Articles by Ted Rubin

Facebook: Filling The Word “Friend” With Value Again!

Let’s take back the word “friend” and fill it with value again! Why? Well.. It seems to me that Facebook has done an amazing thing – they now own the word “friend”.  The problem is that they have devalued the word while adding value to their brand. How many of you use “air quotes” when you say so-and-so […]

What Is Return on Relationship?

All of those social metrics like Facebook fans, retweets, site visits, video views, positive ratings and vibrant communities are just not measurable financial assets! They aren’t reflected on the balance sheet and can’t be counted on an income statement—but that doesn’t mean, however, that they are without value. Measuring Brand Engagement  Instead, these are stats […]

Developing Meaningful Business Relationships Online

I often get asked to share my lessons and ideas about how to best develop relationships both in person and through online channels. The best things to do in person include those habits which your parents probably taught you as a kid – sit up, make eye contact, be in the moment, listen, and relate to each other. The importance of […]