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Congratulations to Cangrade!

4x Winner

TalentCulture HR Tech Awards 2024

Cangrade is a leading bias-free, AI-based hiring solution that enables HR leaders to be strategic business partners that drive results. By seamlessly inegrating data into talent management processes, Cangrade helps HR make accurate, efficient talent decisions from initial screening through promotions. Backed by I/O psychology and cutting-edge machine learning, Cangrade’s assessments and hiring solutions deliver 10x more accurate predictions of talent success and retention than traditional hiring methods and a 0% change of introducing bias. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment has helped brands like Wayfair, FDNY, and Unum make the right decisions on over 10 million candidates. For more information, visit

Case Study

Before incorporating Cangrade into their hiring process, evaluating candidates for FDNY’s highly selective Cadet class was a time-consuming and challenging task that often relied on personal connections and biased decisions. By leveraging Cangrade’s pre-hire assessment, FDNY streamlined operations and removed biased decision-making, resulting in a more diverse, successful Cadet class. Download this case study to discover how FDNY increased the inclusion of BIPOC Cadets 87% and Cadets who identify as women 300% with Cangrade.

Cangrade case study

The Hottest Time of Year in Hiring

What Cangrade’s Customers Are Saying:

Implementation is a breeze, and the entire team we’ve worked with has been so helpful and willing to support our unique needs.

Lamar Advertising

Cangrade was able to provide us with assessments that were benchmarked against our top performer’s personality traits. So we were able to screen much better and the end resulted in hiring better sales professionals and growing our business. Cangrade has been a vital part of our growth and success over the last couple of years.

Big Sandy Superstore


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