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Is The Phone Screen Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

The phone screen age has been decades-long, but recent research suggests that now may be the age of the video interview. More than 60 percent of companies are currently using video interviews to screen candidates. This is especially important when you consider the findings of a recent survey conducted by Software Advice that suggests candidates […]

Connecting Your Employer Brand And Candidate Experience

Look around you, managers, and what do you see? My guess: disengaged employees with Zombie stares, some with the sour look of the disappointed, a few with the overly positive, can-do smile, trying desperately to make things work. Why is this happening? A lot of this is the fault of a poor connection between managers […]

There IS A War For Talent In 2015

Are you ready for a wild ride? 2015 is here, and it is going to be one of the best years we have seen in recruiting since 1999. Yes, consumer confidence is up and unemployment is the lowest we have seen it in years. Do you have the recruitment professionals in place to take advantage […]

Be Real, Have Fun: Advice From 30 Years In HR

My name is Tim Collins, and I’m delighted to be a new TalentCulture contributor. I’ve been a business guy doing HR work for more than 30 years, including 19 years at Procter & Gamble and 11 years at IBM, two great companies (clearly, I love blue logos); I retired from the latter at the end […]

#TChat Preview: How To Become Workplace Fascinating

The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, from 7-8 pm ET (4-5 pm PT). The #TChat radio portion runs the first 30 minutes from 7-7:30 pm ET, followed by the #TChat Twitter chat from 7:30-8 pm ET. Last week we talked about whether or not HR should be split into two […]

Care About Employees, But Be Careful

I have conducted a number of management training programs in which I have asked managers what they think employees expect of them. Among the most common answers: respect, recognition, consistency, fairness and open communication. All of these are necessary. But they are not sufficient. Less frequently raised is the reality that employees want to know […]

5 Tips For Effective Multigenerational Employee Recognition

Here’s a surprise about managing multigenerational workforces: when it comes to being recognized for their hard work, the “generations” are remarkably similar. A 2013 O.C. Tanner Institute global research study found that all employees, regardless of age, are far more engaged, driven and connected to the company when they’re recognized for their contributions. They have […]

5 Key Recruitment Trends For 2015

Widening gaps between demand and supply of skilled workers mean that recruitment will see a more competitive hiring and spending environment in 2015. In the coming year, 69% of recruiters expect to see competition increase. In the face of more challenging recruitment, what trends do recruiters need to keep up with to ensure successful sourcing […]

Creating Happier, Engaged Workplaces: A Conversation

Sadly, feeling disconnected from our work is not a rarity — and for all the attention focused upon the issue, progress has eluded us. To solve the greater work-life-happiness dilemma, it is becoming clear that we need to implement swift, concrete changes in the way we work. The construct of engagement, for example, has served […]

5 Tips To Overcome Being Overwhelmed At Work

Work stresses people out. In fact, 1 million Americans call in sick over stress every day and 25% say work is the most stressful thing in their lives. The volume of work, urgency of quarter or year end, competing demands and the need to succeed can merge into a sensation of being overwhelmed. When we’re […]

Legal Hangovers After The Holiday Party

Every January, after the holiday season, I receive at least a half-dozen calls from clients whose employees have raised, formally and informally, complaints about conduct occurring during the holiday party. Can all risks be avoided? Of course not. But the legal and employee relations risks can be minimized if you follow these 7 recommendations: 1. […]

Secret Santa: Background Checks & Holiday Temp Workers

Perhaps it’s because I work in the HR space? I don’t know, but I just can’t help it. I know in so many ways the holiday season is about suspending belief, even magic. Particularly if you have children, this is critical. But the truth is, when I see Santa up on his throne at the […]

Culture as a Competitive Advantage

A high-performing culture starts with a culture of learning and development. I know what you are thinking: culture is complex. I am speaking of high-performing results. A company that sets out to entice employees with flexibility, comfort, beverage bars and all that we have seen in new culture practices will struggle for long-term success. Be […]

Being Great Means Being Grateful

It’s Friday and you’ve probably had a long week and a long day. Maybe you’re ready to call it a week or you’re bogged down in how much work you’re going to take home for the weekend. Either way, NOW is the perfect time to experience gratitude. It’s the ultimate win/win: we feel great when […]

3 Ways To Future-Proof Your Career

A realization that we haven’t made the smartest of career moves might have dawned on many of us when reading the news this week. Experts have predicted that 10 million British jobs — which equates to one in three roles — could be taken over by computers and robots. Whilst honing our skills to make […]

How To Positively Impact Other People

“When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.” — Chinese Proverb Do you find that your life is busier than it’s ever been before? You’re taking on projects, going more places and meeting the people, and trying to get more done than ever before? You know that you’re not taking time for yourself, but […]

Be Fearless About Feedback

Over 70% of employees think their performance would improve with more feedback and the vast majority say that recognition is more rewarding than cash. This presents a tremendous opportunity for both managers and team members. While feedback on what we do well is gratifying, feedback on what we can do better helps us improve — it’s an essential […]

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand

If you’re still only using social media to chat with your friends and family, then it won’t be landing you a job anytime soon. Companies across the world are creating social media strategies to promote themselves, showcase their brands, and reach new customers. But you don’t have to be a business to make a name […]

Why A Bit Of Boredom Might Help Your Career

“When you pay attention to boredom, it gets unbelievably interesting.” —John Kabat-Zinn Boredom is something most of us try to avoid at all costs, and thanks to today’s vibrant entertainment industry there is usually no shortage of activities to keep us occupied from the time we wake until the moment our head hits the pillow at night. […]

The Surprising Reality Of The Working Dads Movement

We’ve all started hearing it — the term “working dad.” Some may be saying it with confidence, but others might be snickering away, thinking, “Great, here comes another phrase for people to go crazy over.” Reality is, it’s not a new concept. Working dads have existed since cavemen had babies. But as the workplace continues […]

Job Market Demands Creative Thinkers

The current job market demands creative thinkers. A recent study titled “Tomorrow’s Most Wanted” (conducted by Global Learning Institute Hyper Island and Edelman in Stockholm, Sweden) suggests that creativity, among other personality traits, is more important than technical skill sets. Most applicants have a specific technical skill set related to the positions to which they are applying. […]

The Great Rated! People’s Picks: 20 Great Workplaces In Technology

(Above: Workday photo) The tech industry isn’t just transforming our world with gadgets, apps and entirely new ways of communicating. Leading tech firms also are upgrading the workplace, inventing corporate climates that are fun, fair and focused on allowing employees to integrate their professional and personal lives. They also excel at hiring people who are […]