Articles by Ruth Schwartz

iGeneration – He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I’m not waxing poetic about the spiritual carol. I’m talking about my 17-year-old son. Most of what is being written about this generation (1996-current, which is 23 million strong in the U.S.) is about what the heck to call them: Generation Z, Plurals, Media Gen, or iGen, which seems to be winning. I say, who […]

Set Up For Sales Failure

I learn about all kinds of companies and industries as a consultant. Naturally I love seeing people create their unique company, new healthy habits, high-performing teams, and their vision. But I also find it truly fascinating when my learning includes product expertise. However, this story isn’t about a client. It isn’t how I vicariously learned […]

How Would Picasso Design Your Org Chart?

We typically think of organizational charts as a set of vertically stacked boxes that represent people and their job descriptions. Additionally, the chart illustrates who reports to whom and the hierarchy of the company. And this is generally how we think about organizations: who is the boss and what are they the boss of? I’m […]

It’s Time For A New Job-Skills Training Model

I attended a presentation by Mary Owens at a local financial advisory firm. In her well-presented talk about the return of manufacturing to the U.S., she articulated a number of facts that got me thinking: Manufacturing was returning because North American fuel (read: natural gas) is now becoming cheaper than the combination of diesel and […]