Articles by Ruchi Gupta

Interview Tips: Ask a Question and Bag a Job

Bagging a job, especially a dream job can be quite the sweat dropping experience in the present times. The key here is to have an excellent interviewing session with the employer that will put you in a promising and employable position. If possible, plan out the interaction in your head and go over it a […]

Using Social Media To Get Promoted

You have created a great blog and published it on your website. But, unfortunately only your relatives visited your blog and appreciated and you did not get any response from other persons. If you want to promote your blog  you have to be very tactical on using the social media. You have to spend a […]

10 Tips To Forge A Successful Career

No one’s career path is ever a straight road. Invariably we all experience some more windy routes along the way. That doesn’t mean, however, that one can’t make a plan to help you go in broadly the right direction. Here Are 10 Can’t-Miss Tips To Help Your Career Planning: First, know yourself; then after explore towards different career options […]