HR Tech Spinout Performica Closes on its Seed Round

Santa Cruz, CA ( Tuesday Feb 7, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

Performica, software helping companies transform people risk into their superpower, announced that it has raised $3 million in its seed round of funding.

Led by Surface Ventures and Bowery Capital, and supported by Geek Ventures, the round opened in December of last year and was quickly oversubscribed, indicating how Performica is becoming renowned in the human resources technology space for helping companies leverage real-time data to create better workplaces.

Performica’s suite of software solutions leverage its OrgGraph™ technology, which gives customers real-time visibility into the dynamic and cross-functional work that drives innovation in today’s economy. Performica solutions help customers increase retention of key personnel, increase engagement and performance, as well as manage disruptive organizational change (reorganizations, M&A, and leadership changes) turning people risk into key competitive advantages.

“We spend more time with our coworkers than with our families, yet survey after survey shows that most people are unhappy with their jobs,” said Alex Furman, Chief Executive Officer at Performica. “Our mission is to use data and prescriptive analytics to help busy and distracted leaders make work NOT NOT awesome, and we’re thrilled to have Surface, Bowery, and Geek Ventures join us on our journey.”

As Performica only launched commercially in 2022 after years of being an exclusive, in-house use tool at Invitae (NYSE: NVTA), the company will use the $3 million raised to accelerate growth and expand its use of prescriptive analytics to help clients focus on their workforce as their number one asset, instead of “people risk” that needs to be managed.

“As a co-founder of Invitae who was intimately involved in people and culture at the company, Alex is acutely aware of the problems that scale-ups face in managing people, and the Performica team brings deep domain expertise in HR,” commented Gyan Kapur, Managing Partner at Surface Ventures. “In the current environment, understanding who your key employees are, and retaining and growing them will be even more critical as companies need to do more with less, and Performica’s network-driven approach is uniquely positioned to solve this pain point. We are excited to back Performica and work with the company to help them grow.”

Loren Straub, General Partner at Bowery Capital, added “Performica is giving CHROs the analytics, insights, and intelligence to make truly data-driven decisions when it comes to their most important asset: their people. We see Performica as the future operating system powering all HR departments and ultimately making for a more productive and happy workforce.”

To learn more about Performica and its innovative human resources software, click here or visit

Connect with Performica

Website l Twitter l LinkedIn l Instagram l Facebook

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Digi-Me® Releases New Website and Upgrades E-commerce Site For Fast Purchasing of VideoJobs® With Globally Patented Tracking Technology

Gallatin, TN ( Tuesday Jan 31, 2023 @ 9:05 AM Pacific —

Digi-Me® proudly releases a new website in conjunction with their eCommerce site that includes launch specials on their patented VideoJobs®solution.

Digi-Me® is a major disruptor and leader in digital recruitment technology, with recruitment video solutions that are backed by globally patented technology. With Digi-Me®’s global patented technology, large global brands including FedEx, GE Appliances, Arc Document Solutions, and more are able to capture the attention of job seekers with short, engaging videos that are tracked, providing the employer data and metrics on where they are getting the best traction.

Now is the time for businesses to buy a VideoJob® and get one free. A VideoJob® can be ready to promote as soon as two business days after purchase, and Digi-Me®’s creative team does all the heavy lifting, making the process easy and fast.

Additionally, Digi-Me® offers employer brand videos and candidate expectation videos. These recruitment videos help employers communicate better with job seekers and prevent ghosting. Further, they reduce the time to fill and lower the cost per hire.

This comes at a time when the company recently upgraded its Virtual Career Fair platform, too. Digi-Me® Virtual Career Fairs are popular with employers because they can purchase them a la carte if they prefer not to purchase an annual subscription.

“The Digi-Me team is so excited to provide this new website with a state-of-the-art look and functionality to the market. These enhancements also include the ability for any size organization to try the patented video technology to fill their open roles instantly through the new e-commerce page. Now organizations with any and all open roles can experience the SEO, improved candidate pools, and reduced time to fill that Digi-Me’s global customer base has enjoyed for years.” says Lindsay Stanton, President and Board Member of Digi-Me®.

To learn more about Digi-Me®’s VideoJobs®, employer brand videos, virtual career fairs, and more, visit or watch this video.

About Digi-Me®

Digi-Me®’s proprietary technology platform and the unmatched data they generate enhance Digi-Me®’s custom recruitment videos, spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture. Digi-Me® delivers information to job seekers in a way that is more engaging and more accessible across all platforms and devices. Their professional-quality video and technology solutions include the latest cloud-based analytics providing up-to-the-minute reporting on candidate behavior, including social sharing, as well as automatic integration into your ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection, and stand out from the competition with Digi-Me® video solutions. Visit

Press Contact:

Allison Sima, Vice President of Marketing, Digi-Me®

Phone: 630-780-9454 | Email:

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Prosperix Teams with Mother Miracle School to Expand Educational Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students

Las Vegas, Nevada ( Monday Jan 30, 2023 @ 1:00 PM Eastern —

Prosperix, a workforce solutions company, has joined forces with MotherMiracle School in India to ensure the school’s future and increase the impact
of education and jobs for its students. Prosperix CEO Sunil Bagai has made a
financial commitment and is working to establish a school-to-work pipeline
using the company’s workforce technology solutions to place students in software and IT jobs. These opportunities, at companies ranging from
startups to large global companies, will help break the cycle of poverty for
the students, their families, and their communities.

students at Mother Miracle School come from households supported by low-wage
work, like driving rickshaws or selling tea; the school gives them the
education and training that helps them no longer be judged on their social
status or the work of their parents. By supporting technical education and
creating new job opportunities, students will experience more democratized
access to careers and professional success.

“When I visited Mother Miracle School, I was deeply moved by the ways
the non-profit cares for its students, providing
everything from meals to musical instruments to the latest technology as a
means to greater opportunity,” Sunil said. “I realized that since Prosperix
already has a team of employees in India, we could set up a pipeline using our
existing technology to help the students find good jobs, create better lives for them, and impact the entire community.”

Founded and led by Shalah Ettefagh, a US citizen, Mother Miracle School
was established in 2008 and currently serves 486 economically-disadvantaged
children, ages 4 ½ to 18 years old, who live in the community and surrounding
regions. Her work is supported by many generous donors from around the world,
most of whom she meets through personal introductions. “I met Sunil through a
mutual friend, and his decision to work with us will change even more lives. He
is such a positive example because he is Indian. His success and generosity
will inspire our students,” she said.

student at the school receives general English education and technology skills
training starting in kindergarten, with IT skills training beginning in 6th
grade. The school is the first of its kind in India to focus on technology
training for such young students as a means to provide equal access to
high-paying global job opportunities. Students learn skills like typing, Microsoft
Office Suite, C, C++, Python development, HTML, and web design starting in
elementary grades. And the model is sustainable because alumni come back to
teach or volunteer and support the school financially. “This program makes it
possible for students to disrupt the traditional social hierarchy, so by the
time they graduate they are ready to apply their skills in the real world,”
Sunil said. “This exciting initiative provides a game-changing
advantage for the students.”

School Director Kusum Bijalwan credits Shalah’s ability to make every
student feel loved and capable as a major reason so many children excel. A
graduate of Mother Miracle herself with two university degrees, Kusum said that
her experience gave her opportunities she never imagined. “I joined Mother Miracle School when I was just an 8-year-old
little girl with no dreams. I had never imagined that this school would change
my life forever. This school not only gave me the best education but also
taught me to be a good human being,” she said. “Today I am managing the whole
school. I am now independent and supporting my family financially. I am so
grateful to Shahla mam for giving me this opportunity and changing my life.”

The school is expanding and will open an advanced technology center in 2024. The new facility will offer
technical training to current students and others in the community who have
completed 12th grade at a local school. The center will teach coding
languages and their applications; staff will include full-time teachers,
coders, developers, project managers, and support staff.

Since 2015, Shalah has received numerous awards for her work from the US
and Indian governments, including the 2022 Ellis Island Medal of Honor in New York, the 2022 Fastest
Growing Education Excellence Award in New Delhi, and the 2018 Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award
at the UK House of Commons. Learn more about Mother Miracle School, sponsor a student, and donate

Learn more about Prosperix:

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RChilli Helps ERP Recruiters Retain Candidate Database Moving from Taleo To Oracle

San Ramon, CA ( Monday Jan 30, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

RChilli covers another milestone in its endeavor to help Oracle recruiters streamline their hiring practices and enhance positive recruiter experience.

Taleo, an industry leader in the talent acquisition market, saw an improved alternative, Oracle Recruiting Cloud, in the Oracle HCM Cloud Suite that was released in June 2018. However, many Taleo clients moving to Oracle faced a familiar obstacle- transferring the candidate data. Because of this hiccup, many Taleo users have avoided making the shift.

RChilli’s parsing solution, powered by deep learning, helps ERP recruiters with seamless data migration of parsed and structured candidate data without losing access to the data of potential candidates. This has helped them retain a parsed and structured format of the candidate database.

The dilemma in transitioning from Taleo to Oracle HCM left companies with a database that only contained first name, last name, email address, and the attached resume. This created a nightmare for the Talent Acquisition team to find candidates for their positions.

The team of industry experts at RChilli worked diligently to transfer accurately parsed candidate data. Thus populating all of the relevant fields of information to each of these candidate profiles. Therefore, the Talent Acquisition Team could effectively search across all of their data.

Sharing his views on the crisis, Joshua Adams, director of ERP operations at RChilli, explains “our team with immense knowledge in data migration helped one of our clients get accurately parsed data of 30K resumes in its database while moving from Taleo to Oracle.”

He shares, “our team worked at the backend to migrate the data they fetched from the Oracle database. We accurately parsed the data into the appropriate fields on each candidate profile, normalized the data with RChilli’s expansive Taxonomy, and stored it in the Oracle database.

To understand how RChilli bridges the gap between a recruiter and prospective candidates, visit RChilli.

About RChilli

RChilli is the trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 37+ countries, with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 3.5+ billion docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2013 certified and GDPR compliant. RChilli is also a proud partner of Salesforce, Oracle PeopleSoft, and Oracle HCM Cloud.

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3 Story Software (3SS) Upgrades its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Features

NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT ( Thursday Jan 19, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

In its latest development release, 3 Story Software LLC (3SS), a comprehensive and contingent workforce management system, reinforced its commitment to support its clients in building more diverse candidate and worker populations by updating its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion features.

3SS has 165 clients globally and strives to develop features that provide its clients with relevant data to build diverse and inclusive workplaces. The upgraded Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) functionality features a new candidate survey that captures DE&I data further upstream in the hiring process. It also changed how this data is collected to optimize submissions so clients may collect more meaningful data from their candidates and workers.

Now with 3SS, clients can see data related to the diversity of candidate pools during the recruitment process, in addition to their active worker populations. Comparing these two data sets is imperative for clients to understand their company’s hiring preferences, and who engages with a company’s services and customers.

3SS ensures that candidates and workers can opt out of providing DE&I information at any point in the hiring and onboarding process and that this data is confidential and stored securely. Data that 3SS collects on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is anonymized such that candidate or worker information is separate from the data used for statistical reporting.

3SS is continuously learning from its clients so it may optimize how companies hire and manage their non-employee workers across the globe. Most 3SS features are thus developed with input from its clients globally, with updates and new features being released every 5 weeks.

For more information visit

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InfoMart Named “Best and Brightest Company to Work For in the Nation” & One of “Atlanta’s 20 Largest Women-Owned Firms”

Atlanta, GA ( Tuesday Jan 17, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern — None

InfoMart, a leading provider of background screening services, ended 2022 with two impressive awards: Atlanta’s 20 Largest Women-Owned Firms and the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle named InfoMart on its list of Atlanta’s 20 Largest Women-Owned Firms for the sixth consecutive year. This recognition highlights successful Atlanta businesses by analyzing their size, revenue, and women-owned status. InfoMart is honored to have earned a spot alongside other reputable companies, including Bennett Family of Companies, Juneau Construction Co., Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, and Staff Zone, among others.

“It’s an honor to make this list each year, as it is a testament to the stability and vitality of our team of experts – not just in the background screening industry but as a strong organization overall,” said Tammy Cohen, InfoMart’s Founder and Chief Visionary Officer. “We are heading into 2023 with a unified focus: to ensure our clients’ hiring strategies are strong, safe, and streamlined.”

This team of experts is the subject of InfoMart’s second win: the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation, an award bestowed upon InfoMart by the National Association for Business Resources. To award this honor, judges evaluate anonymous employee surveys and score businesses based on company culture, work-life balance, employee recognition, diversity, and more. InfoMart wins this award alongside companies like T-Mobile, Sony, and Six Flags.

After 30+ years assisting companies with hiring and onboarding, InfoMart has a unique perspective on the value of quality employees and company culture. This understanding has aided the company in building a standout team of employees who enjoy their jobs.

“I absolutely love working at InfoMart,” says Sharonda Middleton, who has worked for InfoMart for eleven years. “It feels good to work for a company that truly cares about you.”

Dan Gordon, a 15-year employee, agrees: “Working for InfoMart has completely rewritten my opinions on work/life balance. We’re encouraged to keep a healthy balance and prioritize our family and personal goals.”

InfoMart’s excellent customer service and innovative technology streamline its clients’ background screening experiences. The company strives to push the envelope, making background screening easier and more comprehensive each year. Learn more about InfoMart’s background screening services here or email For media inquiries, contact

About InfoMart

InfoMart has been revolutionizing the global background and identity screening industry for 30 years, providing businesses the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. They develop innovative technology that modernizes talent onboarding, including a first-to-market biometric identity authentication application and a verified sanctions search. The WBENC-certified company is a founding member of the Professional Background Screening Association, and they have achieved PBSA accreditation in recognition of their consistent business practices and commitment to compliance with the FCRA. The company is dedicated to customer service, speed, and accuracy, and it has been recognized for its success, workplace culture, and corporate citizenship with over 45 industry awards. To Get the Whole Story on InfoMart, please visit, follow @InfoMartUSA, or call (770) 984-2727.

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Talent Board Releases 2022 Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report

San Francisco, CA ( Wednesday Jan 11, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

Talent Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating and researching quality candidate experiences, today released its 2022 North American Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report. The report shares confidential and anonymous feedback from more than 150 companies and nearly 200,000 candidates around the world who participated in Talent Board’s research program (also known as The CandEs), which delves into every aspect of the recruiting and candidate experiences, from pre-application to onboarding.

Among the key findings from this research are:

  • Candidate resentment is on the rise globally: For the second year in a row, candidate resentment (a measure of how negatively job seekers rate their candidate experiences) has risen around the world, specifically in the regions of EMEA, APAC, and Latin America. In EMEA, resentment rose 10%; in APAC, it rose 17%; and in Latin America, it was up 100%. The only region where candidate resentment didn’t rise in 2022 was North America, where resentment rates dropped by 14% (although still historically high at 12% overall).
  • Top candidate research content for 2022: Candidates said company values was the top research content for their job search in 2022 — before they apply for a job — something that’s never been more valuable to candidates in Talent Board’s benchmark research.
  • Top recruiting priorities for 2023: Participants said their top recruiting priorities for 2023 are onboarding (cited by 40%); the candidate experience (cited by 38%); and diversity/inclusion, which tied with employee referrals (both cited by 37% of participants).

The largest and longest-running study of its kind, Talent Board’s annual benchmark research has evaluated responses from more than 1,350 employers and 1.4 million job seekers since its launch in 2011. Each year, the research covers the main constituents of positive and fair candidate experiences, how well employers are delivering these experiences, and specifically what CandE Award winners (companies with the highest-rated candidate experiences) are doing better than other employers to deliver positive experiences.

“Although candidate resentment lessened during and immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s higher than ever globally,” said Kevin W. Grossman, Talent Board president. “Employers need to keep in mind that resentment has major repercussions to their brands and the bottom lines such as whether or not candidates will apply to their jobs again, whether they’ll refer colleagues and friends, whether they’ll be brand advocates, and whether they’ll buy a company’s products and services. Even in North America, where resentment levels fell slightly in 2022, they’re still high.”

“The fact that onboarding is the number one priority for TA teams in the coming year is very telling,” added Ron Machamer, Talent Board director of global programs. “Too many employers lost new hires in 2022 before they even started or shortly after day one, that’s how competitive the talent market has gotten and that’s how important it is to get onboarding right. Even our CandE Award winners wrestled with pre-boarding through onboarding this past year. It’s no wonder TA teams plan to put extra emphasis on this phase of the process in 2023.”

Other CandE Report Takeaways

A few other key takeaways from the new 2022 CandE report include:

  • TA Teams Stumble on Post-Application Communication: Although timely and steady candidate communications have long been a critical component of a positive candidate experience, 34% of candidates were still waiting one to two months (or more) to hear about the next steps after they submitted an application, a troubling 48% higher than in 2021.
  • Top AI-Based Tech Purchases in 2023: Many TA teams plan to make AI tech purchases in the year ahead to help improve their recruiting effectiveness. 79% plan to buy tech that removes bias from application and screening processes; 72% plan to buy tech that measures and predicts employee job-changing behavior; and 57% plan to buy tech that aids with job performance predictions through job simulations.

The comprehensive 2022 Talent Board North American Benchmark Research Report can be downloaded in its entirety today here.

Talent Board will make the new EMEA, APAC, and Latin American research briefs available before the end of January.

For organizations interested in joining next year’s candidate experience benchmark research program, the 2023 program is now open and companies can learn more about participation here.

About Talent Board

Founded in 2011, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Talent Board delivers annual recruiting and hiring industry benchmark research that highlights accountability, fairness, and the business impact of candidate experience. More information can be found at

This press release is distributed by the™ Press Release Newswire – News at the speed of influence™. Reference URL for this press release is here. Launches New Learning Service “ for Enterprise” for HR and Managers

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada ( Wednesday Jan 11, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —, the largest community of human resources (HR) professionals, has launched a new learning service, “ for Enterprise: Learning-as-a-Service,” to meet corporate training needs to help organizations train, upskill, and educate their HR professionals, team leaders, or managers.

Employee development plans can be customized with convenient self-paced flexible options for learning solutions. The platform caters to different levels of career progression depending on each individual’s needs. All learners get self-serve access to:

  • Unlimited online courses

  • Micro-learning library

  • Unlimited HR recertification credits

  • On-demand HR Certification Preparation programs

There are other mid-career and executive plans that have additional development opportunities including: professional networking, the executive roundtable series, in-person conference passes, and opportunities to speak at a virtual event or publish content in one of 13 Excellence ePublications.’s on-demand library of virtual courses and micro lessons covers a comprehensive list of topics, including:

  • HR Strategy & Planning

  • Leadership

  • Employee Wellness & DEIB

  • Learning & Development

  • Legal & Compliance

  • Talent Management

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Performance Management

Group training plans and additional customization options such as immersive condensed learning formats are available.


“Our team at is excited to expand the options and flexibility of learning to help HR professionals develop their skills and excel at their jobs,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of “Employers can lean on our new service to remove the stress, time, and effort required to manage ongoing employee training and reskilling needed to navigate today’s workforce management challenges.”


At, we are committed to educating and inspiring HR professionals and helping them build meaningful and impactful careers. With products and resources rooted in education, research, and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we help at every career stage – and over 2 million HR pros agree.

By delivering best-in-class learning products, 250+ annual webcasts, 30+ world-class events, and over 180 insightful research studies through the HR Research Institute, strives to inspire and strengthen workforces to change the world. also offers the most comprehensive HR certification exam preparation and guarantees a passing score on all SHRM and HRCI certification exams. Technology and experience drive our customized solutions that will help you become the best and most successful version of yourself. Learn more at and maximize your potential.

For more information, contact: Newsroom

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2023 Brings The Triumphant Return of In-Person Events

Philadelphia, PA ( Tuesday Jan 3, 2023 @ 3:00 PM Eastern —

SharedXpertise Media, publishers of the award-winning HRO Today magazine, producers of the renowned Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings, and organizers of the HRO Today Forums and Educational Events, is announcing its schedule of in-person events and conferences for 2023.

Do you remember looking forward to connecting with your HR peers and learning new things at live in-person events and conferences?

After a couple of years of social distancing and curtailed travel budgets, 2023 will be the year in-person events make their return to the annual business calendar, and HRO Today has a series of events prepared to reignite that spirit of professional development and camaraderie.

Here’s the 2023 HRO Today In-Person Conference Schedule:

HRO Today Forum North America – May 3-5, Las Vegas, NV

Corporate Culture Summit – June 21-22, Atlanta, GA

Inclusion Summit – September 12-13, Washington, DC

People in Healthcare – September 26-27, Houston, TX

Talent Acquisition Strategies & Technology Showcase –October 17-18, Atlanta, GA

HRO Today Forum Europe – November 8-10, Barcelona, Spain

Employee Learning & Development Summit – November 29-December 1, San Diego, CA

For the complete 2023 HRO Today live event and conference schedule, visit

For more information about the HRO Today Media Network, visit

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Leading Experts Share Their Biggest Failures of 2022

Scottsdale, AZ ( Thursday Dec 29, 2022 @ 5:00 AM Pacific —

As the year comes to a close, leading industry figures reflect on their biggest failures in 2022 and the steps they will take to overcome them in the year ahead. From underestimating the impact of economic malaise on the job market to mismanaging a return to the office, these leaders share their insights and lessons learned.

Linda Scorzo, CEO of Hiring Indicators, admits to underestimating the effect of economic malaise on the job market, and plans to focus on selling their product as the perfect solution to modern HR problems in 2023.

Gresham Harkless Jr., founder and CEO of Blog Nation, learned the importance of thorough due diligence when hiring and will take more time to bring on new team members in the future. He also plans to document training and information for team members and implement succession planning to avoid future frustrations or failures.

Amy Zwagerman, founder and CMO of The Launch Box, admits to not taking enough risks in 2022, and plans to focus on failing fast and growing new ideas in 2023.

John Ross, CEO of Test Prep Insight, learned the importance of employee feedback and will shift to a hybrid work environment in 2023 to better accommodate employee needs and preferences.

As the future of the workplace continues to evolve, these leaders offer valuable lessons on the importance of adaptability and the value of learning from failures.

The full article, featuring insights and advice from these successful industry leaders, can be found on the Fast Company website.

About Terkel

Terkel is a question-and-answer site that helps marketers build visibility online by sharing their expertise. More than 10,000 Experts answer questions on Terkel to get their insights featured in articles on sites like Fast Company, Zapier, GoDaddy, and 500+ more publishers. With 150,000 answers received, Terkel is democratizing thought leadership by providing unprecedented access to digital PR opportunities.

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APS Earns Top Awards for Software and Support in Latest G2 Reports

Shreveport, LA ( Wednesday Dec 28, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Central —

Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc. (APS), a best-in-class workforce management technology provider, has earned the #1 ranking for technology and support based on customer feedback in G2’s Winter 2023 reports.

APS earned a total of 45 awards and outranked hundreds of software vendors across several report categories, including Best Relationship, Best Support, Best Usability, and Best Results. APS has continually ranked high in G2’s reports for software and support since 2014.

APS was also named Most Implementable and Users Most Likely to Recommend for its technology and services. These awards and rankings demonstrate APS’ commitment to providing easy-to-use technology and a personalized client experience. Their customer-centric philosophy results in industry-leading retention and satisfaction ratings, as evidenced in G2’s reports.

G2 Software and Support Ratings

  • Relationship Score: 90% compared to the 80% industry average
  • Quality of Support Score: 95% compared to the 88% industry average
  • User Adoption Score: 91% compared to the 81% industry average
  • Usability Score: 91% compared to the 86% industry average
  • Results Score: 82% compared to the 78% industry average
  • Likelihood to Recommend Score: 91% compared to the 86% industry average

G2 Award Scoring Methodology

To earn a mid-market award, APS had to receive at least ten reviews from a business with at least 50-1000 employees. Reviews mentioning customer satisfaction were then analyzed against G2 scoring indexes to determine category-specific rankings. APS has over 649 reviews, earning mid-market awards across the Implementation, Relationship, Usability, and Results categories.

These awards demonstrate a commitment to creating intuitive products that help customers streamline their processes and meet their goals. Clients benefit from user-friendly technology and personalized support for a greater return on their investment.

G2 understands that clients need efficient software that automates processes and reliable support to achieve their long-term goals. That’s why G2 is dedicated to creating customer-centric software and organization. G2’s mission is to make payroll and HR easier, and the G2 awards earned this quarter prove that we are achieving this goal.

About APS

APS has a mission: to make payroll and HR easier. APS designs its unified solution to simplify workforce management tasks for mid-market organizations. APS provides clients and partners with personalized service and support to accomplish their goals. Streamline payroll processing, automate HR workflows, and elevate the employee lifecycle with a single-system platform.

Mid-sized businesses choose APS as their workforce partner because of our focus on the customer experience. As a result, we continually maintain 98% customer retention and satisfaction rates. For more information on APS and how we can help make payroll and HR easier for your mid-market business, visit

About G2

G2 is the world’s leading business review platform. Known as the tech marketplace, G2 leverages more than 280,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. Business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data. Every month, nearly one million people visit G2’s site to gain unique insights. G2 aims to bring authenticity and transparency to the business marketplace. For more information, go to

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The Rice and Beans Millionaire: The Tale of an Improbable Entrepreneur

Austin, TX ( Tuesday Dec 27, 2022 @ 10:00 AM Central —

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Business Week best-selling authors Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg have just released their latest book, The Rice and Beans Millionaire: The Tale of an Improbable Entrepreneur.

This follow-up to their Axiom award-winning business fable Be Like Amazon, The Rice and Beans Millionaire is based on real characters and true stories, A book for aspiring entrepreneurs who may well believe that entrepreneurship is too complex or difficult to start for “everyday people.” Whether just beginning, in the middle of, or well down the path of their journey, this is a must-read to ensure that entrepreneurs are getting the most from their business journey.

Whether the reader is a successful business owner, a curious kid, or an employee looking for more, this quick read will illuminate new ways to think about entrepreneurship. Through the trials and tribulations of this unlikely hero, the Eisenbergs share valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, perseverance, and the power of believing in oneself.

Maheesh Jain, founder of CafePress claims “The Rice and Beans Millionaire is exactly the book I wish somebody had given me in high school or college when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. It does a great job of demystifying entrepreneurship and provides the push that folks with great ideas need to just go for it.”

The Rice and Beans Millionaire has already received rave reviews and has been selected as a BookBub Featured New Release on December 27th, 2022. According to book marketing professionals only approximately 15% of books submitted to BookBob ever get featured. Don’t miss out on this must-read for any business professional or aspiring entrepreneur. Get your copy today and start your journey to financial freedom and success.

Media Contact
Michael Drew, Publicist

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Revered Author Ora Nadrich, “The Mindful Activist” will be Contributing a Monthly Column and Video to’s Website

Palm Beach, Florida ( Thursday Dec 22, 2022 @ 2:15 PM Pacific — is proud to announce that Ora Nadrich, renowned mindfulness expert and author, will be joining the platform as a monthly contributor.

Ora Nadrich is a pioneering Mindfulness expert, international keynote speaker and coach, and the founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking. A sought-after expert in the fields of Mindfulness, transformational thinking, and self-discovery, she is the author of “Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever” and “Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity”, named “One of the 100 Best Mindfulness Books of All Time” by BookAuthority.

As a “Mindful Activist”, Nadrich will use her expertise to comment on current social and political events, offering unique and timely insights on the intersection of matters of the spirit and current events.

“I’m very excited to be joining DailyClout as a Mindful Activist commentator,” said Nadrich. “I don’t know of any platform that empowers people like myself to be journalists and leaders at a time when free speech is now heavily censored, and I understand how unmindful behaviors and unethical decisions stem from a lack of awareness, which I hope to educate others on how to be more.” CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf added, “Ora Nadrich is that rare writer who can mediate between matters of the spirit and issues related to current social and political events. She is a unique voice with a devoted following, and her analyses are timely and profound. We at DailyClout are proud to announce that Ms. Nadrich is joining our distinguished roster of commentators”


DailyClout is a company that builds digital tools and produces media to help anyone, from any walk of life, use and affect democracy more powerfully. Our mission is to empower all people with information, facts, and opinion from all viewpoints, that when combined with DailyClout’s proprietary platform, enables them to be well-informed and to exercise their rights to directly weigh in on.

About Ora Nadrich:

Ora Nadrich is a mindfulness expert, international keynote speaker, coach, and founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking. Her most recent book is Time To Awaken – Changing The World With Conscious Awareness.

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RChilli Automates its Support with Docker Implementation

San Ramon, CA ( Wednesday Dec 14, 2022 @ 2:50 PM Pacific —

RChilli takes another step in enhancing its customer experience by automating its support with Docker implementation. This implementation is used for faster deployments and provides isolation with other applications, making it more secure.

The reason for implementing docker is to provide an end-to-end solution where the developers can build their codes and test them on containers without any environmental differences and provide faster updates to customers. It is a multi-cloud platform and can be run on any OS that supports docker independent of the cloud providers or VM providers. It also provides high scalability and more speed in loading processes. Apart from this, it offers compatibility & maintainability by providing standard repeatable development, build, test, and production environments.

With this implementation, the customers will see a remarkable improvement in the performance of RChilli technology. They will save a lot of time in fixing the issues as this solution will automate the entire process. The integration is also going to be very easy for the users who are using DevOps.

Talking about this implementation, Jitender Thakur, Head of Information and Data Security for RChilli, said, “Our support process involved a lot of steps. It was a manual process that included troubleshooting. For each update or technical glitch, the customers had to contact us to resolve the issues. But implementing docker has eliminated all these lengthy steps. In case of any infrastructure issue, the customers can retain everything themselves quickly without wasting time in contacting us and getting the issue fixed. To sum up, it will increase security and enhance productivity.”

For any queries, please visit

About RChilli

RChilli is the trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 44+ countries, with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 4.1 billion+ docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II certified and GDPR compliant. RChilli is also a proud partner of Salesforce, Oracle PeopleSoft, and Oracle HCM Cloud.

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Prosperix Workforce Insights Moves Beyond Traditional Worker Tracking by Incorporating Real-time Data and Analytics

San Jose, California ( Wednesday Dec 7, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

Prosperix, a workforce solutions company, introduces
another industry-leading solution for companies struggling to meet today’s
unpredictable and rapidly-changing world of work. Without visibility into an
entire workforce, companies find it difficult to know who works for them, where they are located, what jobs
are being done, how much is being paid, and what access they have within a
company. And that can mean trouble on many levels.

Meet Prosperix Workforce Insights. More than traditional
worker tracking, the updated, modern solution provides sophisticated worker
tracking and analytics in one easy-to-use module. Users can manage a total
workforce (extended and full-time) with the real-time data and analytics
necessary to make quick, accurate, insightful decisions. Having that
information means better tactical and strategic decisions which lead to better
overall business outcomes.

“We know companies need this solution because they are
asking for it, regardless of what’s in their existing technology ecosystems.
Our offering is user-friendly and easy to integrate, so it is quickly becoming
the answer for so many businesses,”
said Prosperix CEO Sunil Bagai. “It’s a cost-effective, data-rich tool that
increases the power of every workforce, and our clients are already achieving exceptional results.”

Prosperix Workforce Insights provides a single location
where users can:

Gain full visibility and
transparency into every aspect of a

Access detailed reports based on spend,
geography, departments, skills, and diversity

Gather complete assignment
details and manage all documentation

Update provisioning teams to
lessen security risks

Track and compare bill and
pay rates

Classify workers accurately
to reduce risk

Track purchase orders and
complete billing information

Maintain a complete audit

This innovative, affordable solution can be implemented as
a stand-alone solution available through the Prosperix VMS Network or be used
as part of Prosperix Xponential, the company’s bundled solutions and services
offering. Prosperix Xponential goes beyond the expected VMS/MSP combination, bringing together its patent-pending VMS Network, MSP expertise, hiring
marketplace technology, 1099 compliance, and payrolling services into an
end-to-end comprehensive solution.

For details about Prosperirx Workforce Insights, download the fact sheet

Learn more about Prosperix:

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HRO Today Unveils the HR100 List of the Best HR Departments

Philadelphia, PA ( Friday Dec 2, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

HRO Today has
annually ranked HR service providers through Baker’s Dozen Customer
Satisfaction Ratings™ for nearly two decades. Its research revealed that
while there are many rankings of various aspects of HR, there isn’t one
definitive source of which companies are the best for human resources. Enter HRO Today’s HR100.

The HRO Today research
team reviewed nearly 1,100 companies to come up with the top 100 HR
departments. HRO Today’s HR100
scores and ranks HR departments in eight core areas: workplace culture,
employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, employee development and talent
management, human resources innovation, leadership development, talent
acquisition, and employer brand. Performance in these core categories is
aggregated, forming an index that provides a reasonable score for overall HR

The HRO Today research team collected public data from nearly 40 established benchmarking and ranking programs in the identified categories to create the ranking.
Examples of these programs include HRO
‘s Most Admired Employer Brand Awards, Fortune
’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, Training
’s Top 100, and Glassdoor ratings. This generated a score based
equally on the depth and breadth of outside and internal recognition.
The data is then aggregated and weighted to create the final score, producing
the index used in the ranking.

To generate the score, the HRO
research team first examined the total number of lists within
each of the HR areas outlined in a particular company appeared on. Weights
were assigned to each source depending on the scope and exclusivity of the
list. The raw scores were then summed, and an index was established to create
the final score.

“The reason HRO Today produces the HR100 each year is
to promote best practices in human resources,” says Larry Basinait, HRO TOday VP of Market Research, who manages the HR100 and Baker’s Dozen processes. “The companies that rank on the HR
100 are those that other companies should study and emulate and look to
as a potential source of innovation within their own organization. Those being
recognized on the list have the most accomplished human resources departments
in the nation, and are elevating the role of HR throughout the business

For the selection methodology used, and for this year’s list, visit

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“Feeling Small” PSA Spotlights Emotional Abuse Amid Peak Season for Domestic Violence

New York, NY ( Thursday Nov 24, 2022 @ 6:00 AM Mountain —

As tensions rise during political debates at the Thanksgiving dinner table or other holiday season gatherings with family, so do incidents of domestic violence, research shows. The societal expectation to be joyous during the holidays often has the opposite effect on abuse victims, which is why two leading domestic violence nonprofits are lighting up the streets of Times Square and beyond this week with their second national domestic violence billboard campaign.

After receiving industry recognition for ‘The Last I’m Sorry’ campaign, Safe in Harm’s Way Foundation Inc.,, and Neon, An IPG Health Company are collaborating once again to blow the whistle on domestic violence with another compelling PSA.

The PSA imagery thoughtfully uses the body language of a husband and wife sitting across the dinner table to spotlight the underlying scars of emotional abuse. The man in the image appears to be looming over the woman, physically encroaching in her space, while the woman is simultaneously shrinking in fear, discomfort, and shame. Along with the chilling image, is the take-home message that many abuse victims need to hear– “No one should make you feel small.”

“The essence of this campaign is the feeling one gets when one feels less than or diminished in an intimate relationship. The nuance exists in this unspoken, and painful, relationality between partners. We focused on this simple truth so that people can draw a connection to their own lived experience, even on an intuitive level,” said Sam Lauro, Group Art Supervisor at Neon.

The imagery was crafted using CGI in partnership with Carioca Studio, a full-service visual content house based in Romania, using the elements of body language and expression to bring to life the uncomfortable feeling of being stifled in your own relationship.

Featured on over 340 national screens in high-traffic areas like Times Square’s entrance, Union Station in D.C., office lobbies and elevators, gas stations, billboards, digital bulletins, and mall kiosks throughout the country, this “Small” domestic violence awareness campaign is anything but.

“We’re on a mission to disrupt complacency in a very public way because getting a message like this in front of domestic violence victims is not an easy task. Abusers using forms of isolation as a weapon to control their victims are to blame for that,” said Caroline Markel Hammond, CEO of Safe in Harm’s Way Foundation.

Safe in Harm’s Way is an online platform that safely connects survivors with healing resources, and provides a one-of-a-kind public database of conviction records. The organization recognizes acts of intense cell phone monitoring, prohibiting contact with family and friends, or generally limiting a partner’s access to the outside world as incredibly common red flags for domestic violence. This form of abusive isolation has driven Safe in Harm’s Way to return to the billboard format over and over, making this campaign the non-profit’s third appearance on national billboards

Ashley Rumschlag, CEO & President of, the largest online searchable directory of domestic violence programs and shelters in the U.S. and Canada, argues that while billboards are a uniquely important medium for reaching domestic violence victims, the journey to formulating an escape plan often starts with a Google search.

“There are over 10 million online searches each month for information regarding domestic violence in just the US and Canada, and we want to be right there on the other end of that search, prepared to offer all of the right resources when victims need it most,” said Rumschlag.

All campaign images mention both Safe In Harm’s Way and, along with the initiative’s microsite developed by Neon, An IPG Health Company. The first of its kind in the space, the site itself is designed as a comprehensive decision tree matrix; a series of directive questions that address visitors’ specific situational needs and provide them with resources based on their answers.

“We kept quick, direct, and as safe as possible, knowing that oftentimes individuals will only have a few precious seconds to get to the help or information they need. Fully equipped with innovative safety features to ensure victims are protected when seeking help, the site is also inclusive, and informative, and we hope it will be a lifeline for anyone who may need it,” said Morgan Mellas, Senior Art Director at Neon.

For more information or to set up an interview, reach out to Kim Ring at

About Safe in Harm’s Way Foundation Inc.

Safe in Harm’s Way Foundation Inc. is a domestic violence non-profit connecting victims with resources to build community and discover the feelings within personal relationships which equate to the red flags of abuse; allowing for resources and connections which can bring safety, health, and healing to each person’s unique situation. The company was born out of necessity, as its Founder, Caroline Markel Hammond is a survivor of domestic violence and realized the unique unmet needs during her escape from abuse. The Safe in Harm’s Way online platform provides eye-opening stories from abuse survivors, a one-of-a-kind public database of conviction records, and a variety of corporate solutions in partnership with Epizon Strategy that can be implemented immediately, thereby protecting corporate reputation, safety and profits. Follow @SafeinHarmsWay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify, or visit

About (A Service of Theresa’s Fund)

Theresa’s Fund is an Arizona-based 501(c)3 non-profit charity started in 1992 by Preston V. McMurry, Jr. At a time when domestic violence wasn’t yet a headline, Theresa’s Fund focused on changing the landscape of domestic violence services in its home state through grantmaking, board development and fundraising for Arizona-based organizations like East Valley Child Crisis Center, Sojourner Center, Florence Crittenden, Emerge, UMOM, and West Valley Child Crisis Center. In 2014, it developed the concept as a way to expand its reach to people across the U.S. and Canada. is the first online and mobile searchable database of programs and shelters in the U.S./Canada, and a leading source of helpful tools and information for people experiencing and working to end domestic violence. It is also the host of the Purple Ribbon Awards, the first comprehensive awards program honoring the countless heroes of the domestic violence movement, including advocates, programs, shelters, survivors, and members of the community support system. Learn more at

About Neon, An IPG Health Company

Part of the IPG Health network, Neon is a full-service healthcare agency that lights the way with innovative creative solutions to the biggest challenges of life-saving brands. With a boutique agency feel backed by big network resources, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Neon works across a number of audiences and channels – from HCP and DTC/DTP to digital engagement, patient support, and more. The agency delivers a diversified offering and depth of expertise that includes strategic planning, medical strategy, health literacy, engagement planning, user experience, technology and development, branding, and design. Learn more at

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Human Resources Technology Company Performica Adds to its Academic Advisory Board

Santa Cruz, CA ( Thursday Nov 17, 2022 @ 1:00 PM Pacific —

Performica – the human resources platform providing users with key insights and step-by-step proven actions that saves millions, improves performance, and heightens morale – is proud to announce the additions of Professor Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, McCormick School of Engineering and School of Communication), Professor Heather Whiteman (University of Washington Information School), and Professor Keith Hunter (University of San Francisco School of Management) to its Academic Advisory Board.

Founded earlier this year, Performica has quickly become renowned in the human resources technology space for helping companies leverage retention strategies and their real-time data to create better workplaces. At a time when the nationwide labor market is volatile, Performica is able to deliver a significant decrease in attrition rates, helping them keep their teams intact, engaged, and productive.

Now, with new additions to its Academic Advisory Board, Performica plans to expand its impact even further still. With their notable expertise in computational social science, people analytics, and organizational networks, Professors Contractor, Whiteman, and Hunter will aid Performica as it researches what the Future of Work will look like. They will also play a key role in helping Performica decide how to best leverage prescriptive people analytics to fulfill its mission of truly transforming progressive companies throughout the United States.

“We at Performica know that partnering with the brightest minds in the academic sector is core to our work, especially with regards to how we can better understand human interaction through data,” said Alex Furman, the Chief Executive Officer of Performica. “I’m thrilled to have Noshir, Heather, and Keith on the team, and I look forward to working with them as we continue to grow and expand our impact in the space. I’m confident that we will accomplish great things together.” Noshir Contractor voiced his enthusiasm as well, saying “The launch of Performica is exceptionally well-timed to help organizations leverage recent advances in computational techniques to help us reimagine the “next normal” of work. I am honored to join my fellow Academic Advisory Board members on this exciting venture.”

To learn more about Performica and its innovative human resources software, click here or visit

Connect with Performica

Website l Twitter l LinkedIn l Instagram l Facebook

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Winners Announced for 2022 HRO Today Association Awards for North America and EMEA

Philadelphia, PA ( Thursday Nov 17, 2022 @ 12:45 PM Eastern —

The HRO Today Association presented awards for the
North America and EMEA regions during the HRO Today Association
Conference & Awards program. More than 150 senior HR executives attended the
virtual event.

to the winners who were honored this year,” said Renee Preston, Global
Executive Director of the HRO Today Association. “The overall
quality of the nominations received this year was exceptional – the list of
accomplishments goes far beyond what we were able to quickly summarize during
the awards presentation. The level of detail, including results of ROI and
supporting references in each of the nominations, received this year
demonstrating not only the great work being done by our winners, but the
commitment and buy-in from our nominators – so many who
invested a good portion of their time, and energy, on the finalists’ behalf.”

For more than 15 years, the Association has recognized company
and individual accomplishments in human resources and leadership in North
America, EMEA, and APAC. Listed below are the winners for the 2022 HRO Today
Association awards for the North America and EMEA regions:


EMEA Best in Class: Employee Experience &

EMEA Business
Partnership Excellence – Finance:
Resource Solutions and HSBC MENA

EMEA Business
Partnership Excellence – Healthcare:

Cielo and BD

EMEA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Excellence –

Team of the Year:
SOC Prime

EMEA Innovation in HR: FINEOS Corporation, LTD.

EMEA Recruitment Team of the Year: Capgemini Engineering Portugal

North America Best In Class: Candidate Experience/Company
Reputation – Practitioner:
Cleveland Clinic

North America Best In Class: Candidate Experience/Company
Reputation – Provider:

North America Best In Class: Employee Experience &
Retention – Healthcare:
Bravado Health

North America Best In Class: Employee Experience &
Retention – Provider:
Corporate Relocation International

North America Best In Class: HR Technology – Culture:
Humantelligence Inc.

North America Best In Class: HR Technology – Recruitment: Crosschq

North America Best In Class: HR Technology – Wellness: BrightPlan

North America
Business Partnership Excellence – Large Market:
Sevenstep and CVS

North America Business
Partnership Excellence – Payroll:
Clearing House, DailyPay, and PNC Bank

North America Business
Partnership Excellence – Small/Mid-Market:
Higher Education and NXTThing RPO

North America
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Excellence – Finance: Banc of

North America Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion Excellence – Manufacturing:
John Deere

North America Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion Excellence – Provider:

North America HR
Team of the Year – Education:

Harvard University

North America
HR Team
of the Year – Healthcare:
Healthcare System

North America HR Team of the Year – Hospitality: Marriott
Vacations Worldwide

North America Innovation in HR – Practitioner: Clayton County Water Authority

North America Innovation in HR – Provider: WorkTango

North America Recruitment Team of the Year: AEVEX Aerospace


EMEA HR Excellence: Tarek Jarrouje, Director of Human Resources,
Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers

EMEA HR Leadership: Anna Tolmachova, Human Resources Director,
Board Member, Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine

North America HR
Excellence – Healthcare:
Karin Wagner,
Senior Director, Talent, UnitedHealth Group

North America HR
Excellence – Manufacturing:
Cantagallo, Site Human Resources Manager, Ford Motor Company – the Rouge

North America
HR Excellence – Provider: Amy Hull,
Director, and Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Paycor

North America HR
Leadership – Healthcare:
DeLancey Johnson,
Senior Vice President, Associate Chief Talent Officer, Parkland Hospital System

North America HR
Leadership – Provider:
Bill Boutwell,
President, Hueman People Solutions

North America HR
Leadership – Restaurants:
Karen Ancira,
Chief People Officer, KFC US

North America HR
Leadership – Retail:
Natalie Rothman,
Chief Human Resources Officer, Advance Auto Parts

North America HR
Leadership – Service:
Candace Shipp,
Assistant Vice President, Associate Service Center, Marriott Vacations

North America HR
Leadership – Technology:
Beth Hayden,
Chief People Officer, SpotHero

The finalists and winners in the APAC region will be
honored during the HRO Today Association Board of Advisors APAC group
meeting on December 15, 2022.

About the HRO Today Association

The HRO Today Association is the premier networking and
content community for advancing the human resources profession. By engaging in
professional development opportunities and connecting with peers, members
improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their HR operations and
service delivery. The Association is managed by HRO Today/SharedXpertise Media, whose magazines, web portals, research, e-newsletters, events, and
social networks reach over 180,000 senior-level HR decision-makers with rich,
game-changing content.

This press release is distributed by the™ Press Release Newswire – News at the speed of influence™. Reference URL for this press release is here. Partners with Circa for Professional Course on HR Strategies for Building an Ethical Workplace

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada ( Monday Nov 14, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —, the largest network of human resources (HR) executives, has partnered with Circa, provider of SaaS-based OFCCP compliance management & recruiting technology solutions, to offer the recently launched online self-paced course, HR Strategies for Building an Ethical Workplace, to their catalog of professional learning as an option for meeting the ethics credit requirement for HR recertification.

The course was strategically designed to help equip leaders and employees to effectively implement a strategy and framework for building an ethical workplace that aligns with company values, environmental social governance (ESG) commitments, and employer brand. They can gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to implement this framework to help navigate ethical dilemmas.

The new course will help learners understand HR’s role in driving ethical behavior and provide:

  • An understanding of the common ethical issues that occur in the workplace
  • Strategy for assessing risk areas and cultivating an ethical culture
  • A decision tree and ethics policy template
  • A framework for ethical decision-making that aligns with company values, policies, ESG, and brand
  • 1 ethics credit

“With new disclosure regulations around ESG and increasing demand for transparency from multiple stakeholders – investors, employees, and consumers – intentional efforts to build an ethical workplace becomes even more paramount. HR plays a pivotal role in driving that,“ said Roselle Roger, Circa Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

“We strive to provide our HR community with the resources and education they need to do their jobs and maximize their potential,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of “This new course will give them the strategies they need to be ethical leaders that can communicate and implement HR ethics strategies in their workplace.”

The course is now live on and available for immediate access.

Contact tmcgrath [at] to inquire about discounted group rates.

The HR Strategies for Building an Ethical Workplace Course Info and Registration:

About Circa

Circa is a catalyst for 21st-century companies to build high-performing diverse teams based on research that shows companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. The companies’ robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give employers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management. The company was founded in 1994, has 5000+ customers, 15,500 community partner relationships and in 2019 posted 5M+ jobs through its network of 600+ online employment websites. For more information, visit

About, the largest network of HR professionals, is committed to helping HR professionals advance and build meaningful careers. Over 2 million HR professionals rely on for education, career development, networking, and compliance 24/7/365. Offerings include 180+ leading-edge HR Research Institute industry studies, 13 HR-themed epublications, innovative professional education with 250+ annual webcasts and virtual courses, the most comprehensive HR exam prep program for SHRM/HRCI certification (prepare for a salary increase), HR tools, and legal compliance updates. Visit to maximize your potential.

For more information, contact: Newsroom

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Global Search Firm Protis Global to Attend MJBizCon in Las Vegas

Delray Beach, FL ( Thursday Nov 10, 2022 @ 7:45 PM Pacific — Protis Global, a leading global search firm, is excited to announce its participation in the 2022 MJBizCon Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV November 16-18, 2022.

MJBizCon, now in its 11th year, is the #1 global cannabis business conference and tradeshow. The award-winning show is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center and showcases over 1,400 exhibitors, 140 speakers plus extraordinary networking and partnership-building opportunities. More than 35,000 cannabis executives from around the world are expected to attend in 2022.

At the conference, Vernon Davis, Partner, and SVP of Business Development at Protis Global will be interviewing industry leaders for Protis Global’s Plant Prophets podcast, which Vern hosts. Plant Prophets introduces listeners to some of the most forward-thinking executives and companies in the cannabis industry. Some of the topics that Vern will be discussing with his guests for the 10-12 episodes being recorded at MJBiz include:

  • Their Cannabis Journey
  • Talent Challenges for their organizations
  • Legislation Reform

“Great talent is the most important ingredient to great success”, says Vernon Davis, Partner, and SVP of Business Development at Protis Global “I look forward to our interviews with great talent in the cannabis industry and having them share their knowledge with Plant Prophets listeners.”

During the MJBizCon event, Protis Global will also be hosting a social hour along with ace Talent Curators, and Cannabis Radio. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Industry leaders interested in attending the event from 5 pm – 7 pm on November 16th should contact Michael Cecere at 914-500-9721.

“Vern and I are very much looking forward to hosting a social hour at MJBizCon,” says Bert E. Miller, Chief Executive Officer at Protis Global. “We have a beautiful suite at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas where industry executives can meet, mingle, and network.”

About Protis Global
Protis Global is a staffing and recruiting firm based in Delray Beach, Florida. Founded in 1995, the firm specializes in board appointments, competency modeling, executive coaching, strategy and operations, and team assessments. Protis caters to the needs of clients from a wide array of industries which include fast-moving consumer goods, hospitality, cannabis, information technology, and banking. For over 25 years, Protis Global has been recognized as a leading global search firm in the Consumer Goods industry.

About MJBiz
MJBiz is the leading B2B resource for the cannabis industry. Founded in 2011, it is the most trusted publisher and event producer serving cannabis industry entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe. MJBiz produces MJBizCon, the longest-running and largest cannabis trade show in the world. The MJBiz team also produces news and analysis of the marijuana and hemp industries via MJBizDaily, Hemp Industry Daily, MJBiz Magazine, MJBiz Factbook, and MJBizScience’s Emerald Conference. For more information about MJBizCon or MJBiz, please visit

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Awards for HRD of the Year, TA Leader of the Year, Leaders of Distinction Presented at HRO Today Forum EMEA in Athens

Athens, Greece ( Wednesday Nov 2, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

The HRD of the Year Award recognizes HR leaders that help drive workforce initiatives through innovation with measurable excellence in employee engagement and retention to prove it. These HRDs are responsible for providing leadership to ensure talent acquisition and retention, business growth, and a culture that can lead in a global workforce.

The 2022 HRD of the Year Individual Award Winners are:

  • Lifetime Achievement: Murad
    Sahawnea, Power International Holding, Qatar
  • Non-Profit: Dr. Paul Tladi,
    University of Fort Hare, South Africa
  • Sustainable Workforce: Isil Tekan
    Ata, Cigna Insurance Middle East
  • Large Market: Kutay Kavukcu, Novo
    Nordisk, Turkey
  • Mid-Market: Natalia Patleva, SkyUp,

Our 2022 HRD Leaders of Distinction are:

In the Talent Acquisition categories, the 2022 Individual Award Winners are:

  • Small Market: Alvina Savchenko, Miratech
  • Mid Market: Ayesha
    Khais Al Amri, Al Meera
  • Large Market: David Priestley, Lonza

TA Team of the Year Winners are:

  • Mid Market: HTEC, Talent Acquisition Team, Led By
    Predrag Pivarski
  • Large Market: Adidas Talent Acquisition Tech, Digital
    & Data Analytics Team, Led By Mick Bradfield

Our TA Leaders of Distinction for 2022 are:

  • Carolina
    Herrera – Head
    of EMEA and APAC
    , PIMCO​
  • Gargy Mohanty​
    Head of Clinical Talent Acquisition, Aster DM
  • Mohamed
    Othman​ – TA Head, Yas
  • Lance
    Petersen​ – Vice
    President: Talent
    Acquisition, Imperial
    (a DP World Company)​

For more on the 2022 HRO Today Forum EMEA Awards, visit

About HRO Today

HRO Today and HRO Today Global are the properties of SharedXpertise Media and offer the broadest and deepest reach available anywhere in the HR industry. Our magazines, web portals, research, e-newsletters, events, and social networks reach senior-level HR decision-makers with rich, objective, game-changing content. Our No. 1 strength is our reach. HR leaders rely heavily on the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings across six different categories when selecting an HR service provider.

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Prosperix Grows its Sales Team with Skills and Insights from Industry Veteran Danielle Cattaneo

San Jose, California ( Tuesday Nov 1, 2022 @ 11:45 AM Eastern —

Prosperix, a workforce solutions company, continues to impact the industry with its patent-pending VMS technology and Prosperix Xponential, the company’s new bundled workforce management solution. To meet the growing demand for the company’s leading extended workforce management technology and solutions, Prosperix is pleased to announce that Danielle Cattaneo now serves as Director of Enterprise Solutions.

Danielle, a veteran of the non-employee labor industry, has provided enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as solutions for mid-market organizations, so she understands the distinct challenges – and workforce solutions needs – of a range of companies. “Having helped companies deal with many dramatic economic shifts over the years, I’ve seen just how vital it is that they have access to the most modern technology for workforce management. I am thrilled to join Prosperix and share the company’s dynamic, flexible solutions that allow our clients to become agile and resilient, so they are ready to meet every change that comes along.”

A savvy trendwatcher, she said that as the global economy continues to change in unpredictable ways, companies need to be able to respond quickly. Her recent experience at a large staffing agency provided even more evidence that capital expenditures are a concern for many, causing delayed projects, reduced hiring budgets, and even potential downsizing. Some more fortunate firms that are expanding are also facing challenges with today’s continued worker shortage, especially with certain skill sets. “Prosperix has a solution that allows every client to tap into the right talent pools and find the best talent that fits within their budget,” Danielle said. “And we can help them modernize their processes with minimal disruption and cost.”

Prosperix’s sales and operations teams work in close concert, and both will benefit from Danielle’s deep and broad knowledge and expertise. “Danielle is truly a client evangelist who is committed to building not only individual client successes but also to improving the future of work. Her consultative style is exactly what we need to continue our push to provide a candidate-centric experience that secures the best talent for every job, no matter what the parameters,” said Scott Giroux, vice president of sales and operations at Prosperix. “She will help us ensure that our clients won’t be left behind as the pace of change only accelerates.”

Learn more about Prosperix:

About Prosperix

Prosperix is accelerating innovation in hiring and workforce management, enabling businesses to build extraordinary workforces. Our end-to-end software incorporates network effects, automates processes, and simplifies human interactions while delivering actionable insights and improved outcomes. With our best-in-class solutions, we fuel our client’s biggest dreams by elevating human, workforce, and business prosperity. Learn more at

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HRO Today Association Honors 70+ Companies in 2022 Awards Program headline

Philadelphia, PA ( Tuesday Nov 1, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

We are pleased to announce that the number of
companies and individuals selected as finalists for the 2022 HRO Today
Association Awards Program represents more than 70 companies. Open to members and non-members of the
Association, many submissions were received for multiple categories in three
regions: APAC, EMEA, and North America over the last 9 months.

“The Association is excited to
once again honor the essential work that HR professionals do each day in all
corners of the world,” said Renée Preston, Global Executive Director of the HRO Today  Association. “Our finalists represent many facets of HR in a variety of industries
and are shining examples of the important role that HR individuals and teams
maintain within their companies and to the customers and employees they serve. Their
work represents the cutting-edge role that HR plays and is helping to push the
profession to greater heights.”

The awards for the North America and
EMEA regions will be presented on November 16 during the HRO Today
Association Conference
Awards Program, a virtual micro-event that will
explore how to best configure HR to achieve the new Operational Excellence
that’s required to meet the next wave of change. The
right partners help HR to succeed, the wrong choices lead to failure. The HRO
Association Conference & Awards Program helps bridge the gap for
providers and practitioners. Individual and Team category winners will
be announced between three educational sessions which will be presented by
industry experts Dr. Peter Cappelli, Director of the Wharton Center for HR; Zachary
Misko, President, Emeritus, HRO Today Association; and a panel
discussion with several CHROs ready to
share their success stories and how they welcomed and overcame the many
challenges HR has had to face this past year.

The quality of nominations highlights how
individuals and teams rose to the occasion in a year when, in many cases, all
eyes were on HR to help overcome obstacles, redirect resources, and impact
change. The finalists demonstrate the
vision and experience used to effectively manage the challenges and
opportunities emerging in HR and go above and beyond in answering their call
to duty. HRO Today sees
this as a sign that Human Resource professionals know that in order to continue
to stand out in the HR industry today, a company, service or product must go
beyond basic ROI. It must be truly unique in its ability to demonstrate
innovative value, first adopters and even risk takers, with ideas and concepts
that deliver game-changing results that are not simply “new” but, inventive –
with innovative services, technologies and results.

Winners in the APAC region will be announced
at a special virtual ceremony on December 15 at 8:00 PM ET. This meeting will be
open to members and nonmembers.

About HRO Today

HRO Today and HRO Today Global are the properties of SharedXpertise Media and offer the broadest and deepest reach available anywhere in the HR industry. Our magazines, web portals, research, e-newsletters, events, and social networks reach senior-level HR decision-makers with rich, objective, game-changing content. Our No. 1 strength is our reach. HR leaders rely heavily on the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings across six different categories when selecting an HR service provider.

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HRO Today Forum EMEA Makes Triumphant Return in Athens

Athens, Greece ( Monday Oct 31, 2022 @ 12:00 PM Eastern —

Media, publishers of HRO
Today magazine 
and HRO Today
producers of the Baker’s
 Customer Satisfaction Ratings, and organizers of the HRO Today Forums and Educational
Events, have kicked off the HRO Today Forum EMEA at the Grand Hyatt in Athens,

Live and in-person for the first time since 2019, the event
features an agenda that will examine how HR executives can drive corporate strategy. As an
attendee, you’ll engage in thoughtful networking sessions and best-practice
sharing with the most influential HR executives in the world.

In addition to a full two-day conference schedule, the event will also feature the HRD of the Year Awards Gala, sponsored by ActOne. The HRO
 awards gala is the industry’s best-known and most
prestigious event that brings together inspirational innovators and thought
leaders. Winners will be announced in a separate release.

For information on the HRO Today Forum EMEA 2022, visit



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