Articles by Roy Osing

This is What Happens When You Pay For It

The challenge for leadership is to make strategic objectives meaningful at the individual employee level and if employees aren’t paid to further the strategic goals of the organization, they won’t be achieved.

Does Vision Make a Great Leader?

Many describe a great leader as one who has vision. A leader who is able effortlessly to conceptualize what strategy and direction is required to meet the competitive and economic […]

How To Lead Change By Looking At The Past

There is certainly no shortage of advice on what actions leaders should take to successfully implement change. However, despite the plethora of guidance available, organizations generally have difficulty executing their […]

Do You Flit or Do You Lead?

Many leaders don’t lead at all, they flit from this to that, from one crisis to another, from one priority to another. They don’t land on anything. They don’t spend […]

16 Secrets of Mind-Blowing Leaders

We are besieged with mountains of advice on how to be a “good” leader who practices the craft according to principles espoused by the crowd of academics, consultants and other […]