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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions​

If you’re eager to learn about TalentCulture, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is in the TalentCulture Community audience?

Most of our 500,000+ audience members work in Human Resources. 71% of the audience are at a minimum director level in their profession, 83% of audience members have a minimum of 10 years of experience, and 65% have a minimum of 20 years of experience. 75% of the TalentCulture audience is in North America, with approximately 25% of the audience in Australia, Western Europe, and India. The majority of the audience falls within the age range of 19 – 65 years, with (approximately) 51% being female and 49% male. Size-wise, 75% of the companies in the TalentCulture Community are enterprise-sized organizations.

TalentCulture has produced over 900 podcasts since 2009. An interesting fact about #WorkTrends is that it’s the oldest running podcast in the HR and HR Tech space. Because of the high-quality topics,  excellent guests, and loyal following, #WorkTrends has been designated as a top 6% – 7% globally downloaded podcast with a global reach of over 1 billion listeners. Our sponsors and advertisers are assured of reaching a big audience and receiving an ROI on their investment. 

The TalentCulture blog is among the most-read HR and HR Tech resources. As of January 2024, TalentCulture hosts over 6,000 articles on various world-of-work topics by some of the best minds in the workplace. The quality of our content is recognized by organizations around the globe and read by many employees, including many employed in Fortune 500 organizations. We also pride ourselves on ensuring our content is not only highly rich but also keyword-rich, well-formatted, and compliant with any and all guidelines as prescribed by Google, so the articles index high in the rankings. We then promote the articles to our social media audience and newsletter readers to ensure we give our sponsors as much exposure as possible to the TalentCulture Community. 

Our program is not one where we randomly contact brands to announce they won an award of recognition; tech companies contact us to inquire about their eligibility. To begin, we must first know and understand the technology that the company has built, so they must conduct a private demonstration of their product. Once completed and when the information is publicly available, we visit review sites such as G2 and Glassdoor to learn more about what customers and employees say about them as an organization. If all is good, we contact the tech provider to invite them to join our illustrious list of winners with the understanding that an annual membership fee is required. The fee covers the time and effort our marketing and social media teams need to gather the tech providers’ assets, properly stage them on the TalentCulture site, and promote the winners for the next 12 months of their membership. Unlike many others in our space that host technology awards, we develop promotional strategies around each winner to ensure the TalentCulture Community and beyond know the tech winners. 

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