#WorkTrends Preview: Focus on Workplace Intelligence

#WorkTrends Preview: Focus on Workplace Intelligence

Even if you are new to HR, you are probably dealing with an alphabet soup swirl of terms in your head, especially the ones involving “Q.” There’s IQ (intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence), and LQ (leadership intelligence).

None of those terms by themselves can capture the qualities that make a workplace functional, productive, and–dare we say it?–happy.

Enter WQ (Workplace Intelligence), the art of creating a better experience at work that drives tangible business results.

Mark Babbitt and Shawn Murphy, today’s guests, analyzed research about human performance and the workplace to define the seven Workplace Intelligence components.

They’ll be the first to tell you that no workplace ever achieves a perfect balance of all seven components at once, but knowing what the goal is helps everyone in an organization, and especially the leadership, have a specific goal to which they can aspire.

This #WorkTrends chat will introduce the seven components of Workplace Intelligence and explain how to craft a plan to work toward a happier, more productive organization.

Since it can be challenging to talk extensively about all seven components in a half hour, we plan to focus a bit more on community building and social intelligence.

Join #WorkTrends host Meghan R. Biro and guests Mark Babbitt, President at WorqIQ and YouTern CIO, and guest Shawn Murphy, also of WorqIQ, on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at 1 pm ET as they discuss how companies can work toward blending the seven components of workplace intelligence and reap benefits as a result. .

Focus on Workplace Intelligence

WorkTrends Preview: Focus on Workplace IntelligenceJoin Mark and Shawn on our LIVE online podcast Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 1 pm ET | 10 am PT.

Immediately following the podcast, the team invites the TalentCulture community over to the #WorkTrends Twitter stream to continue the discussion. We encourage everyone with a Twitter account to participate as we gather for a live chat, focused on these related questions:

Q1: How does knowing the current level of Workplace Intelligence build a great culture? #WorkTrends (Tweet this question).

Q2: What initial steps can a company take to improve their WQ?  #WorkTrends (Tweet this question).

Q3: How can employees and managers create a viral and unique WQ?#WorkTrends (Tweet this question).

Don’t want to wait until next Wednesday to join the conversation? You don’t have to. I invite you to check out the #WorkTrends Twitter feed and our TalentCulture World of Work Community LinkedIn group. Share your questions, ideas and opinions with our awesome community.

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