#WorkTrends: The Future of HR Tech

#WorkTrends: The Future of HR Tech

Technology is disrupting everything, and HR is no exception. The tools and platforms available for today’s HR teams are light-years ahead of what we worked with 10 years ago. What does this new tech mean for recruitment, talent management and other HR functions? I...

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#WorkTrends: What Modern HR Looks Like

HR is undergoing a transformation. In fact, the very definition of HR is changing. But is that good or bad, and how will these changes affect you? Keep reading to discover what’s on the horizon for the HR profession. This week on #WorkTrends, we’re talking to Dawn...

How to Use Informal Learning to Empower Employees

Remember that great day of in-house, instructor-led training last month? Nope, I don’t remember it either because it didn’t happen! As L&D professionals know, training budgets in recent years have been slashed and the hours previously spent in seminars, workshops and...

How to Bounce Back from a Big Mistake at Work

It’s human to make mistakes — after all, no one is perfect. However, errors in the workplace can feel ominous. If you break your mother’s favorite vase, she’s still going to love you. If you wreck your spouse’s car, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up in divorce court....

What You Need to Know About Global Mobility

When an employee at your organization moves to a new location, what has to happen behind the scenes? What paperwork has to be approved before they move? How does your organization help the employee find the right place to live? How do they book a moving truck? And...

Senior Providers Network: Caregiving Is An Employer Issue

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