Articles by Sydney Goodfellow

How To Encourage An Entrepreneurial Spirit At Work

What does Joe from accounting have in common with Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, or Beyonce? He might not have the dance moves down and he’s probably never seriously considered moving to Mars, but maybe he shares these leaders’ entrepreneurial spirit. Take note next time an employee advocates implementing new software or starts questioning the current […]

9 Ways Technology Can Increase Workplace Health And Wellness

Having a clearly laid out workplace wellness plan is one of the most effective means of having an engaged and productive team in any organization. In addition to an extended health benefits plan, workplace wellness can include health promotion activities or organization-wide policies implemented to encourage healthy behaviors among employees. Ideally, the workplace should provide […]

Six Reasons Why You Should Make The Most Of Your Vacation Days

Take a vacation this year! We’ve all let those “not this year” excuses  pile up with our workload, but not taking a vacation could actually be more damaging than you might think to workplace satisfaction and productivity. There are many common reasons people cite for not taking a vacation. Vacations are expensive, time-consuming to plan […]