Articles by Valerie Dixon

Why Online Onboarding Is Better For Your Employees

Let’s assume it is Monday morning where you work. Is it fairly safe to assume that you have a group of new employees sitting in a classroom being oriented to your organization?  Is your organization still running classroom-based orientation sessions? I’m not saying you should immediately abandon all classroom-based orientation sessions. However, it’s time to […]

Onboarding: First Impressions Count

Let’s start with the assumption that your organization wants to attract and keep top talent. Did you know that orientation and onboarding actually starts from the first contact you have with your potential new employees? They start learning about your organization when they first read the job advertisement, browse your organization’s website, and talk to […]

Time To Proficiency: Orientation And Onboarding

How long does it take your new employees to become proficient at their jobs? How proficient do you need them to be? By when? Even if you hire top talent who you think have the necessary job knowledge and skills, they will still experience a learning curve because of the unique requirements of their new […]

Getting New Employees Up To Speed

How fast is fast? How important is that your organization’s new employees become competent as quickly as possible? A client once asked me to figure out how long it would take for a group of new employees, recently hired for a call centre, to become competent. My first question was, ‘How competent do you want […]