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Our Brand Story

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What began in 2008 in a space where social media wasn’t at the forefront of connection quite yet, was a blooming community of talent experts. Meghan M. Biro found her passion and voice leading the way for HR and Tech leaders in a burgeoning space on Twitter chats. An information-thirsty market responded and thirteen years later, with over half a million community members, TalentCulture has grown into a powerhouse of resources designed to educate and advance.

Our community members engage with us, seeking insight, human connection, and empowerment. We’re proud to be the conduit connecting thought leaders and visionaries with those seeking growth and advancement. Today, TalentCulture leads the way to inform on the topics and discussions that matter most to our content consumers and members.


We bring the most relevant content and conversations to the forefront of a connected community in the HR, tech talent, and human-driven workforce.


To advance thinking on the future of work, and grow the human connection through education, leadership, inspiration, and sharing of timely information.

Brand Promise

Offering the best community for connection and learning.

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