Articles by Mark Crowley

These Days, We’re All Disgruntled Workers

The average Goldman Sachs employee earns in excess of $350,000 per year, and we’re assured Greg Smith, who most visibly quit his job there last week, was paid substantially more. And, in leaving his long-time employer, Smith didn’t abandon just a fat salary. To regain his career freedom, he knowingly forfeited a considerable sum in […]

Why A Happy Career Can Still Feel Unfulfilling

Author Emily Esfahani Smith explains why the pursuit of happiness backfires–and what we can do about it in the jobs we already have. For as long as human beings have existed, they’ve yearned to know what makes life worth living. Plato described man as a “being in search of meaning,” and the first great work […]

The Sharp Drop-Off in Worker Happiness and What You Can do About it

Worker happiness has fallen every year for the last 25 years–in good economic times and bad. Today, over half of American workers effectively hate their jobs. Once the economy picks up, that could mean a mass exodus from your ranks, unless you take action now. A friend of mine resigned his long-time bank management job […]

Why You Need To Lead With Your Heart

If you think your brain makes you a great leader, you better check your head. According to the Conference Board, job satisfaction in America has been on a steep and steady decline for an entire generation. The century-old research organization reported this summer that more than half of all US employees are unhappy in their […]

How We Gain Power And Influence: Science’s Surprising Answer

In the late 19th Century, British historian, Lord Acton, famously asserted that “power corrupts.” And we surely needn’t look too deeply within business, politics and every day life to find examples that validate this timeless truth. But new research from U.C. Berkeley social scientist, Dacher Keltner, confirms something few of us may ever have personally […]

Why Companies Are Suddenly Investing Billions On Their Workplaces

What’s to become of the traditional work office? Is it possible that communications tools like Skype, and Google Hangouts will have the effect of making communal office spaces obsolete? Is the day coming when organizations will redeploy workers to home offices – where they’ll have no commute, and the freedom to work all day in play […]

How Google Humanizes Technology In The Workplace And You Can, Too

The Internet turned 27 about 7 months ago, a milepost that commemorates the day Tim Berners-Lee proposed the creation of a new kind of “information management system,” and forever changed how we live and work. That the Internet has enabled profound personal and organizational productivity gains since its launch is patently irrefutable. But at the same […]

5 Books That Predict The Future Of Workplace Leadership

These authors aren’t fortune-tellers, but their works can shed light on the future of leaders and workplaces. Our long-enduring resistance to bringing the heart into workplace management dates as far back as the industrial revolution. Traditional leadership theory espouses that workers should be treated like any other input: squeeze as much out of them as […]

Why Your Personal Influence Is Far Greater Than You Ever Knew

Introduction: Through a series of fascinating studies, Harvard-trained social scientists, Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, have shown that human beings are profoundly influenced by the behavior of the people closest to them in their lives. When we learn a colleague has voted, for example, we’re far more likely to vote ourselves.  When someone in our […]

How The Wrong People Get Promoted And How To Change It

Research reveals that companies consistently choose the wrong people for management roles. Here’s what you can do to avoid the same mistake. Have you ever quit a job just to get away from a bad boss? If you have, it turns out you’re in sizable company. According to a April 2015 Gallup study, one in […]

Why Engagement Happens In Employees Hearts, Not Their Minds

Winning Your Employees Over To Stick With The Company Long Term Involves An Array Of Factors—But First Among Those Is Love. What are the real drivers of human engagement in the workplace? What are those things that consistently inspire people to fully commit themselves in their jobs and to willingly scale mountains for their bosses […]