Articles by Greg Rokos

Teach Your Hiring Manager to Sell

Sometimes good candidates are won or lost in the interview.  I started wondering why good candidates sometimes ran for the hills after an interview.  And then I had my answer- it was a poor experience with a hiring manager.  These days, recruiting is a group effort.  A hiring manager can’t simply opt out of the […]

Building a Culture of Learning

We hear a lot from the thousands of candidates we speak to every year.  One of the top items on a candidate’s wish list is a culture of continued learning.  Recent human resources trends have even come up with a new form of this learning called symbiotic learning.  Symbiotic learning has at its core a […]

Be More Productive with Remote Workers

Are you seeking a way to enhance productivity in the office? Counter to what you may be considering, it may be beneficial for you to offer employees the opportunity to work remotely.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 24% of American employees are remote workers.  This growing class of employees is also an […]

Is Your Hiring Process Mobile Friendly?

We’re living in a world of hyper- connectivity.  These days, everything must be mobile optimized- from websites to online shopping carts and even online job applications.  Yet according to a recent CareerBuilder survey, only 10% of businesses optimized their job applications for mobile.  The failure of the other 90% to optimize their applications for mobile […]

Does Your Data Contribute to Sustainable Business Growth?

No matter your business, it all comes down to the bottom line. How do you achieve sustainable business growth?  In the recruiting world, this often means making high impact decisions on data. Data isn’t sexy, but it’s a reality of every business move.  Marketers live in the world of data, always trying to test and refine what’s […]

Lower Recruiting Costs with Employee Retention

There seems to be mass exodus into the job market.  If over 2.7 million people quit in July 2015, about double those numbers were hired that same month.  After years of a stagnant growth, it seems the economy is roaring back to life.  Hallelujah, there are jobs again!  But after so many years of a […]

Test for Emotional Intelligence and Hire Better

Everyone’s looking for the edge in recruiting.  To some, they seek out passive candidates and lure them away from competitors with the promise of high salaries and bonuses.  Some are trying to corner the market socially.  But there’s a little understood way to enhance your quality of hire without having to stalk the competition.  It’s […]

Use SEO to Enhance Your Recruiting Process

This month, over 226 million people will search Google for job postings.  If your job postings aren’t displaying on the first page, you could be missing out on candidates.  So how does a recruiter get their job postings featured on the first page of Google? Contrary to that salesman’s pitch, they don’t hold spots open […]

Finding the Qualified and Passionate Candidate

Passion will never quit being a buzzword. Candidates often like to refer to themselves as passionate and employers often ask for the “passionate go-getter” in job postings. Passion will be important in just every field if candidates want to be happy at work and employers want to have the most productive employees possible.  But is […]

Prevent Bad Hires with Your Hiring Process

There’s nothing worse than investing time and energy into hiring someone and finding out you’ve made a mistake. Recruiters fear that after weeks of pouring through resumes and talking to candidates, they’ll select the wrong one. A bad hire can be a drain on the organization from multiple angles. It costs money to hire and […]

How To Hire During A Talent Shortage

This quarter, SHRM announced it would be harder for companies to find heavy skilled workers. These workers are often found in industries such as manufacturing, construction, truck driving, healthcare and IT. As the economy continues to improve, we’re starting to see more mobility in the job market. But these industries continue to stagnate. Analysts point […]

How Best in Class Companies Are Winning The Talent Wars

Whether you already use video in your organization or not, now is the time to start exploring video for maximum success. The Best in Class companies use video throughout their recruitment process and have a sure lead in the battle for high quality talent. Organizations use video to increase the impact of their employer brand […]

Why High-Level Client Service Truly Matters

More often than not, when you’ve attracted a potential new client, they’ve either already done their research or they will. Either way, what previous and current clients have to say matters. The one thing they will remember above all else is the customer service. If there is one thing I’ve learned, customer service is not secondary […]

Don’t Let Bad Reviews Get You Down In The Dumps

You can’t guarantee every employee is going to have a perfect experience with your company. Job dissatisfaction is bound to happen no matter how great the company culture and management team are. Bad reviews will happen and disengaged or unhappy employees will surface. Unfortunately, according to research conducted by recruiting technology comparison agency Software Advice, […]

How To Say “No” To Candidates

The hiring process can be exhausting, long-winded, and frankly, boring at times. Thirty-three percent of bosses know in the first 90 seconds whether or not they’ll hire the candidate they’re interviewing. The rest of the interview can seem like formality after you’ve realized the person you’re gazing past make the cut. It’s common courtesy to give […]

Video Is Taking Over Hiring

The hiring process is a fluid entity, or at least it should be. It flows with the ebb and tide of recruitment. The current changes are rapidly evolving with advancements in technology. Technology simplifies the hiring process. Not to say that you can remove the human element from recruiting and hiring, but the use of […]

HR Tech Solution Sans Bells & Whistles

Video interviewing shouldn’t be an enigma. As a recruiter, you don’t need complex accouterments to acquire candidates. You simply need a solution that fits your needs. Video interviewing uses webcams to conference with distance candidates without paying for the cost of flights to and from the candidate’s location. All you truly need is a robust […]

Could Job-Hoppers Be A Good Investment?

Job-Hopping is bad. Those who skip from job to job, should be banned from recruiting circles and shunned by the employment offices. It will wreck your career if you leave before the 2-year mark! Previous and current generations have internalized, lived and believed it all, keeping them at jobs they dislike. Even Millennials who want […]

Employer Brand Doesn’t Depend On One Candidate Experience

A candidate’s perception during the application and hiring processes remains and will stay a major topic of conversation in the field of HR and recruiting. As most perpetually popular discussions go, the ideas fluctuate, mature, and change with the demographic that populates the workforce. Unfortunately, we’ve been talking about it all wrong. The candidate experience […]