orientation.#TChatTom Bolt
#Tchat A1 Employee loyalty begins with someone’s first touch to the organization: i.e., application process, communications, onboarding.Cyndy Trivella
A1 With finding people who are a true fit for your culture. If not, they’ll lose loyalty & commitment fast. So be honest in rec! #TChatPam Ross
A1: When does it begin? Way before they meet anyone. Begins with employment branding #tchatRayanne
A1 – I think it starts before they even decide if they want to work for your company. Will it be a “career” move or just a job #tchatSarah White
A1: It starts when talent strategy is discussed w/ leadership. VERY beginning of the hiring processs. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A1. Candidate loyalty starts at the discovery phase of the application process, typically when they are researching the company. #TChatInsperity Careers
A1 Employment Loyalty begins at the first impression – must be a good one to move on to a 2nd impression #tchatRayanne
#Tchat A1 Companies set the tone for how they “feel about” their employees. Ppl take notice & will reply back in the same tone.Cyndy Trivella
A1 Starts w employee aligned w CO at beginning~ both w well defined/understood expectations #tchatCASUDI
A1: Frequently it starts as a customer or stakeholder before the employer/employee relationship begins. #tchatRob McGahen
A1: An employment promise is just that a promise. Set the stage by simply delivering #TChatSusan D. Strayer
A1 Cand Exp begins with how emps are treated at the very beginning and the Corp Culture dictates it… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A1: Agents speaking for the company [e.g. recruiters, managers] have an obligation to promote company culture/brand #TChatTom Bolt
A1: It starts with two choices… the one the individual makes about career, & the one the company makes about culture. #TChatJon M
A1 – What does your brand tell them to feel about their loyalty to them. Job moves are emotional typically. #tchatSarah White
A1: comp branding, online presence, “insider” employees giving you the scoop etc #tchatPlatinum Resource
A1: Branding and recruiting process – what message are you sending through SM and your website? How are you enticing future EEs? #tchatKathy Herndon, GPHR
A1: Employee loyalty can be traced back to when the company made its 1st decision that impacted ees. #tchatSalary School
A1: The candidate experience starts the minute they hear about a company and start thinking about working there.
A1: First impressions mean EVERYthing to job seekers. So key for everyone to get this right. We all share a responsibility. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
#tchat a1) your relationship with a company, in all it’s forms, starts on day one. And it never stops developing.Dwane Lay
A1 – Cand Exp is all about how the employees interact with each other – it will be the same with cands they consider… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A1 – The org’s culture! Starts the process of recruiters hiring the right people to fit in the org. – co loyalty begets emp. loyalty #tchatRichard S Pearson
A1: Employment Loyalty begins when engagement is sure, when the heart gets involved- caring #tchatRayanne
A1 What is it they say about first impressions? ;) The EE experience starts w/ the application process #tchatcfactor Works Inc.
A1: It starts when I’m thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. Wait, I’m still thinking… #tchatKevin W. Grossman
A1 – We forget that recruiting and hiring is really much more marketing than it is human resources #tchatSarah White
A1: Traces of them may begin earlier, but in earnest, they start at the 1st interview. #TChatBrent Skinner
A1. For me it’s the vibe I get during the interview process. Does it match the culture or work balance/lifestyle I’m looking for? #tchatAnita
A1: Every position I’ve held that feeling of loyalty began at first f2f interview. #JobLove #tchatRayanne
A1: Rightly so, we focus on co but is a partnership & both parties have to be committed to make it work.#TChatTom Bolt
I think before-reputation important MT @brentskinner: A1: Traces of them may begin earlier, but they start at the 1st interview. #TChatPam Ross
“@Ray_anne: A1: Employment Loyalty begins when engagement is sure, when the heart gets involved- caring #tchat” #agree @ point of interest.elaineorler
A1: commitment + loyalty begin w/ strong biz foundation, profitability + show people R most valued resource thru actions not words #TchatStephen Van Vreede
I vote EARLIER @DwaneLay @brentskinner: A1: Traces of them may begin earlier, but in earnest, they start at the 1st interview. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A1 – Cand Loyalty is not the same as Employee Loyalty – one can help breed the other – but candidates are loyal to the offer… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A1 – brand/company loyalty falls before someone even applies #tchatSarah White
@ImSoSarah A1: It starts with the hiring process! Finding the right candidate is key to commitment and loyalty from both sides #tchatWork4 Labs
A1: When the boss shows his love of the company, product, and people, reciprocation is in the bag #tchatRayanne
“in earnest” ;) @meghanmbiro: I vote EARLIER A1: Traces may begin earlier, but in earnest, they start at the 1st interview. #TChat @DwaneLayBrent Skinner
Lets jump into controversial Q2: At a minimum, what should job candidates expect from the employers they’re interested in and why? #tchatSarah White
A2: A response to interest is imperative #tchatRayanne
A2. Definitely: Respect, Courtesy and transparency (I expect all of these!) #tchatAnita
A2: Acknowledgement of an application as bare minimum. #TChatTom Bolt
A2 Engagement and interaction – in SOME way…even if its a form email saying you recognize their interest! #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
#Tchat A2 Honesty & communication R key. Job seekers would rather know the truth, even if not in their favor, versus being left in dark.Cyndy Trivella
A2 – minimum: safe, non-hostile work environment #tchatRichard S Pearson
A2: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. #tchatRob McGahen
A2: They should expect and give respect all the way through… hiring to working. Mutual respect. #TChatJon M
A2) Job candidates should expect…quite simply…to be treated with dignity and respect in all dealings. #tchatBill Cushard
A2: Candidates should expect to be treated w/ dignity, transparency and candor. Expectations do not = reality. #TChatMark Stelzner
A2: Acknowledge and closure. Always. #tchatKevin W. Grossman
A2: PERSONAL follow-up if talked
to by company…by the PERSON doing the talking.#TChatTom Bolt
A2 Expect GOOD honest TIMELY communication ~ I hear horror stories of COs NOT communicating (anything) #tchatCASUDI
A1: Response, Acknowledgment, Debrief, Hire or SignOff – Keep candidate informed ! #tchatRayanne
A2: Job seekers should expect response and reciprocity. Finding good talent can be just as hard as finding a job.
A2: Open and regular communication. The ‘black hole’ leaves a black mark for life. #tchatRob McGahen
A2 To me it’s about communication. Of process. Of culture. That’s what candidates need #tchatDeb Maher
A2: Honest and transparent communication about the real responsibilities of the position, as well as the culture and environment #tchatJoshua Barger
A2: Candidates need feedback. It helps them improve their skills, gives them a point of reference for future interviews, jobseeking. #tchatEmilie Mecklenborg
ThinDifference A2: They should expect and give respect all the way through… hiring to working. Mutual respect. #tchatTalentCulture
A2. Candidates should see companies acknowledge their applications and give them some feedback. #TChatInsperity Careers
This is often missing “@billcush: A1: To earn candidate>employee loyalty…there must be transparent authenticity from the start #tchat”Erin Hommeland
A2: Candidates should have an opportunity to experience part of the culture. In return be ready to show what they got. #tchatShawn Murphy
**So KEY** HUMANIZE please @TomBolt: A2: PERSONAL follow-up if talked to by company…by the PERSON doing the talking. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A2 Feed back as to WHY or WHY not ~ U never know when the interviewee could become a customer :) #tchatCASUDI
A2: Honesty! No stringing along after a “no” decision has been made. If candidate for something else, say so! #TChatTom Bolt
A2) Candidates should at least be acknowledged. And the way things are at most places, that’s a huge (sad to say) improvement #tchatAutumn McReynolds
@billcush A2/ office politics do not allow that They pick who their faves are regardless and give excuses #tchatrosemary
A2: In delusional ideal world, all give air hugs, whatever salary is just fine, work in wonderful team environment, etc #TchatStephen Van Vreede
A2 Efficient process, good communication, treated respectfully & fairly. #tchatcfactor Works Inc.
A2: Personal touch. Bad news stinks but any news especially from someone is better than not receiving anything. #tchatEmilie Mecklenborg
It sure does–often “we” forget? @rmcgahen: A2: Open and regular communication. The black hole leaves a black mark for life. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A2 The more transparency a firm shows in the recruitment process the better the candidates they will hire… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A1: If I were a #jobseeker, I would not feel loyal until meeting F2F. I might feel some commitment b4 that. #TChatBrent Skinner
A2: candidates should expect that the process takes time. The job is their priority but a recruiter may be managing multiple reqs #TchatSusan D. Strayer
@LoisMarketing A2/that would be great but I often do that on my end as an employee that the reverse #TChatrosemary
A2 At a min, job candidates expect leadership, empathy (understanding employee motivations), & challenges from employers. #tchatJoe Sanchez
MT @JoshInHR A2: Honest and transparent communication about the real responsibilities of the position, the culture and environment #tchatTalentCulture
A2 Respect = Honest communication. #tchatKarleen Harp
A2: Email replies after a PERSONAL contact sucks worse than black holes do #TChatTom Bolt
A2. Companies can’t be afraid to speak to unqualified candidates. They took time to apply, take time to coach. #TChatInsperity Careers
A2 – It is SO simple to have auto responses go out on receipt of application, yet most still don’t. Its a shame. #tchatSarah White
A2. The promise of growth. #tchatJustin Mass
A2: Honesty. No loopholes, double talk. Maybe down the line, yadda yadda yadda. #tchatPlatinum Resource
A2: Taking a dif angle…Orgs should provide candidates w/ great resources to learn about the org (LI page, website, etc.) #tchatSalary School
A2: Its all about the candidate experience. If it went ok but they didn’t get it, they won’t be sour & will try again & rec’d friends #tchatEmilie Mecklenborg
A2: From the outset the honesty and trust begins with former w/prospective employees. This should be very transparent #tchatJen Olney
A2: Set and manage realistic expectations…then deliver on promises. #TChatTom Bolt
A2: A promise to pay them exactly what they have earned on time all the time #TChatSean Charles
A2: Candidates should be treated like they could be clients or hiring managers one day. Changes Recruiter Perspective #tchatRayanne
We cannot tweet about this enough @CASUDI @TheResumeSmith: A2 Respect = Honest communication. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A2 Candidates should expect Employers will listen, answer Qs, share the back story, set expectations and deliver on them. #TchatGerry Crispin
A2 With all the avenues open to companies to interact with interested cands – there is no excuse really… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A1: Answer hinges on definition of “starts” — i.e., all 8 cylinders, or first spark? #TChatBrent Skinner
A2: Set the expectations of what the time frame will be and if the process is taking longer, follow up to let them know that. #tchatEmilie Mecklenborg
A2: Good customer service doesn’t have to include unicorns and rainbows — just give it to me straight, baby. #tchatKevin W. Grossman
A2: treat each person like a potential brand ambassador. If they don’t have a good exp = neg brand press #tchatPlatinum Resource
“@ImSoSarah: A2 – It is SO simple to have auto responses go out… Most actually do, but from a “do not reply” address. =poor exp. #tchat”elaineorler
A2: Be timely. I once got a rejection letter 18 months after I graduated college for an internship my jr year #tchatSarah White
@EmilieMeck A2 So disrespectful to not give prompt feedback to applicant ~ even if it is ~ we are still deciding ~ #tchatCASUDI
A2: Candidates are underwhelmed by silence as recruiters are overwhelmed by candidates. #TChatMark Stelzner
Goes both ways MT @JoshInHR A2: Honest and transparent communication about the real responsibilities of the position, the culture #tchat”Garret Meikle
TRUTH>> @stelzner: A2: Candidates are underwhelmed by silence as recruiters are overwhelmed by candidates. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
Ohh my fav quest Q3: Why does it still 50+ clicks to apply online? And does that really prevent candidates from becoming customers? #tchatSarah White
Fact: #Tchat A3 The more clicks, the less likely someone will complete the application process.Cyndy Trivella
A3: Most recruiting management buys a vanilla package and is oblivious to the complexity handed a job seeker.#TChatTom Bolt
A3: Part1: Inefficient job boards that link jobs from aggregators who link from other boards, and so on – an endless chain. #tchatJoshua Barger
#Tchat A3 Companies should know-their next best candidate is already their customer. Treat both well.#NoSmallFireHoopsCyndy Trivella
A3 no valid reason. Should be 1-click #tchatJerome Ternynck
A3: Fm my last blog post: Recruiters need to apply to their own jobs to know what job seekers go through!!! #TChatTom Bolt
A3: Can we say……Dinosaur Ages? :) We need even more robust #HRTech !!! and now. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A3. It seems as if the application process was developed to test a candid
ates patience! #TChatInsperity Careers
A2: Baseline, the hiring org owes potentially good-fit #jobseekers respect & attention. Attention = #engagement #TChatBrent Skinner
A3: Part 2: Longer redundant application processes courtesy of your ATS. The more roadblocks, the higher drop off % by candidates #tchatJoshua Barger
A3: If the user experience is engaging…& there’s value to user at end…# of clicks becomes irrelevant. #tchatsamfiorella
A3 With all the tools available to streamline approach – it is sooo 1990’s… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A3: You mean, companies don’t create ridiculous submittal processes on purpose to scare away the riff-raff? #TchatStephen Van Vreede
A3 – I’m repeating because its important – if you take more than 5 clicks (or 10 minutes) to apply, your process is broken #tchatSarah White
A3: Just applied at Linkedin with “Apply for this job at Linkedin”. Just a couple of clicks #tchatMarcio Saito
A3 : Every extra click is 5-10% of candidates lost #tchatJerome Ternynck
A3: yes and no, some comp are so large it’s difficult NOT to be customers, hence the overly through application process #tchatPlatinum Resource
A3: No EXCUSE for a poorly thought out career site…..Market is too competitive for this. Should be 1-3 clicks. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A3: Worse than 50+ clicks: Positioning of “Careers” link on home page is a key to importance. Is it hidden from view or easy to find? #TChatTom Bolt
A3 So would that an indication of what it would be like to work for that organization > Layers and layers of muck… #tchatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3: If it takes 50+ clicks, then how good will experience be after the clicking is done? Not a good cultural indicator! #TChatJon M
A3: Inefficient application process is a roadblock–integrating & simplifying the process gives access to great passive candidates #tchatWork4 Labs
Focus should not be on candidates becoming customers. Complicated process is a reflection on your company, not on candidate. #TChat A3Lois Martin
A3: I think firms use that to ‘filter out’ the ‘less committed’ applicants. If applying is so miserable-what’s it like to work there? #tchatRob McGahen
A3: The first experience with your firm should be one that inspires not frustrates. If you make it too difficult, wrong impression #tchatJen Olney
A3: Because recruiting isn’t run by marketing and the “buy” is bigger than a product. #TChatMark Stelzner
A3: traditional Application Form convert 20% of applicants #tchatJerome Ternynck
A3) Everyone should just use that Apply with Linkedin. One Click. Done! Don’t make people type in phone numbers. Crazy. #tchatBill Cushard
A3: If I have to leap over mountains to apply, I’m saving my energy for more efficient companies. #tchatRob McGahen
A3 – 50 clicks & you still go into the black hole? that’s not very respectful of the candidate experience. #TChatSylvia Dahlby
A3 – most of the time 50 clicks is a clue that rrecruiting is not in charge of hiring (Gen Counsel, Web team probably are…) #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A3: complexity filters out the best candidates #tchatJerome Ternynck
A3: In mfg environments, many applicants still don’t use resumes so the “resume substitute” OLA is needed to gather screening info #tchatKathy Herndon, GPHR
A3: Brutal candidate experience: time waste, blackhole, non-communicative, unapplicable, no/late response #tchatRayanne
A3: Lack of openness by the ATS vendors. There are third party solutions to streamline the app process – but they remain closed off #tchatJoshua Barger
A2 Candidates should have a clear understanding of the interview & selection process. Why? Time & effort is being spent on both ends #tchatJanine Truitt
agree! all good ATS need this function – @billcush re: A3) Everyone should just use that Apply with Linkedin. One Click. Done! #TChatSylvia Dahlby
A3: bigger issue is ATS setups and phantom requirements that cause so many #resumes to get booted and no notification to candidate #TchatStephen Van Vreede
right — not frozen-in-time interaction MRT @prgwest A2 treat each person like potential brand ambassador. bad exp = neg brand press #tchatBrent Skinner
A3. The lengthy process can create application drop-off & no loyalty there #tchatAnita
@jerometernynck A3 I’d say stupid complexity filters out / deletes the best candidates #tchatCASUDI
A3 Actually there is NO REASON ever for 50 clicks…should be like going down a slide at the playground…swoosh! #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A3 If you want top talent – it’s a good idea to try to attract – and at least retain top talent through the application process. #tchatMarla Gottschalk PhD
@ITtechExec A3: bigger issue is ATS setups & phantom requirements that cause #resumes to get booted and no notification to candidate #tchatSheree Van Vreede
A3: Frankly, when I was looking for a job & saw a Taleo app..I moved on to the next thing. It’s faster to hand-write a new resume. #tchatBill Cushard
A3. Definitely. CUX is one important element of the cand XP. Filling the ATS with profiles vs Nudging cand for going further.. #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A3: Of course, it still is & always will be a numbers game % % % #TChatSean Charles
A3 – Also, your ATS should be smart enough to TOTALLY parse a resume or use a linked profile to fill out the info you need. #tchatSarah White
A3. Everyone should just use “Apply with LinkedIn” — Simple & Easy. #tchatAnita
@MRGottschalk A3 So what U say ~ is make a the application an effecient, enjoyable, engaging process. #tchatCASUDI
A3 – This is one of the reasons that only 4% of visitors ever click anything at a Career page… #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A3. It also brings us to the question of ATS uses… #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A3: And for Pete’s Sake…don’t say to a candidate, “I’m looking at your Linkedin profile, could you please send me your resume? Geez #tchatBill Cushard
A3. Companies should definitely have their recruiters apply via their careers site so they have insight of how candidates feel. #TChatInsperity Careers
A3: Don’t forget Facebook. Official @SmartRecruiters stats : Apply with LinkedIn (60%) – Apply with Facebook (40%) #tchatJerome Ternynck
UNacceptable @TalentCulture @SylvieDahl A3 50 clicks still go into the black hole? thats not very respectful of candidate experience. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A3: Ideal Process = Apply with Fb/LN + Load Resume (if social profile incomplete) + 140 character Cover message > done #tchatJerome Ternynck
A3) Great question..As a former job seeker, it absolutely causes dropoff. Why waste that time when you likely won’t get any response? #tchatAutumn McReynolds
MT @AutumnMcRey A3) As a former job seeker, it absolutely causes dropoff. Why waste that time when you likely won’t get any response? #tchatTalentCulture
A3: Too many clicks is indicator of lazy process…dehumanized system letting machine do it all #TChatTom Bolt
A3. Never been a fan of a clunky process to weed out the unmotivated. Seems it has opposite result: losing the talented ones #tchatChris Jones
A3: 50+ clicks should only be used if you want to check a candidate’s persistence and resiliency. #TChatJon M
A3 No question that HR and recruiting add to the form aspect of the process…web team can bury the process – legal can gum it up…. #tchatKC @Upwardly.Me
A3: It does b/c of entrenched #hrtech – cost-prohibitive to neutralize inertia & yes, it hurts customer #brand. #TChatBrent Skinner
A3 It should take a candidate less than 5 min to apply on your site or merely leave some info. Anything else and you have lost t
hem #tchatJanine Truitt
A3: You know, I changed my mind. 50 clicks is better. Shows how committed a candidate is to working here. I like that. #tchatBill Cushard
A3: Gamification of the application process. Make it fun to apply. #TChatSean Charles
A3: While we’re at it…how about 58 clicks on the online application? #tchatBill Cushard
A3 Applying shouldn’t be like applying for citzenship. It should be quick, painless, and intuitive. #tchatJanine Truitt
A3 Any process should be beta tested by “users” – I’d want to know how my organization looks – #tchatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3. The ATS should be a tool for recruiting, it shouldn’t do a recruiters job. there’s no need for 50+ clicks. #TChatInsperity Careers
A3: Top recruiters don’t send their top candidate to the ATS. They’re too afraid to loose them. #tchatJerome Ternynck
A3: the core issue is ATS are designed to automate a process. But recruiting isn’t a process. It’s a social encounter. #tchatJerome Ternynck
“@jerometernynck: A3: Top recruiters don’t send their top candidate to the ATS. They’re too afraid to loose them. #tchat”Lilian Mahoukou
Next one! Q4: Managing experience for few positions is one thing, but how does HR/recruiting leadership best scale to thousands? #tchatSarah White
A4: Unfortunate reality: it doesn’t scale to thousands. High touch for those interviewed and acknowledgement of others. #TChatTom Bolt
A4: If you need to scale to the thousands, you need some more HR peeps! #tchatRob McGahen
#Tchat A4 Companies can outsource recruiting when it’s high-volume. Better 2 do this versus letting 1000’s of resumes sit in ATS untouched.Cyndy Trivella
A4: First and foremost, consistency of message and processes, from the top down – regardless of staff size #tchatJoshua Barger
A4. Make the process seamless. There should be platforms for candidates to ask questions if they need to. #TChatInsperity Careers
A4: Scaling HR to thousands? Hire outside firm to manage it. #tchatsamfiorella
A3 Very few ATS vendors have been able to integrate a parsing tool with 90-100% accuracy. This equals more work for the candidate #tchatJanine Truitt
A4: ATS should include notification functionality – click of a button. #tchatKathy Herndon, GPHR
A4: On that level, you need to use tools, no recruiter can stay on top of that volume. #BrightJobs
A4: Consistency is key with equal treatment for all. High rollers will get massaged more but EVERY applicant is important.#TChatTom Bolt
A4: I haven’t seen it scale well very often, just becomes rush to fill openings, not attract real talent #TchatStephen Van Vreede
@ImSoSarah A4: With @SmartRecruiters #Tchat ;-)SmartRecruiters
A4 Do any companies (first stage of scale) do a peer review of candidates ~ or is this totally crazy? @MeghanMBiro #tchatCASUDI
A4: Technology is key to facilitate collaboration and communication. #tchatJerome Ternynck
A4. Automation required, fewest document touches & clicks possible. Shift focus to exceptions, true talent, “winning” top candidates #tchatChris Jones
A4: Quad Graphics model. Recruit talent w/o consideration for position, train extensively in all areas, promote as needed #TchatStephen Van Vreede
A4: Social collaboration brings transparency and drives better behaviors #tchatJerome Ternynck
@ITtechExec A4: Quad Graphics model. Recruit talent w/o consideration for position, train extensively in all areas, promote as needed #tchatSheree Van Vreede
We like this :) Tell us more @sourcePOV: A4 .. hey, channeling my inner IT guy, couldnt help myself .. #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A4. Anyone heard of @HireArt? They screen candidates through video and questionnaires. Looks interesting #tchatAnita
A4) A solid strategy and the RIGHT mix of technology – not just tech for tech’s sake. #tchatAutumn McReynolds
A4: ATS designed to make recruiters life easier? I don’t think so. #tchatJerome Ternynck
@PRGWest @rmcgahen no more people typically needed – just using your tech and resources smart #tchat a4Sarah White
A4) I’m all for self-screening out if it gives an unqualified candidate that 1 hour of their life back. #TchatKarleen Harp
A4: Talent networks and communities. With welcome mats and open doors. #tchatKevin W. Grossman
A4 Define core talent quals that are sought. Teach a common standard for evaluating candidates; what is assessed? #tchatJoe Sanchez
A4: Global social internal & external communications with entire network in the cloud #TChatSean Charles
@CzarinaofHR A4 You can have best ATS. If your workload is off the hook it becomes much more about filling jobs than quality. #tchatSheree Van Vreede
A4: Most ATS were designed in late 90s…. #harschreality #tchatJerome Ternynck
A4: Concept of entropy applies: Scaling up recruiting requires ever greater audit investment to ensure system doesn’t break down #TchatGerry Crispin
A4 – the more senior the position, the more human touch has to be included. ATS necessary to screen frontline and mid-level positions #tchatRichard S Pearson
YUP or they are social “hybrids” and not complete yet @jerometernynck: A4: Most ATS were designed in late 90s…. #harschreality #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A5: Company [recruiting] brand is on the line. Assisting those hit by downsizing gives a sense of caring.#TChatTom Bolt
@imsosarah A4: up to a certain extent, but the greatest resource is still a human. can’t keep pushing 2+ roles on 1 person #tchatPlatinum Resource
A4: Sorry to answer question w/the $100K question, but how do you scale & remain respectful, interactive, sticky? #TChatBrent Skinner
FINAL Question > ‏@ImSoSarah Q5: How does outplacement handling affect candidate experience on the back end going forward? #TChatMeghan M. Biro
A5: Personal compliment but slam at company: I was told my help in outplacement was best he had ever been treated by co. Sad! #TChatTom Bolt
A5: start to finish, employees should be treated w/ respect. They are the ones making you money! pay it forward & help them add value #tchatPlatinum Resource
A5: Whether they’re a returning customer or not — or a referring one. #tchatKevin W. Grossman
A5 do you mean how does it affect the candidate who was just “outplaced” and their experience going forward? #TchatPam Ross
A5: All most care about is the commission check. Smart ones maintain a relationship to enhance their brand. #tchatRob McGahen
A5: Nobody cares more about your company and the talent it hires than you – if you want something done right, do it yourself! #tchatDebbye Knauff
A5) Outplacement is your last opportunity to leave an impression on your talent – good or bad. It’s what they will remember. #TchatKarleen Harp
A5: UGH! Outsourced firms have prepared some of worst #resumes for candidates I have ever seen. It’s negative experience all round #TchatStephen Van Vreede
A5: Dignity and respect are vital, a genuine provision of support and what they need goes a long way in a very emotional time #tchatJoshua Barger
A5: GREAT question: Again, respect is in order. In current economic environment lots of good talent gets laid off. #TChatBrent Skinner