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Meghan M. Biro

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Meghan M. Biro

Sponsored by FirstUp The journey of a customer is crucial for any business. It’s a given, right? Happy customers equal growth and drive revenue and profitability. But so often, we neglect to consider the people behind it. The employee experience plays a significant role in the sustainability of an organization,...

#WorkTrends Podcast

#WorkTrends Podcast

#WorkTrends consistently ranks as a top 6%-7% podcast globally for downloads
within the first seven days of a new episode release.
– Buzzsprout April 2023

About the host, Meghan M. Biro

CEO of TalentCulture, Meghan M. Biro, hosts the podcast. On every episode, Meghan brings the full force of her insight as a talent management visionary, workforce innovator, digital catalyst, and respected podcaster. Episodes are an inviting, fun fireside chat with insightful guests who share the mission of humanizing work. Meghan’s warmth and humanity combined with her depth of experience with global brands such as SAP, ADP, Workhuman, and Microsoft bring out the best in guests as they discuss engaging the human connection for the betterment of work.

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Humanizing Work

Welcome to the #WorkTrends podcast, where we cut past the clutter to ensure humanity is central to the work experience. In the crowded space of HR and HR Tech Marketing, it’s never been more important to stay up-to-date and set your brand apart as an innovative and mindful leader in the space — which is why we hope you’ll join us as a guest on the show.

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It’s a glimpse into the future of work, happening now, with an emphasis on recruiting to retain and fostering all forms of well-being. From the latest strategies for making employees comfortable during remote job interviews to current research on DEI and mental health to AI and self-directed learning, you’ll walk away with a list of best practices to keep up with the latest workplace news. Together, the voices of the #WorkTrends podcast help companies realize the human side of their business to work in alignment with their greatest asset: their employees.

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