Articles by Raj Sheth

What Small Business Can Learn About Recruiting From Big Business

It seems like it’s always the biggest companies that dominate our news feeds. Small businesses can push their way through, too, but how? How are we supposed to make a big impression to a large audience? Simple–social recruitment. Here are a few of the best practices for social recruiting and why it’s important for your […]

2015 Trends for Optimizing Your Company’s Web Presence

Keeping up with changes and trends in SEO isn’t an easy task, but it’s important to do. Facebook users alone account for 2,460,000 pieces of content shared to the web every minute. It’s easy for content to slip through the cracks if it’s not optimized properly. SEO has the ability to make content on websites […]

4 Key Elements Your Job Posting is Missing

Job descriptions need to be informational and thorough but also lively and engaging. With a few key job details and a bit of help from the marketing team, it’s easy for HR to build compelling job ads across a variety of job boards. However, HR professionals will have a hard time attracting the best candidates without […]

How To Fix A Broken Interview Process

Organization during the hiring process is critical to retaining and attracting potentially highly valuable candidates. Unfortunately, not all hiring procedures are a one-interview-and-done situation. Organizations that conduct more than two interviews before making a hiring decision, however, tell candidates that their interview process is broken (this isn’t true for all positions, namely highly skilled or executive roles). Careful consideration […]

ERP, Collaborative Recruitment And Getting Employees Involved

Your recruiting team isn’t alone when it comes to attracting new talent. Your organization can get some employees involved by instigating and maintaining an Employee Referral Program. ERPs help employers find like-minded candidates to add to the team they already have. Combining the power of an ERP with collaborative recruitment gets employees involved in the workplace. Here […]

Finding Top Talent Through The Contingent Workforce

When you hear the words contingent, contracted, temporary or seasonal, what do you think of? Traditionally, the contingent workforce has been associated with the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder. They’re the people who can’t find real jobs. Well, the contingent workforce is growing in numbers, and taking over every rung of that ladder from the bottom to the top. The […]

Is Your Recruiting Process FEEP?

Yes, that’s a new one you can add to the slew of recruiting acronyms you already use. It stands for Fast, Engaging, Easy and Personal. The way we recruit and hire has totally changed in a pretty short time period. There has been a power shift, and candidates are demanding much more from the recruiting […]

Ditching Your ATS? You’re Not Alone

Having been in the HR tech business for a number of years, I have spoken with countless HR and recruiting experts about their technology moves. As applicant tracking systems have grown in popularity over the last several years, larger companies are looking for new, more effective software and smaller companies are looking to make their first ATS […]