Articles by Stephanie Hammerwold

It’s Time To Ditch Annual Reviews

Most employees, managers and HR professionals have a strong opinion about the annual performance review. Overwhelmingly it seems that most of us would prefer that they go away. Yet, many employers still rely on this out-dated and often inaccurate tool to measure work performance. The annual review is time consuming and rarely ends up being […]

Checking References And Getting The Info You Need

For those of us in HR, the process of checking references on candidates is ingrained. We call, ask a few questions to verify dates and title, ask if the candidate is eligible for rehire, and, if we are lucky, we get some details about what type of employee the candidate was. In some ways the […]

Why Onboarding And Orientation Matter

I have worked at places where onboarding is little more than filling out a stack of paperwork. New hire training and orientation are a matter of being thrown in the midst of things and trying to figure out what to do. Such a welcome to a new job can leave an employee feeling like their new […]

What To Do When You Can’t Find Good Candidates

Unemployment has been falling steadily over the last couple years. As unemployment decreases, job seekers have more options and employers may find that it is harder to fill openings. Maybe you are getting a lot of resumes, but very few are from qualified candidates. Or maybe you are not getting any resumes at all. What do […]

Managing Underperformers

Underperformers can be some of the most frustrating employees. At some point in the employment relationship, you saw potential in the underperformer. That’s probably a big reason why you hired them. But for some reason they are no longer meeting your expectations. You have already invested a lot in this employee, so firing is not […]