Articles by Chris Arringdale

Employees Care More About Compensation Than Employers Think

Employees can really only thrive in a great culture. Your team needs to work for a company where they are appreciated. It’s really all about the perks. False, false and false. Employees have needs, wants and aspirations for their career. While these are all important company attributes to consider, they aren’t the only things employees […]

Conduct a Performance Appraisal with Minimal Risk

Every employer, every manager, understands their employees don’t necessarily like performance reviews. What the team isn’t always aware of, however, is this: managers don’t like them either. Shocking, right? Well, when you have to give an employee some criticism that hits home, you have to do so with tact, and that can be hard to do. At least through the […]

4 Reasons You Should (Not) Trash Company Performance Reviews 

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk as to why companies should just get rid of their performance reviews. They don’t improve performance. No one likes them. Well, just because you don’t like to give constructive criticism doesn’t mean you should just get rid of it. After all, you still had to eat your broccoli […]

4 Steps to Drive Performance Management

Performance management can be tricky; company leadership has to find the right balance between what works for the organization and what helps guide employees to improve performance. Currently, 88% of companies have a performance management strategy, but 71% agree their performance management system needs improvement. Only 17% of organizations are satisfied with their current performance management? That’s a […]