Articles by Meghan M. Biro

#WorkTrends: Empathy Is the Answer

Here’s one thing all of us agree on about the future of work: It would be great if it didn’t involve mean people. But, sadly, mean people aren’t going away, so what can we do about them to make both our work lives and our personal lives better? It’s a question all of us have […]

#WorkTrends: Preparing for the HR Perfect Storm

Think about all the transformations sweeping HR right now: AI, automation, the hottest talent market in decades. Keeping track of it can be exhausting. But if you’re hoping for a break, I’ve got bad news for you: There’s more coming. In fact, this week’s guest, Brent Colescott, senior director of business strategy and transformation at […]

#WorkTrends: How to Give Your People Story a Heart

Quick — tell me your organization’s story. If you can’t do that then you’ve got a problem, says Tiffany Sauder, founder and president of marketing agency Element Three. In today’s candidate-driven employment market, employer branding is more important than ever, and businesses that can’t tell their story in an authentic, meaningful way run the risk […]

#WorkTrends: Your D&I Journey

These days, many organizations are on a journey to become more diverse and inclusive. But how can we as individuals go on our own journey — and help our organizations too? Those are big questions, but thankfully we’ve got some big thinkers here to help us work through them. This week on #WorkTrends we’re joined […]

#WorkTrends: Remove Bias, Discover Talent

Unconscious bias plays a large role in the hiring process, but with the HR tech revolution in full swing, recruiters are finally armed with the tools they need to one day eliminate bias from the process. But what about the biases we aren’t as aware of? How can we become more cognizant of them, and […]

#WorkTrends: How Video Can Make Hiring More Human

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s doing the exact opposite for the recruitment process — it’s making it stronger and more dynamic. We’re seeing the rise of video in all aspects of recruiting, from branding and marketing to the interview process itself. There’s a lot to sort through, and it can be […]

#WorkTrends: AI for HR

As we in HR know, AI is more than just a topic Common raps about in Microsoft commercials. Ready or not, it’s the future of work — and it’s coming quicker than we think. So how can your organization adopt and embrace AI solutions while also making sure that these technological imperatives don’t overwhelm your […]

What to Do at SHRM 2019

In just a couple of weeks I’m headed to Vegas! And not just to gamble and lounge by the pool — although I’m very good at that. If it’s June in Las Vegas, it means SHRM Annual, the world’s biggest HR conference. I’m on the #SHRM19 blogger team, and I’ll be documenting my experience on […]

#WorkTrends: Beating Your Bias

Yassmin Abdel-Magied says she changed the appearance of her headscarf one day and noticed that people on the street began to look at her differently. This experience with the power of unconscious bias was the basis for Abdel-Magied’s moving TED Talk, and it’s one of many moments that she says led her on the path […]