Articles by Gareth Cartman

Make The Most Of Employee Mentoring

OK, so you’ve decided to invest in youth, you’ve decided to train people and build up a talent pipeline. You’ve made a long-term plan. But that’s what most football clubs do, and they seem to fail all the time. Our record (in the UK) of bringing through young footballers is pretty awful — and a […]

Ignore Youth, Destroy The Economy?

I hate to sound all Michael Jackson, but children, they’re the future, man. Yes, they are. The sad thing is that despite the roaring job market, we’re still not employing them at a rate that would be healthy to our economy. In the UK, 737,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are […]

The Link Between Technology And Retention

We do all we can to influence retention, or at least, we think we do. We measure engagement, we carry out exit interviews, we even have performance management programs. But in today’s technology-led world, are we missing a trick in the workplace? Is our talent leaving us because the competition is using better technology in-house? […]

Is Technology Making HR More Innovative?

Most people don’t associate HR with innovation. They’d associate HR with the things that traditionally we have been good at — rules, policies, administration. And they they’d be wrong. The first wave of innovation centered around a more business-focused HR function, in which HR developed as a business partner. This was something of a revolution, […]