The Brand Building Bird Named Twitter

Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite, offered a really insightful Twitter job search tip about Twitter, stating, “It’s not the individual Tweet that attracts the employer, but your cumulative presence on Twitter.”  He went on to say that Twitter is not just a broadcast tool for self-promotion and short-term job searching, but also an opportunity for long-lasting brand building and development through conversation and community engagement.

There are many things that you can do to begin building a truly meaningful presence on Twitter so not only to enhance your brand for your job search, but also for the rest of your career.  Here are just some of the top ones to get you started:

Use a memorable name. Make your “Twitter Handle” your full name or company name.  People will come to associate your Twitter handle with YOU and your work, make it count. – T.C. Coleman, @UpwardAction

Don’t forget your profile. Precisely fill out your information so potential employers know who you are and what you’re looking for.  For more depth into your background, be sure to include links to your LinkedIn, blog or other professional networking sites on your Twitter.  – Heather Huhman, @ComeRecommended

Craft a Twitter background. Complete your brand identity with a background that resembles the colors, format and logo from your personal website, if you have one.  If not, choose colors and graphics (if relevant) that support the brand you seek to create.  Then, add in additional information that isn’t covered in your Twitter profile, but is relevant to your expertise and job search, such as pointers to more websites or contact information. – Betsy Richards, @erichards24

Share relevant, applicable and interesting content. “Listeners” are interested in following individuals from whom they can learn, grow and share. – Justin Honaman, @jhonaman

Show your expertise. You can differentiate yourself by showing your expertise – HOW you are different. Many if not most of your tweets if you are just starting up should be links to news articles in your field. Use #hashtags to help people find them. – Maryanne Conlin, @mcmilker

Twitter works best when used conversationally. Many people get on Twitter and just promote themselves, and wonder why they don’t have any responses.  If Twitter is a party, than Tweeting only about you is like standing in the middle of the room shouting your ideas.  Find people and retweet what they’re saying or reply if they post something you find interesting.  The more you get involved in conversations, the more fun the party is. – Jennifer Turner, @Talagy

Create value. Beyond simply linking your followers to others’ content, begin thinking about how you can create content to help your community or industry.  Start a blog and tweet your advice, tips or insights.  Use Twitter’s list feature to create a group of the industry’s top experts and thought leaders and share that with your community.  This will undoubtedly build your brand and help you as you pursue opportunities throughout your career. – Chris Perry, @CareerRocketeer

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this wealth of personal branding insight!

Chris Perry, MBA is a Gen Y brand and marketing generator, a career search and personal branding expert and the founder of Career Rocketeer, Launchpad, Blogaristo and more.

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