Career Searching and Community Building on Calm Waters

Akin to career building, my husband Rob’s and my foray into the sailing lifestyle just three sailing seasons ago has been a community- and skill-building experience that is at times confidence building and euphoric, and other times, discouraging, back-breaking and … Read more

Personal Re-Branding for Career Changers

There is a lot of great advice out there on personal branding for both students just entering the workforce and for professionals pursuing the next stage in their current, chosen career path. But what about career-changers?  How can they re-brand … Read more

Change from Within

Today’s guest post is by our talented colleague, and friend Cathy Taylor.  Cathy is a social media expert who helps businesses develop comprehensive communications strategies to achieve business goals and objectives.  More of Cathy’s insightful articles can be found on Read more

Q&A with EditMe Founder Matthew Mamet

TalentCulture caught up with Matthew Mamet, one of the founders of EditMe at Mass Innovation Night 13. EditMe is a ” small start-up company focused on creating easy-to-use software supported by fast, friendly customer service.”

TC: What is Read more

Learn to Manage Uncertainty

You’re a leader.

And you’re standing warily in front of an amusement park entrance, your spouse and two children in tow.

Or you could be at work, standing there with your direct reports, collaborative teams, departments, divisions or entire executive … Read more

Help Us Help You; Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot

Helping people is in my personal core purpose, and assisting people seeking employment provides a source of fulfillment.  In recent years, I’ve presented someone for a VP position at a well-known telecom brand, referred a friend for her first independent … Read more

HR at the Kids' Table

Ask any HR professional what concerns them the most, and “Becoming a  relevant and important part of the corporate team” will be in the top five. “What can I do to make myself more credible to my leaders?” is the … Read more

Culture Fit + Models of Interaction + Pragmatism / Idealism = Progress

Culture has always fascinated me. In the TalentCulture community we like to think of it in two ways (thanks to first, as the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as … Read more

Give Your Facebook Brand a Facelift

With so much great advice out there about how to build one’s personal brand through blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks, it’s important not to forget how all of it applies to one’s Facebook activity.

Here are some top personal … Read more

Social ROI: Intuition, Metrics, and Social Network Analysis

Today’s post is by our guest blogger, and friend, Jeff Wilfong.  Jeff has assisted with web 2.0 and business strategy for a number of large-scale organizations like Conoco-Phillips, the City of Sacramento and a multinational conglomerate based in India.  Jeff Read more

Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Pictures

Written by Kirsten Taggart

Watch out, world!  Ecotourism is a rising trend in travel as tourists are eager to preserve beautiful sites all over the globe.  Environmentally conscious individuals are doing their part in maintaining nature by participating in eco-friendly Read more

Top 10 Cities for Fresh College Graduates

After some careful research on job growth, happiness, opportunity, and nightlife, I’ve pinned down the top 10 cities for fresh college graduates to live, work and play.

Check out my video and the list, below…

#10 Houston, TX

  • Ranked #3
Read more

The heart of hiring is a human one. Let’s keep it healthy.

In all my previous jobs, including my current one running an HR marketing firm, I’ve hired dozens and dozens of employees – from higher education to high-tech to the HR marketplace, marketing and PR. I’ve played recruiter, hiring manager and … Read more

WWDD: What Would Don Do?

Meet Mad Man Don Draper at his finest: the pressed suit, the neat hair, the confident gaze. He’s about to pitch an idea to a client. Draper works for an advertising firm; he is the main character in AMC’s Emmy … Read more


Photo: Agence Olloweb

6 Fundamentals of Effective Collaboration

In my last post, I framed a definition of collaboration, but it left many questions unanswered. For example, what would effective collaboration look like?

Here are my secret sauce ingredients. I see these as key factors for driving effective … Read more

Job Satisfaction – What's Up With That?

The press has been lamenting recent dismal numbers on job satisfaction. Early this year, the Conference Board – which regularly pumps out interesting data on employment, the economy and business trends – issued a report that indicates job satisfaction is … Read more

5 Gadget Trends in 2010

Written by Kirsten Taggart

Number 5: Eco-friendly home energy systems

  • Sanyo and Panasonic are developing systems that use fuel cells to heat water and batteries to store solar power.
  • You will be able to monitor energy use via Panasonic TVs.
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The Brand Building Bird Named Twitter

Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite, offered a really insightful Twitter job search tip about Twitter, stating, “It’s not the individual Tweet that attracts the employer, but your cumulative presence on Twitter.”  He went on to say that … Read more

Tweet This Intervention

Not many would disagree with the fact that effective communication increases employee engagement and retention.  However, with social media, participation and business value are often at odds because of disparity between effective and ineffective communicators.

Let’s face it:  the social … Read more

Creating Org 2.0: get the most from social tools

Today’s post is by our guest blogger, and friend, Jeff Wilfong.  Jeff has assisted with web 2.0 and business strategy for a number of large-scale organizations like Conoco-Phillips, the City of Sacramento and a multinational conglomerate based in India.  Jeff Read more

Collaboration is everywhere. Maybe we should define it?

Originally posted by Chris Jones, a TalentCulture contributing writer. He is an IT Strategy & Change Management consultant, with a passion for driving new levels of engagement and learning in the modern organization. His research areas include the dynamics Read more

Treat Your Job Search Like A PR Campaign

Finding a job is a job. But what kind of job is it? When you think about it, the job search is actually a public relations job.

On the job hunt, you’re advocating for yourself. If you want to finally … Read more

Welcome to TalentCulture

Welcome to TalentCulture, one voice of our eclectic community. My team of contributors will launch conversations about the issues of career, culture (workplace, digital lifestyle, trends, popular, alternative, arts) talent acquisition, branding, sustainability, social causes, motivation and innovation. I hope … Read more

Taken Out of Context

For a long time, a large corporation provided the context for my career.  Even amid dramatic change and outright chaos, relationships between me and just about everything in the big company – work variety, pace, people, meetings, surroundings, interpersonal interaction, … Read more

Birth of a Brand

When I started the career search process during the second year of my MBA program, I encountered a serious challenge.  Having multiple talents, strengths and potential career paths, I was faced with the daunting task of having to identify and … Read more