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Innovation and Technology: The Irreplaceable Human Factor

Innovation is more than just a buzzword today — it’s everything. If organizations aren’t considered innovative, they’re deemed also-rans. The problem with this mindset? Innovation is often equated with the newest forms of technology, as if innovation can’t happen...

What Soft Skills Do Employers Want?

Most jobs have specific requirements. But beyond technical skills, employees also need more general soft skills to get the job done. According to the Job Outlook 2018 Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, problem-solving skills and the ability...

What I Learned About Culture from the ExponentHR Team

There’s nothing I love more than nerding out over HR tech and culture. I love seeing demos, hearing about new features and dreaming about where work is going. But as much as I love technology and the HR tech industry, there’s one word I don’t often associate with tech...

#WorkTrends: Onboarding Is the New Black

It’s your first day at a new job. You’re excited and nervous, but ready to do great work. You show up at your new office and find… chaos. Or worse, no one’s there to greet you. You’re confused and unsure, and then you spend your first day waiting around and filling...

Senior Providers Network: Caregiving Is An Employer Issue

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