Articles by Dana Reeves

Meetings: A Snapshot of Your Organization's Culture

Meetings are cultural artifacts that give us a snapshot about how people in the organization relate to each other. They tell us all we need to know about power and authority, decision-making, communication patterns, and the way people relate to each other. Meeting rooms containing long narrow tables where the leader sits at the head, […]

A Beginner's Guide To The HR Tech Conference

The HR Technology Conference and Exposition (also know as HR Technology® or just ‘HR Tech’) is the world’s biggest and best conference on HR technology. Launched 17 years ago, the focus of HR Technology® is the business process and organizational success enabled by technology. This year’s event is expected to attract a whopping 4000 hr pros, […]

Future of Workplace PC's – How Are They Evolving

It may seem like computers have been in the workplace for a long time, but they have not. There was a time not so long ago when the office desk was not dominated by a big computer. While offices filled with computers did become commonplace, there is another change going on. Offices are getting smaller […]

HR Tech Providers: It's Time to Become Partners in Compliance

It’s been quite a year for employment law. We’ve seen minimum wage increases, Affordable Care Act implementations, the legalization of marijuana, and the more recent and anticipated announcement by the Department of Labor regarding overtime exemption. Not to mention rulings and regulations that, while not directly related to employment law, will affect HR strategy and […]

3 Steps To Build A "DAZZLE" Culture

Satisfying your customers isn’t good enough in today’s competitive markets. Meeting their needs falls short of earning their loyalty. You need to dazzle them; leave them “breathless” whenever they touch your organization. The challenge is to build an organizational culture that serves the customer in every way. Not one that pushes products and services at […]

Employee Rewards: Don't Feed To Please

Why Using Food For Employee Rewards And Recognition Is A Bad Idea At one point in your work life, you’ve been offered food by your employer. Food is a go-to for recognizing and rewarding employees. Whether it’s donuts in the morning, a pizza lunch, ice cream snacks or some other incarnation, food is one of the ways […]

Why We Don't Need To Reinvent The ATS

There are a lot of opinions, many conflicting, on how recruiting technology can help us innovate; how we find, attract, engage and nurture candidates in the recruiting process. One idea I hear a lot is that we need to reinvent the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Make it more about relationships and less about process flows. Improve […]

Help! My New Hire is Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Remember a short while ago when you were beyond happy that the stellar candidate you interviewed, let’s call him Henry Jekyll, accepted your offer of employment? A month or two has passed since Henry started his employment and now, you are scratching your head wondering where the person you interview is and feeling like Edward […]

At The Crossroads: Where Instinct & Analytics Meet

Sometimes you read a white paper and think, “That was really interesting. I DO need to think more about targeted learning plans.” And sometimes you see an infographic and suddenly realize that, of course feedback-rich technologies can better support employee engagement! And then sometimes you read a blog post and you think about Delta Blues. […]

Ditching Your ATS? You’re Not Alone

Having been in the HR tech business for a number of years, I have spoken with countless HR and recruiting experts about their technology moves. As applicant tracking systems have grown in popularity over the last several years, larger companies are looking for new, more effective software and smaller companies are looking to make their first ATS […]

The Art & Science Of Acing The Phone Screen

“In every interview I have ever read or seen or taken part in, the final question in our future-oriented society is always, what next?” – Jessica Savitch Few parts of the slow and dreaded hiring process are as misunderstood as the phone screen. Ask ten people how to play it and you will get ten different […]

Cover Letters: Necessary or Not, Here's How They're Done

Cover letters, are they necessary? Applicants don’t know. Recruiters don’t care. And leaders? Well, leaders seem to be divided on the issue. But let’s assume for a moment that you should, in any position for which you are applying, include a cover letter. If it IS read by your future boss, what should it say? […]