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HireFriday: A Culture. A Community.

People ask me all the time, why did I create #HireFriday? I thought FollowFriday outlived its usefulness. I realized it would be better to take the time and energy we invest in promoting our gainfully employed friends, and put that energy into helping an unemployed person instead. What started out as a lonely tweet: “Instead of FollowFriday, let’s tweet HireFriday and put our friends and family members back to work; has mushroomed into a movement that now spans the globe.

Why Our Company Developed An iPad App

For us, we are on the cutting edge of a transformation in the job search-job board world. More employers than ever are recognizing their need to control the recruitment process more. They are tired as can be of paying Monster or CareerBuilder to post an ad, and then before you can say “we send out your ad to 30,000 job boards!!??!!?” it happens. HR departments are overrun with resumes from people who don’t know an RN from a CNA. Employers want to put their jobs up on their OWN career portal on THEIR own website, so they can control all the messages.

Make Like Madonna And Reinvent Yourself

Madonna has come a long way since her Like a Virgin years, yet she has never lost her knack for catching the public’s eye. Yet Madonna is more than just a talented singer – she has mastered the art of reinventing herself. Like this pop star, it’s important for job seekers to know how to appeal to their audience (employers) and stand out in the crowded field of candidates. With these three tips inspired by Madonna, you’ll be transformed into a corporate rockstar in no time.