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About the TalentCulture Community

We are committed to innovation, collaboration and a desire to enhance the workplace. At TalentCulture, community participants share ideas and offer peer support through engaging digital forums, dynamic interest groups and empowering articles and content.

We are a community of HR, HR tech practitioners and business leaders who see the links between talent, culture, tech and workplace energy. These energies drive our vibrant, open, online community of 500,000+ (and growing) community members, website visitors, social followers and subscribers. 

Since 2008, we’ve been connecting and engaging professionals who want to understand and shape the human aspects of business while incorporating the best of HR tech.

Join thousands of professionals around the globe who look at the meaning of work with independent eyes and a lively exchange of ideas and conversation.

Empowerment through community

TalentCulture is home to dynamic online content, including articles, webinars, virtual events, podcasts, Twitter chats, eBooks and guides. Our contributors include some of the most innovative minds in the business, digital, technology and HR worlds. You’ll benefit from compelling commentary and resources on the most relevant topics and news in our space, from leadership development and career strategy to workplace culture and innovation, talent management and HR technology.

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