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Top Trends in the World of Work This Week

It’s graduation season. The smell of victory is in the air as students all across the globe pay homage to self-courage with a smile and nod that says “I deserve a pat on the back for getting through this…alive.” Remember that feeling? I bet you do and probably still crave that experience today. I know […]

United We Brand. Divided We Stall: #TChat Recap

The proverbial “chicken or the egg” thing has nothing on #TChat. The real question is, What came first, the employee or the brand? It was the question of the hour this week — well, five of them, to be exact, and they all sought to end the elusive, great debate on corporate vs. employment in the […]

Top Three Trends in the World of Work This Week

I’m a dot connector. It’s not much different than what I did with a pencil, in a pre-school activity. Instead of looking at tiny black circles, I look at information, and in place of lines, I draw conclusions. The end is still the bigger picture, and an “aha” moment. This week’s “Top Trends in the […]

Top Trends in the World of Work This Week

What if work could feel more like play? It’s what we endeavor to do each week at #TChat. It’s what I fundamentally subscribe to: “Play for Performance,” where having fun means you’re doing it right and well. What if work could feel more like play? It can, it should, and “play” time starts right now […]

Top 5 Trends in the World of Work This Week

This week’s “Top 5 Trends in the World of Work” are brought to you by Seinfeld words of wisdom. … 1) A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking – Jerry Seinfeld Enterprise Investment in Social Media Social media is the digital brain that lives, breathes […]

Top 5 Trends in the World of Work This Week

I like to talk nerdy and have this thing for using analogies, metaphors and alliteration to connect seemingly disparate phenomena — what some might call “random.” It’s not uncommon for me to do so using old school rap songs, childhood nostalgia or other pop-culture references. Now that you know, you’ll be able to understand this […]

Top Trends in the World of Work This Week

I recently purchased a set of hard backs complete with Green Eggs & Ham for my 1 year-old nephew. As I flipped through the delicate folds of nostalgia book after book, I realized how relevant the gold nuggets of knowledge are, concealed in rows of prose, to the 2.0, nay 3.0 World of Work. Seuss […]

There’s a List for That

Earlier this week we introduced our exciting partnership with Listly, a new kind of crowd-sourcing tool that tears the page out of the note pad and adds a savvy social twist. What’s cool about is that it challenges the conventional, linear thinking we associate with lists. In their most primitive form, we have the […]