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IRL Networking Is Face-to-Face, not F2F: #TChat Preview

I go to conferences because I love people, the buzz of face-to-face and meeting people who inspire me. I’m not one these people that always wants to be the star of the show necessarily. If my role at a conference is to present and deliver you new and exciting information well then I’m in of […]

Caught on Video — The Employee Lifecycle: #TChat Preview

Breaking news: Video is being used in the workplace for recruiting and talent management. It’s a technology that supports social collaboration and interaction, but do company leaders see it that way, too, or mostly as an aid to surveillance? Put differently, have attitudes progressed to view video as a two-way tool? And which leaders are […]

Digital Leaders Connect the Workplace Dots: #TChat Preview

It’s not a shiny-new phenomenon, that would be so boring. Breaking news… employees increasingly bring personal digital devices to work. Where once a company provided pagers and digital assistants – most often Blackberrys (OLD SCHOOL) – to a select few executives, field service and sales talent, today the workplace trend is for most employees to […]

If It Ain't Broke…Well, Maybe it IS Broke: #TChat Recap:

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” — Arnold Bennett Not really what we want to hear when we don’t think anything’s broken. Leadership is one key to driving innovation “buy in”. It’s critical for us to stay close to the rapid developments happening in the social […]

America's Dirty Jobs

Editor’s Note: Please read all the way to the bottom where we’ve got an exciting contest for you to enter! When was the last time you cleaned your house or did your own laundry, complete with folding and ironing? If you live in the burbs, do you mow your own lawn? Do you put out […]

What Lies Beneath: The Why of HR Tech in 2012

Does technology emerge to fill a business need – say, serving customers better – or is technical innovation driven largely by cost pressures? Does a completely external, unknowable force influence the development of disruptive technologies? Was it foreseeable Jeff Bezos would disrupt big-box stores and consumer brands with a web site, when most brands had a […]

SmartRecruiters' Idealism Pays Off

Today, SmartRecruiters will announce a $5m Series A. Yesterday, TalentCulture  had a chance to sit down with Jerome Ternynck, founder and CEO of the Bay Area company, and talk about what this means for his team, the product and the industry moving forward. First up, the details about the round. Started in October, the “pretty […]

#TChat Communication Tools: You Can't Use Them ALL

What’s your morning communications, social media routine like? Mine’s getting more complicated every day. Personally, just email requires checking at least three accounts on three devices. At least one is Gmail, so I green-light Gmail chat and also Google+. Then it’s on to open a Skype window – many clients, friends reach me through Skype […]

Developing Leaders with Innovative Mindset: #TChat Preview

Leadership received a lot of lip service in 2011, but if employee attitudes and job satisfaction are any measure, there’s been precious little leadership in action. We have more work to do. Perhaps, because so many businesses were in survival mode, people who were running organizations believed that simply keeping their office door open was leadership […]

Annual Performance Reviews And New Year's Resolutions: #TChat Preview

Happy 2012. It’s a new year and gyms are crowded with earnest people committed to losing 20 pounds; bakery and donut sales are off; employees are promising themselves they’ll work smarter, not harder; forced cheeriness and politeness are on the rise. These behavior changes – most (Research tells us this btw. I hope yours last all […]

Community Beginning the Social Revolution: #TChat Recap

Yesterday Time magazine named the collective “Protestor” as Person of the Year for 2011. Social technologies played a fairly significant role in fueling the worldwide protests and the dramatic “call for change” we’ve seen politically and economically. According to Time, “Social networks did not cause these movements, but they kept them alive and connected. Technology […]

Getting Social with Social Technology: #TChat Radio

Join us for the #TChat Radio show tonight at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT) where our special guest is John Sumser, the principal analyst for HRxAnalysts and founder and managing editor of The HRExaminer Online Magazine. *** We’re not really as social as we think. According to a new social media research report from Ventana […]

Exploring the Heart of Social Media Careers: #TChat Preview & Recap

There are thousands of them: Strategists, Specialists, Editors, Coordinators, Contributors, Community Managers. And that’s just in California. When you search for “social media jobs” on Indeed, for example, there are nearly 6,000 related jobs that come up. I have no idea what it would’ve been like just five years ago, but I’m sure it was only […]

Happy One Year Anniversary! #TChat Preview

Everyone loves a celebration, particularly me. So join us in celebrating the first anniversary of TalentCulture’s #TChat this Wednesday, November 16th at 7-8pm ET +. Yep, one year old this week. How can that be? When Kevin W.Grossman and I first started bouncing ideas back and fourth about #TChat, we had no idea of what to expect. […]

Hiring Veterans: Why You Can’t Handle the Truth: #TChat Preview

Originally Posted on MonsterThinking We are constantly looking for “silver bullets” when it comes to hiring.  We’ll pretty much try and do almost anything it we think it’s going to bring our organizations better talent. This is why I’m perplexed at the one huge miss most organizations are not fully invested or under-utilizing when it comes […]

The Why of Online Talent Communities: #TChat Preview

Community connected us around the writing. The writing and the peer reviews were important, yes; that’s why we were there, but the relationships that formed between myself and the other novice-to-published poetry, short story, novel and screenplay writers were what kept us coming back. The collaborative exercises, the chat rooms, the peer reviews and a […]

Got those Blogging Blues? #TChat Preview

Visit for more great information on #TChat, as well as other great resources on careers and hiring. The TalentCulture blogging community supports #TChat’s mission of sharing “ideas to help your business and your career accelerate — the right people, the right ideas, at the right time.”

Kids Today! On Generation Z: #TChat Preview

Originally posted on One really can’t talk about the impact of future generations without sounding, well, a little bit like a curmudgeon.  So, in honor of his recent final broadcast, this week we’re channeling Andy Rooney as #TChat explores Generation Z and the impact of digital natives in the workplace. And now, a few minutes […]

Collaborative Community Results for NPR & HRevolution

“So, I really liked Kevin’s definition of talent communities from last week’s #TChat Radio Show. Kevin, why don’t you share that?” Stammer. Stutter. I have no idea. Here we were yesterday in our packed HRevolution session on building and maintaining talent communities, me in one of three groups we had broken up in to, and […]

Get to Know the "Talent" in Talent Community: #TChat Recap

Two people meet on the street. “Hi, how are you today?” “I’m great thanks. And you?” “Great. Repeat this thousands of times per day as we move along our own separate ways, whether we’re really great or not, and what do we have? Lots of insincere transactions. And we live with them, although that doesn’t […]