Articles by Lesley Vos

That’s What No One Tells You About Hiring Women in 2017

Picture this: It’s 2017, but gender imbalances still occur in companies. Managers know that gender diverse boards perform better, but female talents still face gender bias and stereotypes, which turn into challenges for ladies to overcome if they want to thrive. Recruiting and hiring stats from Uptowork reveals that women are 82% more likely to […]

5 Tips For People-Oriented HR Management

What makes a professional hiring manager? Dealing with budgets, business priorities, and tons of paperwork is essential; but is it what employees need and expect to see from us? After all, human resources are about people, aren’t they? In 2016, 70.6 percent of HR professionals called “influencing the company culture to have more authentic, people-oriented […]

252 Powerful Words to Avoid Apocalypse at Job Interview

In the beginning was the Word. Have you ever wondered why some writers can’t hook us while others simply toy with your emotions? Why do we listen to some speakers carefully while others make us nothing but fall asleep? Words. They use different words to influence readers and listeners. When written in resumes or said […]