Articles by Eric Vidal

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Hiring Process

As artificial intelligence evolves, we’re going to increasingly rely on it for boosting the hiring process. In Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, author Max Tegmark asserts that the “rise of AI has the potential to transform our future more than any other technology.” So it is, as we already see […]

Down with the Desk: How Enterprise Mobility is Reshaping the Office

If you had asked most people at the turn of the millennium what the next 20 years would bring as technology evolved, most assumed that we would be zipping around in flying cars by 2017. They envisioned that we would float to our offices in human-size vacuum transit tubes—like checks entering a bank—unlock our offices […]

Have a Multigenerational Workforce? Collaboration Tech is the Key to Success

Collaboration tech is making waves this year, allowing teams to be more efficient by streamlining workflows and more connected by facilitating comradery both on and off line. Collaboration platforms aren’t just for those uber-techy, ever-mobile, digital-loving Millennials, though. In fact, that’s the point here: Collaboration tech brings generations of workers together on common ground, giving them the […]

How Data is Driving Employee Burnout—and What to Do About It

Big data has gone from buzzword to business staple, affecting everything from how companies recruit and hire to how employees perform core functions in the workplace. It’s indisputable modern tech has infiltrated work habits and boosted the potential for team productivity; nowhere is this observation more evident than in employees’ usage of mobile devices both […]

Tech Trends: A Look at What’s Ahead for HR Tech

Technology touches everything in our lives today, changing both how we consume and how we work. Our team, for example, recently began to experiment with Cisco Spark, a cloud-based collaboration platform that incorporates file sharing, phone calls, team messaging, video chats, and more. That’s just one example of stakeholders leveraging tech tools to become more […]

How Collaboration Tech is Changing Everything about the Business of HR

It’s no secret technology has changed the HR industry. HR tech trends for 2017, in fact, include people data collection turning more to predictive analytics, and the line between marketing and HR blurring when it comes to prioritizing the employee experience—and that’s just for starters. One key shift changing everything about the business of HR […]