Articles by Shane Green

Share the Score to Truly Engage Your Employees

Today, I want to talk employee engagement, what it really looks like, and why a scorecard is such an important part of the engagement process. Employee engagement has received considerable attention in the past few years, particularly because research shows that engagement leads to increased performance, retention, and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, only 51 percent of […]

Orientation and Onboarding: Your Sink-or-Swim Strategy Is a Terrible Waste of Talent – Part 2

Following orientation, onboarding happens over thirty to sixty days as the new employee starts working in their department. Unfortunately, this process is often unorganized and uninspiring, leading to frustration, disappointment, and turnover. Change the way you onboard your new hires by having a well thought-out onboarding plan that inspires new employees and connects them to your organization.

Values Are More Than Some Philosophical B.S.

“Culture is a consequence of a company’s values.” – Charles Day, Founder of Looking Glass Welcome back to the Culture Hacker Blog Series. Let’s discuss your organizational values, which I believe are the foundation of your company culture. While values are often dismissed as some philosophical B.S., they may be the single most important cultural […]

Culture: More Than Just an HR Thing

“Company culture shapes every minute of the workday and every decision that is made.”-Taylor Smith, CEO & Cofounder of Blueboard. What is culture? I consider it the collective mindset and attitude of your employees about what they do, which manifests itself in how they do things; in other words, their actions and behaviors. These behaviors […]