Articles by Gail Tolstoi-Miller

6 Reasons to Hire Older, Out-of-Work Workers

Age discrimination? Those of us in the staffing industry see our fair share. And although this bias is covert and unspoken, it is undeniable and certainly disconcerting. HR professionals, hiring managers, and the organizations they work for need to be more creative and thoughtful in utilizing talent of all ages to synergize the workplace. Ignoring […]

Job Secret: Networking Cards to Bust Open New Opportunities

Are you considering a significant change of direction, career-wise? Would you prefer NOT to be associated with your current employer or company when meeting new people? Well then, you may want your business card to reflect this with a very small investment in a custom Networking Cards. (Don’t worry. This isn’t a sales pitch. Just some […]

Hiring Without Bias 3 Steps Your Company Needs to Take

With the relentless media focus on the subject of diversity, you may think that bias in the hiring process is a well-controlled issue. It’s not! In fact, one of the biggest challenges and most frequent missteps of recruiters, hiring manager and companies is overlooking fair and impartial hiring practices, at every level of employment and […]